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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Anybody know what type of tool I need to read out ori file from this car via obd?

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    I have a corsa c 1.3cdti that does not start.

    I have the error P1616 - Wrong Vehicle ID from Instrument Control Module

    I can not access the Instrument with the op-com, it always gives me error.

    Can I try turning off the immobilizer?


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    Hi, i have buy on ebay set ecu/immobox/key for an alfa GTA 3.2 all key lost because it was fitted with the not readable blue immobox.

    immobox is same but ecu not,he provide from 2.0 ,

    i have read the 2 eprom 95080 with me7tool but i don't understand how to calculate chk
    if someone can do that for me and virgin dump,

    or best solution i think is to clone immo from ebay 2.0 eprom and put in 3.2 ori eprom.

    attached ori and ebay ecu, and how calculate chk

    Thanks for your help

    95080alfa3.2 ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 380 bytes

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    Newest one. Came out today.

    If you find it useful rep and (or) thanks are welcome.

    File Type: .pdf
    Downloaded: 10 times
    Size: 680.57 KB

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  • 01/05/17--07:41: BMW E38 0281001373
  • Please files virgin or immo off 93c46 this ecu 0281001373. thanks

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    2001 international 4700 with an ABS light tried connecting and figuring out which abs system it uses with jpro and it doesnt show and abs on the left side looked under truck and all i found was the abs pump with module on top KELSEY HAYS unit wonder how i can go about retrieving the codes and erasing them thanks for any help.

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    Hi guys I am struggling to do mileage on a 2009 merc w221 I do it obd via the plug then it just jumps back then I take out the eis/ezs and there is no mask on it so I do not know we're I must solder to be able to put the mileage on 0 on the eis/ezs can somone please help with soldering points or evan a mask number so I can access the eis/ezs

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

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  • 01/05/17--08:23: How to read Hitachi chip
  • Hi all . I need to read old hitachi mcu HD64F5398F16 what kind of programmer can do this job ?

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  • 01/05/17--08:49: vw water glow plug
  • Hello!
    Is it possible change operating time or temp longer of water glow plug.
    Car is vw passat b5 1,9tdi 81kw

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    hello i need help whit this immo off whit table pin
    is a siemens sid 801a 5WS40160A-T
    i try whit ecuvonix and immokiller and dont works. im disconect the button table before conect ecu

    eprom origen suzuki vitara 93c56.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 162 bytes

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  • 01/05/17--09:16: Vbdi prog ?
  • Hi. Has anyone tried vvdi prog? I am thinking between r 270 and xpro m1087

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  • 01/05/17--09:47: Audi A6 3.0 TFSI
  • Anyone has original for Audi A6 4G 3.0 TFSI 4G0 907 551 F 0006 or is it possible to extract the file from FRF file?

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  • 01/05/17--09:59: cat et question
  • after flashing an ecm it says that personality modular code not loaded when looking through parameters do i need to load it? thanks

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  • 01/05/17--10:16: BMW 120i E87 funny problem
  • hi i have a strange one here and first time i see this 120i 2005 n46 , the car start no problem but the cluster go off and on like u are switching it off but the car is driving like that , so check the basics , fuses earth wires , battery and scan tool tell me no faults that can relate to it ,
    so any one can point me in a direction where to start
    it seems like the CAS is constantly resetting but no faults on CAS but only fault that come up is in the ecu and it say no can message from CAS intermitend

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    Hi I need 3 files for this situation.
    Mercedes W208
    ECU me2.0 with mcu 4E28B
    BOSCH 0 261 206 568
    A 028 545 71 32

    EIS with 2 mcus 1D69J
    210 545 02 08

    PLEASE provide (if you have) files from the same car.

    I want to write mcus and then I will make new key to start the car (emulator at esl)


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  • 01/05/17--11:05: Taking out ECU - EDC17
  • It will be my first attempts with EDC17 from a working vehicule. I already works on some EDC17 on bench for studing purpose, but never remove them from car.

    My concern is:
    On Mercedes car, it is preferable to disconnect the battery before removing the ECU, or simply just take it out?

    I just want to validate a reading I have done, where they say to remove the ECU without disconnect the battery and make sure to touch nothing about key fob, ignition, windows, etc.

    Which precautions I will need to take to safely remove that ECU?


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  • 01/05/17--11:11: A3 immo off
  • Hi. I need help with immo off Audi A3 1999r.
    06A 906 018 AQ
    0 261 204 678 Bosch

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    If you need any service manual or parts, diagrams electrico Toyota ask for PM I will send them to you

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  • 01/05/17--11:15: 1998 Avensis, ABS Help.
  • Hi Gang,

    Can I communicate with ABS module via OBD port or, is there a plug under the bonnet that must be bridged out to reveal abs flash codes on the dash?

    Many Thanks,


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    If you need any service manual or parts, diagrams electrico ask for PM I will send them to you

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