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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 11/10/16--11:03: need code ford kuga
  • i need code for kuga please

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    daughters car has been stood for a couple of weeks today she started it up and drove it approx 1 metre and abs light is permantely lit . had lexia on and fault is c1350 actuator permant fault .
    looked around on net . seems to be a dead abs pump .
    is there any work around to get this working again on is the thing totally busted , a new pump is worth nearly as much as the car.

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  • 11/10/16--11:18: Volvo PTT
  • I not have medicine


    Dont forget thanks + reputation

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    Thank everyone for helping out on this
    I have a 99 s600 w140 body that the key want open the trunk and now broke the key trying so waiting to get a new key made and keep on trying
    So far i have put tried using the trunk release switch and the central locking switch with no results , the trunk release on the FOB key also is not working as well
    Tried opening the back where the First Aid kit is and not able to do anything with that.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you in advance

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    I need help with ecu Edc16cp34 of a volkswagen touareg 3.0 v6, I have opened the engine switch to read by bdm, after opening the switchboard I tried it on the car and the car started perfect, then I try to read with Bdm100 and it gives me Communication fault, I also tried to read with ktag with the same problem in communication failure, then I pick up the switchboard in the car and started the engine well, after 1 day and today I went to start the car and no longer Starts someone can help me because it does not start, what happened if it started before?

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  • 11/10/16--11:20: sd connect problem
  • Hello!

    Can somebody help me? I have c4 chinese clone which was worked well 09/2015 xentry. Last week i installed 09/2016 xentry to another hard disk. I tried to configure mux to connect with the computer but i couldnt it didn't connect even with the green cable. Cant run self diagnose or update and screen on the mux is different of the usual. Then i put older version of xentry back and have the same problem. I attached pictures. Thanks for helping me

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    Hi guys after reading map of a fiesta 1.4 68cv and eliminated the EGR valve now falls to me again the car with the engine light is on and the following
    CODES ERRORI- P1412- P0406-P0404.
    qulacuno I could give aid is involved? thank you so much

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  • 11/10/16--11:27: soft update w211
  • privet colleagues I need DVD softvare update v211 a 211 870 48 89 agwsa 211 827 10 62

    (Today 10:27 AM)KOKOJ1981 Wrote:  privet colleagues I need DVD softvare update v211 a 211 870 48 89 agwsa 211 827 10 62

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    Hello everyone I would ask the addresses of this for tuning files and egr off

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  • 11/10/16--11:58: epc 09-10 2016
  • epc 09-10 2016

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    Hi to all,

    Skoda with 1.2 TDI engine need calculate checksum

    Any help please?

    Skoda Roomster Typ 5J 1.2 TDI CR Delphi DCM3.7 03P906021H - U1A93E00 Original.rar
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    Hello mhhauto members! I have a problem with a vito w639. The van is suffering from loss of power at low revs and frequently goes into safe mode. The fault code is always this one 2641-008 component b60 (exhaust back pressure sensor) does not function properly plausability. I delete it and whenever i start the van it comes out again. I have changed the back pressure sensor and egr as well. Since i have very low boost at lower revs and with this fault code, i believe the porblem lies with the turbo . Any suggestions please?

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    Hey guys, I need to adjust mileage in this Honda Accord 1998, anybody knows how to read this? what programmer use, I have Digiprog3 and Carprog clone. I need pinout if somebody has this. I'm attaching pictures of Cluster

    image1 (8).rar
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    Hello ,
    can someone give me please the activator for deplhi 2013.3?

    thank you !

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  • 11/10/16--12:37: E71 2011 eeprom DME
  • I need good eeprom and good flash for this DME ;

    This picture;

    [Image: 9868fc211945727deec20ffb1d34bd9f.jpg]

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  • 11/11/16--08:39: Reflashing engine ECU
  • Hey guys,

    This may seem dumb, but I have a pretty basic question:

    If I flash my engine ECU with a tuned file, will the car start afterwards? (if the file is good) What I mean by this: Will the immo still recognize the key? It's a Audi S3 8L

    Thanks and sorry, I'm quite a beginner. :/

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  • 11/11/16--08:41: iva delete file
  • looking for someone with a iva delete file for a kcb c-13.

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    I have a 55 Plate Smart Fourtwo (700cc) that I think has a faulty SAM, ( random engine cut outs when warm ).

    If I purchase a used SAM from a breaker what process would I need to follow to virginise the replacement SAM and re-program back to the car.

    I have 09/2015 software + C3 multiplexer.


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  • 11/11/16--09:08: help with egr and dpf
  • Hii All i need help in here im looking for hardwear and software for delete egr and dpf for volvo and frightliner and i hope you guys can help me i have a guy who charge me alot of mony to do this for me and i wanna do it py my self..

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  • 11/11/16--09:16: 06 W900
  • Hey guys, looking for some help
    I have a 07 W900 with C15 acert and it will Intermittent shut down and loose communication with the ECM. The tach and speedometer shows dashes but will still show the temperature. We have verified the power and ground wires are good. We have been able to somewhat recreate the problem by pulling the 5amp Engine SD fuse.
    My question is what actually is ran off that fuse? Is there any particular place I should look? I have pulled and wiggle wires but can’t get it to act up. I do have access to Cats electronic Tech. I have tried some interactive test in there but still haven’t gotten anything.
    Any help would be appreciated!

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