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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hey guys,
    Can someone help me ? I'm changing the ecu of the automatic transmission.
    But i order the ecu but they ask me the "parameters". Can someone help me so i can upload them ? i use Delphi ( Autocom) And i have esi tronic 2013.1.
    Can i upload them self or do i need to bring the car to somewhere ?
    Thanks !!

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    Yea, as the title asks.. But need something with enhanced parameters THAT WORK.

    I've tried elmscam which sucks, only supports global ODB ( can get that with my android phone)

    ScanPRO XL sucks ( none of the enhanced parameters work, and only half of generic ones do) ( version 3.5.1)

    Ease diagnostics is not cracked( looks like a very good program, cant justify its price for what I do)

    That delphi program sucks too, ( don't even really know what thats supposed to be for, seems like its supposed to help diagnose, but the version I installed didn't even have my make and model)

    Autoenginuity is cracked but you need a proprietary adapter for the program to work. Would not buy from them if this was my lasyt resort, don't like their attitude/ business practices.

    All other scantool programs I havnt mentioned either suck dont work or only supports global parameters.

    So what do I have left? looks like i'm screwed. Might as well use my android phone for diagnostics.. just looking for something that can read enhanced data, perform bi directional testing, and supports graphing/ logging of parameters.

    My car guage pro app is a helluva lot more detailed than all of those scan tools combined ( the ones I tried) and it only costed around 4 bucks and shows enhanced parameters- go figure. Issue is I need to be able to graph multiple pids, plus need the bidirectional functionality

    I'd love a snap on, but cant justify its price and don't have 3- 4 grand anyway

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    Hi to all,
    I have problem with ecu on car Volvo S60 2001. Denso. I bought another used one but need to transfer key data and sinhro byte from CEM to ECU. If someone can help I would be very grateful. Damp from CEM 28f400 and from Ecu 93c56 is attached.
    Thanks in advance,

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  • 10/31/16--09:16: Geko Online 2017 AUDI VW
  • please press the thanks and retrieve passwords pm

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    I have a scenic R2 connector broke,
    Unfortunately, I found a big cut wire,

    I'm searched my archives, I found a lot of schema for scenic, but I have no corresponding R2 was my connector,

    it is a basic scenic, no radar back no gps ...
    in attached an excel file with colors wire R2 the side of the front

    Thank you for your help

    it is urgently please

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  • 10/31/16--09:36: DDDL installation error
  • When I try installing DDRS it almost from the beginning says "Error ..cant parse file "Settings.xml" or file doesnt exsist". I don't see a settings.xml file any where when I look... anyone have an idea how to fix this?

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    hello i need help to change km on this peugeot 307 2003 nec dashboard i have digiprog3 china clone and i bought plug st59 for nec dashboards
    and when i tap on reading it says:

    PIN 1-10?

    i checked all the pins were ok what to do
    i finished BSI by orange 5

    thank you

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  • 10/31/16--09:55: Using of SSL certificate
  • Hey,

    I tend to feel more "safe" when browsing, if the site has a valid SSL certificate... Have you ever tought about adding this to the forum? I know it costs something, but we could crowd-fund it maybe?

    I don't want the NSA or anybody else knowing everything I write.. (for example in Private Messages..), since Posts are public anyways..

    What do you think about it?

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    hello mates, need help to remove fap in mazda 3, ecu its bosch edc16c3 /16c34

    im try with volta, remove dtc, but the car limit speed.. need another soluction..

    the car dont send any dtc... but dont work fine.

    thanks in advance, upload the original read from car without moding.

    best regards from Spain.

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  • 10/31/16--10:09: KSuite 2.30 Help Files
  • If these are of any use to anyone please add thanks + rep Fing32

    Downloaded using genuine kess tool and ksuite 2.30

    Files are in ENGLISH langauge only

    2.30 Help Files.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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  • 10/31/16--10:15: Problème Captiva 2.2L
  • Salut. j'ai une chevrolet captiva 2.2L 2011 qui démarre sans aucun souci. mais quand on accélère (véhicule à l'arrêt ou en marche) le moteur commence à brouter et fume à 2300tr/min et ne dépasse pas ce régime.

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    I have a problem with starter.My car stops and doesn,t start again.i verify the fuse box and when put pressure on this box and when i press on a relay the car starts again.i dont know where is the starter relay or fuse . please can help me with the fuses diagram for this car ?
    Thanks very much!

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    I need stok file MB ML63 1037509121
    HW: 0009011700
    SW: 0019026200
    SW upg.: 0009034900

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    Hi, guys
    And you share a Porsche BCM maintenance case, I hope you will encounter such a job.

    A Porsche Cayenne arrived at my guest's store and he said his car, the night light taillights, the right lamp did not work, to seek help and fix the malfunction

    I would like to tell you, the car all LED turn Light, are controlled by the BCM control unit, so, in this case, you must first come up with BCM check

    Let us look at the shape of the car:

    This is the car.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
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  • 10/31/16--10:27: CHECKSUM IMMO OFF FILE
  • Can someone please checksum my immo off eeprom please? it is for EDC17CP14 car.

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  • 11/01/16--07:23: ktag/kess russian clones
  • i have a question: where to buy these clones? are they any good, or need rework?

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    Does enyone knows about the settings of Volvo VCADS Pro 9998555 of serial port RS232. Baud Rate and latency time. I have communication but not real time data/

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  • 11/01/16--07:24: EU KTAG 2.25/7.026
  • This update is available soon. Keep in touch!

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  • 11/01/16--07:32: EU KTAG 2.25/7.026
  • This update is available soon. Keep in touch!

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  • 11/01/16--07:37: potentiometer
  • Hello guys,
    I have a problem with a R470 2005.i changed the throttle pedal with a new one,but when I tried to calibrate the kickdown an error message sent me about the position of the potentiometer.I tested one more new potentiometer with the same result.then I tried to calibrate the old one and everything works ok.i changed the coordinator,again the same error when I calibrate only the new potentiometer,with the old one everything work right.also there isn't any update for these coordinators.can anybody help please?

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