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  • 12/01/16--12:40: e90 ahl (rsmc) change
  • hi there,
    just got to swap one of ahl controllers at the bottom of headlight. I want to ask does it needs any special coding? Or just recode with ncs will do the trick? I read somewhere about short circuit protection? If anybody can instruct me hot to code used module i would be very happy. thank you!

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  • 12/02/16--01:42: scn coding
  • hello all member i have problem with tcm S221 . i change new TCM
    but i don't know function
    all member know tell me

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  • 12/02/16--07:15: W140 Cluster problem
  • Guys, I had my w140 cluster repaired by BBA reman. When it came back, we noticed no check engine light.

    We didn't pay attention where it was on the cluster, if it worked at all.

    My cluster shows no CEL on the strip for a bulb to come through. The vehicle's harness has no pin that sends power to where the CEL should be.

    Did some W140's come with no check engine light??

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    are there any telematics-update dvd´s for APS50 NTG4 Headunits?


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    We just put E430 engine in to G Wagen.
    We wired everything but We don't have ABS sensors and the RPM Limit is 4500.
    Anybody know how to increase it?

    E430, 4.3 24V V8 279 PS (205 kW; 275 hp) 400 N·m (295 lb·ft) M113.940,1998–2002

    Thanks! Tup

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    Hi all members Handshake
    One my friend brought me a multiplexer (its not classic C3 MUX, its analog without any markings), so I figured out why he is cann't connected to the car.
    He also brought a laptop with installed DAS 01/2008 1087.

    [Image: _000(2).jpg] [Image: _002(1).jpg]

    First of all I made Caesar selftest ->

    [Image: _003(1).jpg]

    I was immediately alarmed by the error 1802. I re-solder all pins of microcontroller SAF-C167 and SecureFlash x76F041A.
    Ineffectually Sadsmile

    Considering PCB further I found two bloated capacitors 12V circuit. I replace them. (Then I looked at the 1st results of the test, with bloated capacitors, power supply voltage is 16-17V Nerd)

    [Image: _000(1).jpg]

    When you try to connect to the car through the DAS see error ->

    [Image: _004(1).jpg]

    In 12/2014 DAS same error code, but without CAL 503 ->

    [Image: _005.jpg]

    But most of all I was confused by the fact that I have successfully connected to the car through HHTWIN ->

    [Image: _002.jpg] [Image: _003.jpg] [Image: _004.jpg]

    What is it? HW problem (burned track, no power supply to EEPROM, dead SAF-C167 or x76F041A), blocked MUX for serial number or SW problem? whew

    I need your help! I would appreciate any advice and tips. Thx bow

    [Image: _000.jpg] Mammoth Nod

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    Hey ladies and gentleman,

    found this in a German Forum and got the info this is also possible in the W212 with NTG 5.x Version.

    Any Ideas how to enable this feature?



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  • 12/02/16--12:53: F10 Gateway Module Pinout
  • Hi all, has anyone got a drawing of the pinouts on an F10 series gateway module. Just setting up a bench setup and i need the pin outs for power,ground and all the different bus connections plus an image showing which plug is which.

    Thanks in advance

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    Can anyone help me in choosing FVDI clone
    What is the difference Mercedes V64 version and v7.0 ?
    Thank you for your help.

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    SMART 450/452 Added Special Function in SAM

    it is inspired by video from jokeriphone (thanks mate) in this post.

    - added special function "writing of the Vin" to SAM ecu
    - added Development Data
    - added password free for Development Data
    - you don't need to open the ecu and you don't need x-prog or kind of..

    here it the patch and the how-to:

    SMART 450 Added Special Function in SAM.txt
    File Type: .txt
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  • 12/02/16--20:42: CAS2 Flash file needed
  • Hi,
    I am after a flash file for a CAS2 as the file on CAS is damaged. The car is with the keyed ignition and the only flash that I have is with the fob, With this I get an error about the start button so the car will not start.

    I have attached a picture of the label.

    Thank you.

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  • 12/03/16--02:10: w209 flash the dash
  • Hello
    I have in my installations a W209 of the 2007
    The problem I have is that I do not have access to the dash, I think it's because they have flashed it with enigma or with dp3 because the milleage of the ezs is different
    Is there any way to reverse the change in dash and leave it normal?
    To be able to access the via obd2?HeadbangHeadbangHeadbangHeadbang

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  • 12/03/16--08:20: SBC_fault C24DB
  • Hallo,

    I was replaced SBC. New SBC is 005 431 96 12.
    And now I have this fault (C24DB).
    ESP number is 035 545 60 32.

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    Could anyone support me with a K+Dcan cable? i need it to work so i can make some live log files.

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    Hello everyone,
    I couldn't find anything through search.
    I'm getting the error on the picture when I try to code the electric kit. Anyone had this before?

    Thanks for any help!!

    File Type: .jpg
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    Hi everybody. I changed language on bmw e39 with delphi diagnostics. From that moment fuel consumption isnt showing correct numbers. It doesnt correspond with anything, most of the time it is showing max which is 39.5l/100km.

    This was long time ago and now i have bmw scanner 1.4 and inpa cable. I was looking into coding with bmw scanner in every single unit and havent found anything wrong. Also tryied changing language with it and still the same.
    I am very new into ncs. Been looking into coding with ncs dummy and same result, but as I say I am new to this program and not 100% sure about all the posibilities.

    From what I found on other forums is this problem relatively common. But never found solution to this problem.

    Please help if you encountered this problem.

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    Hello Friends,

    A friend of mine if staying for a couple of months in Bucharest, Romania and got a problem with an E87. Cluster is restarting while driving, Radio and AC turns on and off, central locking doesn't work anymore and many different electrical functions acting funny.

    I suspect it is the JBE or FRM that is dying or acting funny.

    I am looking for some advice on good places to service this kind of problems or members from Bucharest that could take a look at this car.


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    Just got my D-can cable working again so i got inpa running.

    What software do you use for making log files of your BMW?

    I have the E87 118d and i need to get a nice log file in .csv, i need mg injection, rpm, turbo pressure actual and requested and also lambda.

    Tnx in advance for nice helping ppl, specially NOGGER who helped me out in a fashion with the tool problem 049

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  • 12/04/16--06:15: WIS Standalone only SSL
  • Hello,

    I put my Xentry SSD into a new Notebook. From Dell D630 to Lenovo T420.
    I generate new Startkeys for DAS and Xentry but i cannot save the Key for the Standalone-WIS anywhere.

    If i open it i can only use the SSL function.

    Thanks for your help!


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