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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    In 09/2016 when I would connect the MUX to the car and Xentry was open, it would automatically start the vehicle determination and connect to the car.. now in 12/2016 I have to press the "diagnosis stethoscope button" or the "automatic vehicle determination" buttons.. is there a way to make it act like it did in 09/2016 and auto start??

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    Hi guys and happy new year,

    i changed vmax mapping on this ecu. After writing it via K-Tag the idle speed goes up and down all the time. I read failures with Xentry diagnostic and got combustion misfires on all cylinders. But I only changed vmax no other map.

    Can somebody look at my files and find the problem?


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  • 01/02/17--13:34: issues with a ddec vi s60
  • i have 2 freightliners with the ddec vi 14l engine ones a cascadia another a columbia. issue im having with both trucks is that the accelerator is super laggy. stab throttle and they take a while for the rpms to climb. throw it in gear and drive it and they have no power. none are throwing any codes which i find odd. alrdy tried diff ecms and cpcs on both and same issue. also replaced the throttle valve / throttle body. any help is appreciated thanks.

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  • 01/02/17--13:37: cdr2005 vectra radio
  • could someone help with code off on this 1 . or code

    cdr2005 vectra c / siemens vdo


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    Software for I/O TERMINAL + newest hardware + newest dualcan cable. Software reads, writes memories of ECUs made by BOSCH

    The I/O Terminal tool can offer functions that normally would normally require the ECU to be opened and a BDM programmer connected, however it can accomplish these procedures without opening the ECU and in some cases all from OBD!

    It also supports some very tricky controllers which are not covered by other tools.

    Using this tool you gain full control of the ECU’s memories.

    You can read/write eeprom and internal/external flash memories (where available)

    It also allows reading of pin codes and can return the ECU to a virgin state, so it can be adapted to another car!

    Read/modify service history data which contains date, mileage and diagnostic device ID.

    All operations are done over K-line or CAN bus without need to open ECU!

    I use this for most of time for:


    All other tools required to open the ecu and make an BDM, but with this I can do it over BDM

    I bought it for 500€ What would you like to offer ?Smile

    as long this thread is open, the tool is still for sale.

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  • 01/02/17--13:54: q7 4.2 fsi help
  • Hi, I need wiring diagram for q7 4.2 fsi and fuses & relay location, thank you

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    Trying to get to the bottom of this. Esp when warm you can notice in park or neutral more esp when sat on the passenger side that the engine is shaking. I have been through everything on star and all seems ok. No fault codes. I've changed plugs and manifold gaskets and pcv breather pipe. I believe there is no egr???

    My next step was trying to change one bank coil packs just in case they are weak.

    Have done compression check on star and it was a 7 rpm difference so no issue there.

    Mixture adaptation shows nothing of interest either. All o2 tests and maf tests are within tolerance as are cam position actuation tests.

    Tried different fuels but still no difference.

    Engine mounts seem ok, car has done 67k miles

    Tried forte injector cleaner too

    Nothing shows up on any smooth running tests on star, no fault count on idle with any cylinders

    Any ideas?
    [Image: D8747ED8-2C4E-4C8E-80AA-BE270D0DB509.jpg]

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    I am a small trucking company, and every little bit I can learn to save some money helps.

    I have a Pete with an ACert and a KW with a Series 60.

    I came across this site because I am trying to find out what is wrong with my truck, the KW. I hope to learn a lot through this process.


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    Hi, i am looking for ori file - Bmw 530d e39 year 2002 194hp

    ecu prod. 0 090799 14

    softwareversion 351761

    best regards

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  • 01/02/17--14:11: Bosch EDIS
  • Hi, i`m looking for Bosch EDIS, can someone help?


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    Carprog v821 8.09 SOFT / EU MADE full set
    Reworked cables and all working.

    Please send me bid through PM. Just want to get rid of it.

    Used 2-3 times.

    Shipping from Sweden

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  • 01/02/17--14:19: fiesta 1.25
  • I need a flash sim 210
    fiesta 1.25 2008 S120977315H 6S61-12A650-FH 2CJH

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  • 01/02/17--14:22: opel CIM pin code
  • hi
    need cim pin code

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  • 01/02/17--14:23: ICOM A2 problem
  • Hello i have a problem with my ICOM A2
    I can not connect to the bmw e71 5.0i 2009
    ICOM can not see KL15
    In obd2 in the car does not have a pin No.1
    I tried to call 1-16 and KL15 seen but not communicate with the car
    I've never had a problem connecting to any BMW

    I might add that the Delphi 150 combines very well

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    I have a problem with tech tool 2.04.55, I can only read and erase error codes when connected to Construction Equipment. I need to get all the functions like testing and calibrating. Do any of you have a solution to this problem. I have tried to diagnose different Volvo wheel loaders and the problem persists. I have also tried to reinstall multiple times. I would be really happy if some one could solve the problem so I can start working with the wheel loaders.


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    hello,i want to adapt used instrument cluster to w221,someone help me to put 0KM so that i can adapt with ezs,attached is cluster dump

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    Help file ori hunday matrix 1.5 crdi ecu bosch 0281011878 edc 15 AMD 29f 400bt

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    Works with the following vehicles:

    Acura RL 2000-2003
    Acura TL 2000-2003
    Acura MDX 2001-2002
    Acura CL 2001-2003
    Honda Odyssey 2000-2004
    Honda Pilot 2003-2005

    *Backup copy for you to test functionality of your navigation system*

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  • 01/02/17--18:05: C3+ Files Blank ECM
  • Files Nissan
    Nissan Altima 2013 UpDate Code P0101 Flash
    Nissan Rouge 2015 Blank ECM

    If you want press thank and +

    237105HA4C Rouge 2015 Blank ECM.zip
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