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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hallo, maybe someone of you was doing km Correction in Jeep Wrangler 2012?
    I tried by Fvdi-reads good value but does not change.
    mileage is stored in the BCM or in the dash??

    Thanx and happy New Year!

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  • 12/27/16--10:29: SCN Problem
  • Hello,
    I would like to program on my W211 xenon control unit but I need SCN coding!

    1. With which lateset software is SCN Coding possible?
    2. Is possible 2015 software to patch for SCN coding?
    3. Do you have link mabe?

    I have C4 with D630


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  • 12/27/16--10:54: question about carprog
  • hi
    I have original carprog bought it march 2015
    at this date it was full
    can some friend make it full till today?

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    Good Evening to all members.
    I am looking for second hand diagprog 4 or enigma tool up to date to buy.
    If anyone have any of these tools for sale please contact me via pm.

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    Good Evening to all members.
    I am looking for second hand diagprog 4 or enigma tool up to date to buy.
    If anyone have any of these tools for sale please contact me via pm.

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    hello frinds

    ihave nissan primera 2003
    and this a photo of ecu its dead
    i need orginal files for him

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 83.08 KB

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  • 12/27/16--11:24: IMMOOFF Ford Mondeo
  • Hello
    Can someone help me to immo off Ford Mondeo 1.8D from 1999.

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    Hi guys,
    Have a 2005 golf mk5 TDI bkd with edc16u1. Car was brought to me in limp mode, with the manifold pressure sensor reAding 2139 mbar and the inlet air temperature reading 134 Deg c. Changed the sensor but everything remained the same. Took the ecu out of car and connected the ECU through k line with vcds on bench and only connected the manifold/intake air temperature sensor. Air temperature is reading ok, but manifold pressure still gives me 2139mbar, even with sensor disconnected.

    Tried another ECU on bench, edc16u34, and I am still getting the same 2139mbar manifold pressure on block 11 vcds.

    Can someone please explain what is going on as I cannot understand?


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  • 12/27/16--11:35: Nissan Patrol 3.0 DTC off
  • Hy!

    My neighboor have a Nissan Patrol 3.0 year 2000 Diesel.
    The problem is: the car always go limp mode always from start. I have readed the fault codes:


    I know its something EGR problem, and this is blocked from the previous owner. The car was 3 nissan service in Hungary but nothing to do... Changed the EGR valve, the turbo sensor but the same result is: no power from car.
    Yesterday I was opened the ecu and found the 2 am29f010B in holder. I'm sure this is not the factory IC-s. I readed out, and found on net the maybe the factory content of the ic-s. I burnt this files, and the vehicle go normal power (hurray) but after few seconds the car stops...
    then the fault codes are: 0301 and 0703.

    So I wanna the original files in the car, with original torque, turbo etc. spec.
    But I wanna the egr off, and the dtc-s off if this possible.

    The ecu parameters are: 23710 VC102
    I uploaded the modedd file what I readed out from the nissan, and the file what i found on net.

    Thank you everyone if someone can help me! Smile

    Nissan patrol files.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 191.3 KB

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    Hi friends,

    a friend ask me that if i be able to match abs unit from scrapping to his car because he bought the car with abs unit disrepair. Actually he doesnt have the original abs unit, he has installed abs unit from scrapping with failuer in dashboard.

    Can anybody help me to me and my friend? i have read searching in google that with online update can be possible....

    Thanks in advance, waiting replies Big Grin

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    I need urgently the wiring diagram for the airbag unit for Range rover evoque L538 year 2013.

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    I need help.
    I want to clone this ecu, i have the same ecu (same reference),
    I have done several tests.

    1-- copy eprom---> the car not start , problem immo
    2-- copy IntFl ---> donĀ“t end write, to 6%, Err File 018400- OTP Sector
    bot writable.

    I use galletto , tricore boot
    I also tried write the IntFi with Ktag, With Ktag finish the writing, but i read the file in the ecu and compare with the original file and it have some variations.

    What is the correct way to clone this ecu?

    Thank you very much!!

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 1.2 MB

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    The advice I am looking for is for equipment to scan both the Mazda line mainly 2000 626 & 2003 Protege, with the GM line 2008 Trailblazer. I currently own the Autoenguinity Scantool with GM and Mazda expansion addons which covers all three vehicles it is v9.0.3 software. I have sent them an email about what is needed to update but no answer. Is there something better out there that covers just as much. What I am currently looking at this time is a VCM or VCM II for Mazda with Mazda IDS and GM MDI and Tech2Win for the GM both would be clones. I would also like to do tuning on both. Input and advice would be very helpful.


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    Hi guys got a galaxy 1.9 tdi 2004 same as sharan. Problem is,car was working and after I replaced injector,it was working for few minutes and died.put old injector back and nothing happens.pump in fuel tank is not buzzing.
    when I turn the key, light on a door keep flashing.
    I bought ecu kit along with immo and key and replaced it,but no joy.
    The major problem is after its died it will not connect via obd2 to engine,I can't find out what's going on. But it was definitely working before
    Software I've tried autocom/Delphi and snapon.
    Any ideas?

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  • 12/27/16--13:11: Passat CC - BCM - pin access
  • Hi friends

    Car: Passat CC 2013 Led
    BCM: 3AA 937 087 J

    I need change eeprom for disable cold diagnostics led, I read eeprom via odis, but when I write I need give login and I can't find this login.

    Login form skoda bcm doesn't match.

    Thx for help

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    seat ibiza technistat sss1.2 6j0035156 code thanks

    seat ibiza technistat sss1.2 6j0035156.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.43 KB

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  • 12/27/16--13:34: cm871 problem
  • did a delete on a cm871 flashed it with insite had a multiplex issue . ran template still had problem then i installled the file with calterm the file is a av10064 ... everything went good no multiplex issue now i have a TC light with abs module .. the cruise control wont work .. switches checked out ok.. the TC light was never on .. and not sure of the abs module code.. now it says check data between data link with abs module .. abs problems? or flash file issue? truck runs good just no cruise control pto option works fine..

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    Hi guys,i need your help,i have audi a3 2014 usa version,rear indicators working together with brake light,i need to make indicator work separate brake light,can you give me idea how i can change coding with vcds,[09] Central Electronics -> Adaptation -> ?

    I would greatly appreciat for any help.Best Regards

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  • 12/27/16--13:39: PLS help with dtc location
  • Hi!

    I want to learn more about disable dtc. In a peugeot boxer 2008 with F1CE0481D 3.0l diesel engine and edc16c39 ecu, where do i find the p0101 and p0111 codes? Im playing with winols right now and if someone could help me understand little bit of this i will be wery wery happy!

    posting dump of read ecu file with ktag.

    full backup split.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 501.95 KB

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    i had make new soft for Airbag
    after i check by gscan i get this code b1620 internal fault-replace srscm
    any help please

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