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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 11/13/16--10:32: mercedes c200
  • hi, whats the easiest way to up the mileage on 2013 mb c200 blue effeciency? Also checking whether it can be done with star since its up not downCall

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    Tried to install XDOS Openshell 9/2016 and 12/2015 but both making error during intalling it. Error with 2016 i dont remember but 2015 version i check the log file and says following; "CustomAction DAIInstall returned actual error code 1603"

    -and after that it unistall all installed stuff so far and wants to restart computer.

    Laptop is old Compaq 615 with 160gb hdd including a lot of diagnostic stuff that i dont want to delete for a clean windows. (Win7 32bit)

    To installing xdos i formated another part of hdd, but is this ok to use different disk than C:?

    All kind of advice are welcome, actually i am trying to setup Star C3.
    I am lost of these XDOS, XENTRY, DAS and stuff. Which one is the best to my solution?

    Br, Mikko! bow

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  • 11/13/16--10:40: help egr off volvo 1.6d
  • hi,
    i need help egr off volvo s40 1.6d ecu bosch 0 281 016 590 sw 1037504044
    someone has a solution for complete disconnect thanks

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  • 11/13/16--10:44: Passat 2.5 edc15vm DTC Off
  • Can someopne turn me off one DTC P2108 thanks in advance.
    Passat 2.5 BDG edc15vm+


    passa 2.zip
    File Type: .zip
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  • 11/13/16--10:45: Kess China Reworked for sale
  • Im having for sale high quality reworked Kess v2 firmware 4.024 and 4.036 .
    Im offering the cars ,bikes ,vans version or full firmware with trucks and all the stuff active for this firmware .Ksuite 2.08 internet safe is bonus and already shared on this forum .
    Prices and photos on Private message . Shipping from Eu.

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  • 11/13/16--11:00: need virgin
  • Hi can anybody do virgin ECU is DME ME9.1 from 760i v12 master and slave

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    Hi To All
    Can You Help Me To Remove Immo toyota RAV4 D4D 100kw 2006
    Ecu Denso 89661-42F20.
    Eeprom 93C86 (RH6)

    M93C86 orig.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 293 bytes

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  • 11/13/16--11:10: egr off and tuning
  • Golf 5 1.9 TDI 105HP PD Bosch EDC16U34 K-Line CAN readed with mpps cable
    can we one file some egr disable and second file egrf and tuning file
    tnx to all

    File Type: .rar
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    Could somebody help me out?

    Today i change my abs pump.
    Its the same part number.

    Now i want to recode bud it wont work...
    I try this inlog code: 09555 09575 09755 07499
    If i fill the recode with 04257 en press do it. It jumps back to 00000.

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  • 11/13/16--11:33: Changing VIN in CAS on E91
  • I am trying to set the VIN on a CASmodule (on the bench setup) . I normally use Tools32 and WINKFP to set VIN on modules but not having any luck with the CAS.

    If i go to 'CHOOSE ZUSB' in WINKFP when the list of module types appears i don't see any entry for CAS, i would have thought there should have been a CAS entry at the top of the list or does it go under another name.

    In Tools32 i normally use Read_FVIN and Write _FVIN when working on FRM modules but when i load CAS.PRG this option is not available, which option is the one to set VIN in TOOLS 32

    Any help appreciated

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  • 11/13/16--12:09: Service Advisor 5.2
  • The shell and the database of the new service advisor 5.2, to install the offline version.

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  • 11/13/16--12:11: fvdi 2015 please, help
  • please help. Accidentally launched FWDownloader taken from the Internet. error (Connection Error: Interface not calibrated!) SweatingFing20

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  • 11/13/16--12:12: Unlock the data card
  • Hello,
    Does anyone know how I can open the data card in the EPC? In EWA Net I can not remove the checkmark ...

    thank you

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  • 11/13/16--12:13: Toyota avensis aux heater
  • Helo, toyota avensis 2004. diesel. Aux heater not work. Any idea which tool i must use to connect to aux heater to check fault codes ? i have tryed many diagnose universal tools no succes, not exist this option to connect to aux heater.
    Heater original mounted eberspacher hydronic 2 model d5z-H.

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  • 11/13/16--12:51: Chip tuning VW Golf 4 1.4
  • Hi I need more power 30% in Golf 4 55kW 1.4 2000 AXP
    Flash 29F400BT
    Can you please tune it? Thank you. I downloaded it via FG Tech v.54.

    VW Golf 4 1.4 ORI.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 217.24 KB

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  • 11/14/16--10:51: Tech Tool 2.04.55 Error
  • Hello all. I am currently using Tech Tool 2.4.55 -- I am able to connect to a truck, But I am currently unable to perform any diagnostics. I have tried to update Tech Tool via Client Updater with no success. FIDO Updates, and Client Updater Updates, But Tech Tool Does Not. When I look under Registered Tracks, Tech Tool does not show up. Under the Section of About Tech Tool. It shows that the ACPI- Was updated in 2015. But It shows that the ACPI+ Data has never been updated. Does Anyone have old ACPI+ Data, And if so will this correct the not being able to update Tech Tool to 2.04.87? Does anyone have the patches to go from 2.04.55 to 2.04.87? Please, Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated!!! Fing32Fing32

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    Could anybody help me with the following problem?

    I have VW Passat 2012 2.0 TDI CR. When the car is cold in the morning and when accelerating it always twitches the motor. From the exhaust white smoke goes, trouble with the twitching stops with proper throttle. But then the engine knocking is heard. It seems that one cylinder does not work. There is no fault In the memory errors. The idling car goes normally and also when it is heated. I disconnected the EGR valve, I disconnected the connector but except of the warning light engine, nothing has changed. Could anybody help me where is the problem?

    Thank you for your advices

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  • 11/14/16--10:59: rover 2.0D 1999 immo problem
  • Hy guys..never see this version of ecu in rover,on my few rover examples every one is different..here I have two smd 93C46 eproms and two DIL 27xxx ..I try with 93C46 and immodecoder 3.2 so now car start and die after 2-3-5 sec..but start..CDL box removed,wire for starter conected to ground..start every turn..but dies after 2-5 sec..Not sure this 93C46 is original dumps inside because I see lot of crapy solder on them.car was towed to me from another"electrician"
    so anybody have some dumps for test..

    P.S. tonight I search for solution here and on other forums somebody say remove left 93C46..so will try that tomorow..

    any idea ?

    ECU is BOSCH 0 281 001 418

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  • 11/14/16--11:00: Mercedes A P0600
  • Please you what the problem with Mercedes

    starter revolves but the engine does not catch

    Diagnosis Error Statement P0600

    mercedes ident.PNG
    File Type: .png
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  • 11/14/16--11:20: Avdi with Xentry
  • Hello to everyone,
    could somebody explain how to make original AVDI work together with DAS\Xentry. I've tried many methods and no result Sadsmile

    Thanks in advance

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