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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    i need immo off for Opel movano year 2001 or 2003
    i read a 5p08c3 and this file is this. can immo off directly in memory only?
    cut any wire?

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  • 11/30/13--12:08: HELP !Checksum error MPPS
  • Hi everybody! I have a problem with my mpps. I read the ecu first and save the original file to my pc. Then I start to write a modified file and when it was on 99% it said Checksum Error. I tried to write the original file but it says the same "Checksum error" and now the car is dead.

    I hope someone can help me and the will run again.
    I would be gratefull if you also could tune this file for me

    Car info:

    And the original file:

    File Type: .rar
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    Hi Boarders,

    I'm looking for a copy of the Laguna III repair manuals. I've got Dialogys, but all docs are in French. I can't find a live link to an English language version anywhere.

    If anyone has either an English Dialogys they would like to share, or even just upload the MR/TN I would really appreciate it.

    Specifically, anything for the 2007-2010 2.0 DCI Sport(Grand) Tourer.



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    Hi all...

    I want to buy a interface for the latest bmw (model after coverage of scan 1.40).

    I see two interface but i don't understand compatibility.

    Orange interface bmw scan (i creed latest)

    Supported Protocols



    old (1 year) 4 in 1 BMW INPA + 140+2.01+2.10

    Supported Protocols

    1.High-speed D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s)
    2.Low-speed K-CAN (100 kbit/s)
    3.Standard BMW ports (BMW-OBD-interface)

    I need to know is 4 in 1 have the same identical protocol and speed of orange interface and if scan v2.20 is compatible.

    I don't understand that: i read here that v2.20 working whel on another old bmw scan interface with v2.01-2.10 (d can?)

    Why chines don't specific that 4 in 1 working with v2.20 if working?
    If v2.20 if a evolution of 2.10 why in official site i see only 2.10 ?

    help me to understand Fing20

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    hi to all
    need soft for vag com 118 k and can , cause we have only the cable, so if you have any soft compatible whit our cable please send my the link to down load it
    note: the cable is a clone not ori
    best regards

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    Easy use software with BAT-programming.

    You save time as money?

    To run the program requires several actions.
    Some programs can not work together and work in an environment VMware.
    Some programs work with CD / DVD drive, an easy way to mount the drive - is to use Daemon Tools (DTools).

    The usual starting procedure:
    1) Find and open DTools
    2) Find and mount *.iso (or *.mdf, *.nrg, etc.) to the CD ROM
    3) Open VMware and find at list Virtual Machine: right button click -> play VM
    4) Close VMware
    5) Eject CD/DVD
    6) Close DTools

    Many actions can be replaced with the launch of a single file (automated). In addition, in order to reinstall Windows does not affect the preconfigured VM (which is very convenient and fast). And, if you have a see any software without problems for current Windows, best way - install it in new presetting VMWare copy.

    How copy VMWare? Create new fresh Virtual Machine (example in WinXpSp3en folder) and setting all need option. Create new folder (ex. Autocom CDP 0113). Copy all files from first to second folder. Start file *.vmx and choose option - I copy this (not - I move - option). You have other new fresh Virtual Machine for experiments.

    Create new VM - 36 min to 6 hours; copy presetting VM - 36 sec.

    VM may be required CD for install and/or run software. install Daemon Tools give you virtual CD, and in VM option select this CD or autoselect if PC do not have really CD. Virtual CD needed to work with any images files.

    Note: if you use MAN - which required CD letter L - at once at DTools assign this, else - any letter CD (or default).

    Relative PATH starting programs. In any folder, where we are save start*.bat files create two folders for Virtual Machine (ex. vmware) and cd-dvd folder for CD & DVD. We don't use full PATH (include Disk:\...). This allows you to move or rename the root folder in the future.

    If need start only VM:
    Good rules set one name for bat file and folder (where located VM). If VM PATH - vmvare/Alldata v9.80/WinXP.vmx - create file Alldata v9.80.cmd (i like name *.cmd for command files; extension *.bat may be use too).
    And write in file:
    "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\vmplayer.exe" "vmvare\Alldata v9.80\WinXP.vmx"
    save and close Alldata v9.80.cmd file. Double click on file or right mouse button -> open and you see - that is work.

    Quotes are necessary to prevent a spaces in the path to files.

    If need start only VM from other harddisk:
    Required use full PATH:
    "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\vmplayer.exe" "E:\save\diagsoft\Alldata v9.80\WinXP.vmx"

    If need start VM and DVD:
    VM located - vmvare\International ISIS 2006\WinXP.vmx
    DVD located - cd-dvd\International ISIS 2006.mdf
    example, write in file International ISIS 2006.cmd:
    "C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -lang 1033 -mount 0,"cd-dvd\International ISIS 2006.mdf"
    "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\vmplayer.exe" "vmvare\International ISIS 2006\WinXP.vmx"
    "C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -unmount 0

    After you done your work and close VMPlayer *.bat file automatically dismount (eject) DVD from virtual CD.

    If need start only CD / DVD:
    CD located - cd-dvd\Bendix Air Brake.iso
    Virtual CD letter - L
    example, write in file Bendix Air Brake.cmd:
    "C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -lang 1033 -mount 0,"cd-dvd\Bendix Air Brake.iso"
    "C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe" -unmount 0

    String L:\main.exe will be starts program on virtual CD.

    What thinks about this?

    Best regards
    and excuse me for my English.

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  • 11/30/13--15:10: opel corsa 2010
  • hi all
    any idea where speed limit is held in 2010 corsa 1.3diesel?
    kind regards to all

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    hello all member please you help me find MCU or eprom in cas bmw 7series 2004 . because i have problem with immo . car can not switch on .10871087

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    What im offering is remote programming on teamviwer for Citroen or Peugeot. Anything for engine ecu, transmission ecu can all be done via teamviewer. you just need psa interface and i can look after the reset.

    the cost is $100
    pm if interested

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  • 11/30/13--18:43: Carprog 6.41 for Clone
  • New update for Carprog to 6.41 version. Good work with china clone.
    No password only for mhhauto users.
    Please press "THANKS" and "REP+"

    carprog 6.41.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 73 bytes

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  • 11/30/13--19:26: IDSS software
  • Ive recently installed IDSS software 2008 on a windows 7 64bit OS.. After installation I used a patch from this site for activation. When trying to use software it pops an error code saying I do not have permission to access c:/program files/ idss. Ive changedall user permissions for all users to full control of that file and all sub folders. Any advice woild be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Is it possible to program secondhand ecu using xentry ive also got galletto and xprog but dont want open the ecu if i can help it
    Thanks Carol

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  • 12/01/13--03:26: repair kess v2
  • I have to repair solulçao kess v2 clone without changing chip

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    Hello Mates,

    Please request.
    SRS air bag crash data removing.

    2013 Suzuki WagonR
    Denso Unit# 38910-72M0
    EEPROM 23C56

    Hope your great help Kolo

    Thanks and Regards,

    File Type: .rar
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    Please any of the member has virgin airbag honda jazz hybrid or crash data removal module 77960-TFO-Z440-M3
    advance thanks

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    best tool and software for clear crash data and virgin file for airbag

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  • 12/01/13--06:59: Dialogys English MRs/TNs
  • Hi,

    Does anyone have an English copy of the dialogys DVDs (Full English) that they could possibly share?

    Everything I've found is in French or Russian. Any help here is really appreciated!



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  • 12/01/13--07:15: nissan serena manual
  • hi everyone

    can anybody help with nissan serena c24 diesel repair manal?

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  • 12/01/13--07:46: Saab diagnostic software
  • Hi everyone!

    Anyone have software for MDI Saab 9-5 2010- diagnostic?


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    I need EGR Delete for this 1.9 TDI 105cp - EDC16U31

    golf 5 1.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 252.45 KB

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