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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    its logan 2014 crash file, car not start

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    I bought this 12.12 VCDS some time ago without much thinking (just bundled it with other parts I was ordering). Don't have much experience with VAG, not with it's interfaces. Can you please have a look at attached pictures and let me know if this thing is any good and can it be updated?

    [Image: BPLO9517.jpg]
    [Image: BPLO9529.jpg]

    Also I found that the original is probably built on ATMEGA162 - is that correct?
    If the thing I have is poop - will this be aby better? It's described as 16.8 VAGCOM 16.8.0 With ATMEGA162 + 16V8B + FT232RL

    [Image: VCDS_Atmega2.png]
    [Image: VCDS_Atmega1.png]

    PCB seems to have better quality on a first glance. But will I be able to update it in the future? Price is kind of low - 30$.


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    Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008 3.0CRD (Canadian) 218hp

    Mercedes Ecu Type : BOSCH EDC16CP31
    Mercedes Hardware ID : A 05149089AB
    Mercedes Hardware Number : 0840
    Mercedes Software Number : 2807
    Bosch Software Number : 1037392204

    Extract with MPPS.

    Fault Codes:
    P1451 - Diesel Particulate Filter System Performance.
    P2453 - Diesel Particulate Filter; Differential Pressure Sensor: Implausible signal

    Need Stage 1 with DPF OFF - EGR OFF if is possible .. Thanks

    1037392204-Jeep Grand Cherokee.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Hi mates,
    I got a problem.
    I've read a EDC17 C46 VAG (Audi Q5) ecu.
    I've changed the eeprom but for problem searching I've written the backups back on.

    My problem is that the Ecu can not connect to the MAF sensor, it simply says it can not connect and leave an error.
    Ofc the MAF is working okay (tested on other car)

    I've used AVDI for this and read in boot mode like the picture shows.
    I used needels for all expect the red circle, there i soldered a cable.

    I've already swapped those two transistors with same capacity and can not find any damage on the PCB.

    Anyone a clue?

    Thanks mates!


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    ACTIA Multi-Diag Keygen 2010-2016 Collection
    [Image: 66128037920509051307.jpg]
    Password only on PM

    ACTIA Multi-Diag Keygen 2010-2016.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 189 bytes

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    Hi guys, I'm just installed Atris Technik and crack it with distrb.jar file at root folder and Updater folder. After that first I run RunAsDate program and set on 01.08.2016. like I found at mhh forum.
    Screen is freeze and program don't work.... My question is what I need to do?

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    Anyone is willing to share Cummins VEPS program?
    Thank you.

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    I'm trying to get my cardaq2 working with a copy of istad i have (3.44). Most recent Bmw PTD is installed and shows it normally but when working in Ista_D i can't get it to show up.

    Anyone go through this and get it working?

    ISTA-D 3.44-2016-10-08-18-55-05.PNG
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    is there a MITSUBISHI diagnostic Software for j2543 devices???

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    Hey,anyone can help me? I want connect aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer to my mb e250 2010.I don't have stock subwoofer in my car,so I want upgrade. Anyone done something like that?any information will help me.

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  • 10/08/16--18:30: GENERATE KEY W202 250
  • HI please generate keys for w202 MCU 2D59J hard to read that mcu its a nightmare
    here is the dump

    2D59J W202.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 335 bytes

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  • 10/08/16--19:28: Cat ET 2016C v1.0
  • ET2016C Need Activate License.

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    ***What's new information included***

    ET2016C V1.0 MEGA LINK.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 107 bytes

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  • 10/08/16--20:33: BMW CIC E-SERIES FSC BROKEN
  • HI
    I have retrofitted a cic and activated script, the only problem is I tried updating maps and won't accept the FSC
    Some how I ended up breaking the FSC file through fstool2, now I'm getting 1B not activated.
    Any solution would be appreciated and I have access to FTP
    There's a way I can upload the map through FTP but it will take ages, will this method work?


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  • 10/08/16--20:50: berlingo pion code for immo
  • Hi all, can anyone please tell me where immo box is located on 2009 berlingo RHD.
    have no keys,
    vin number vf7gckfwc8j083926.
    any help apprieacted.

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    Hope someone can help and advise..
    I own a TT 8n 225 BAM as a now and again toy (not daily car)

    When bought played with ECU and wanted to fix dash.

    Pixels damaged, fuel gauge and temp had mind of its own.

    I'm now a owner of x3 clusters. I have no vagcom, VAS or AVDI.

    So I've been having a good go with UPA-USB.

    Read the HC912 on original dash in circuit, god forbid the RESET pin now snapped!

    And all I've managed to read is internal eeprom and not full read.

    I wrote eeprom only to new dash. And to top it off it not matching numbers of dash! (8n2920980)

    I've been battling back and forth for several weeks now.

    To now where one dash with eeprom programmed just flickers dramatically and shows no info what so ever.

    And the other programmed, immo authorises engine start, mileage displays correct. but no gauge moves. Mileage stays the same while driven. (As no rpm or mph) and centre multi display is inoperative.

    So, what to do?? Does any one have a full read from hc912 of dash in post header? Is there more eeprom need swap or program?

    Can someone please advise?

    Or I'm really hoping not this option but...
    am I better off biting the bullet. Buy yet another dash (but matches exactly)
    And correcting mileage. Reading pincode, and adapting with vagcom or just be lazy and immo off ECU?

    Thanks in advance. And sorry for dragging this out..

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    Hi everyone
    Ford Transit Customs 2013 during the accident was defective engine control unit (Continental SID208), a customer purchased a new or helps someone in the coding controller pean take immo code.
    thanks for the help

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    Selling Autocom CDP BT, with OKI chip inside and Sony Vaio 10.6inch laptop with autocom software loaded. Also full BMW inpa and TIS in installed on it.
    Laptop model PCG-4D1L
    Intel M 1.2ghz, 1gb Ram, 60GB hard drive, bluetooth, etc. Very light and mobile.
    Needs new battery as original one hold maybe 20min max (AC adapter included)
    Laptop has few scratches here and there, screen bezel is little loose but works perfectly fine and bezel is easy fix. Screen is free of any cracks.
    price $125 shipped within US
    paypal OK.

    Link to mega with pictures attached.

    File Type: .txt
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  • 10/09/16--15:56: cracking - coding - hacking
  • i thought long and hard before making this post

    the first thing i will say ....

    there should be this section!! no1 simple!!!

    Correct me if i'm wrong at any time

    somewhere for guys that work in automotive software solutions to discuss about programs, techniques and procedures and post requests for help.

    a basic place where developers can post about what they offer and other projects there working on and ask for help from another cracker or developer because there not familiar with a certain algo or programming language

    or just a simple place for people that work on vehicles can post about specific requests

    i feel there is many talented guys in this forum that make many solution but they never really work together sometimes, (2 or 3 heads are better than 1) they produce good results on there own, now imagine all of those guys working together in the background, i think that the place of initial contact been mhhauto would do MHHAUTO Big service by offering something that's not offered by other forums of this type , it can only be good for everyone

    Worth thinking about at least .

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  • 10/09/16--16:05: vw code help
  • vw code rcd

    File Type: .jpg
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