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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 01/06/17--06:58: E90 frm fault
  • hello all, does anyone have a wiring pinout to read and repair 2010 bmw E90 frm module. Battery went flat after a week and frm fault. mcu is 9s12xep384 3M25J. Does anyone have flash or eeprom (not sure)Fing32 that needs to be written back to frm.

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    Hello lovely MHHAUTO Users and Staff,

    I recently bought a SD Connect Clone of china (it has C5 Design with C4 PCB I think). Anyways, I want to use it with the batteries because I want to use it via WiFi. The reason is simple: It get's really cold here and I want to use the wifi function during Winter so I can sit in the warm office and the car parks next to the window so there is barely any loss in data transfere. I wont do heavy duty coding etc. Just reading faults and diagnostics and research online with the desktop pc.

    To take advantage of the WiFi feature, I want to charge it via the OBDII to Mux Cable, like the original MUX does with the Testadapter. (I already have a OBDII Port ordered from eBay that I can solder wires to). Now I want to know how much Volts and Ampers I can send to MUX with a Laptop Power supply or other power supply without damaging the MUX? I want to know the right amount of Volts and Ampers to be precise. Or Which amount of Volts and Amps are okey. I know that most chinese clones are rubbish with the charging circuit but I want to try it out since I already ordered the OBDII Port etc. Would be cool if you could help out!

    Thanks Smile

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    I want to offline programming ecu to engine but I'm missing akttab.csv

    If someone have pleas put it here. Smile

    I think I'm also need programming data for 05-2016.

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    I can't see any option to code the car...
    Any E-sys problem...?or???

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    I want to offline programming ecu to engine but I'm missing akttab.csv

    If someone have pleas put it here. Smile

    I think I'm also need programming data for 05-2016.

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    welcome everybody

    Look for download directly superpro 500p software
    Lost from the original program .

    PLZ HELP !

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  • 01/06/17--07:57: peugeot 207 bsi mileage
  • hello can someone please change mileage from 206640km to 130.000km

    chip is 24c128

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  • 01/06/17--07:58: OPCOM 100219a
  • Hi

    I am looking for a working copy of OPCOM 100219a to use with fw1.39. The cloned version from China cannot read security code for Corsa C. Please help, I need to programme keys and have no security code.


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    I hav to replace my old ECM for my Jeep grand Cherokee 2000 with a used one from another Jeep but I think I need to change the vin number in the new used one
    I have FVDI can it change the vin for me? if not what tools and software do you suggest?


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  • 01/06/17--08:07: FIAT 1.9 JTD TUNE NEEDED
  • Hi guys i bought my wife a Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 JTD 120HP, i have no experience with EDC16C39. i am only used to tuning VAG. can someone please make a strong file for me.

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  • 01/06/17--08:18: Update diagun III
  • Hello friends, I am very much in need of updating my launch diagun lll, if anyone can help me I will be very grateful, I can not get direct on the DBSCar site, I am missing a Dealer code number. Does anyone have any experience on this? SN 983190098430 Thank you very much.

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    I have a request. Can anyone help. Disabling the DTC P0100, P0110.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello everyone, I have a big problem with my dad's NTG2 Comand unit. It turns off randomly and then gets stuck at the Merc Logo. The car where it is built in is a W639 Merc Viano. I diagnosed the fault and it appears to be the AGW (n93/1) that fails and I think it interrups the most light ring which causes it to crash.. I sometimes or better nearly always hear crackling in the speakers before it shuts down and stays stuck at the merc logo.

    On normal cars like the w211 etc, the NTG1 units have a seperate AGW ECU as far as I know, but on the NTG2 it appears to be built in? I opened the nav unit but all the component seem to be okey and nothing seems burned, nor are the caps in a bad condition. The little most light cable that goes from the internal pcb to the Quadlock seems also in good condition. Is there a known fix? Because I searched for the past 1 week and nothing that could help me appeared. Can anyone provide schematics of the NTG2 Unit so I can trace the AGW part and maybe see if one of the AGW chips need reflowing. I dont want to sit here and reflow every chip on the board that has nothing to do with the AGW at all Big Grin

    Also before anyone says that the most ring must be interrupted somehwere else: No I tested it. All working fine and are accesible via DAS. I also did the MOST Ring bridge quick test at the Quadlock Port and it didn't result in any good result. It later turned on but there was no sound and when I was in the radio mode it freezed and crashed.

    Also another question: Am I wrong that the NTG2 units have seperate AGW ECU's like the NTG1 units in for example the W211? Because that would be a quick and easy fix! As said earlier, the car is a W639 Viano. The NTG2 is shared in the A, B Class, the Viano/Vito and Sprinter as far as I know.

    Thanks for the help!


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    What I am offering members here is the H S CODE GENERATING SOFTWARE ONLY !
    [Image: s-l500.jpg]

    You will have the ability to generate unlock codes for H&S Performance tuners for Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge.

    You can do:
    Dodge, Ford, and GM VIN Unlocks
    Overdrive Transmission Tuning Unlock Codes
    Video In Motion Unlock Codes
    GM - LML and Ford - 6.7L Powerstroke software unlocks
    Tech mode (reset truck to stock)
    High Sulfur Unlock - DPF Delete
    Generate as many of these codes as you want free once you purchase software.

    I will need your EMAIL address along with payment to receive your software.

    I am in the USA and the Software is $80

    Once email is sent with programs no refund will be issued. Technical support will be provided to help with working of programs that is all.
    The Program I am offering is the genuine H&S software and NOT a 3rd party or a "hacked software".

    Feel Free to PM me, I am offering a total of 5 software packages, I am not a retailer or commercial business of any sort, this is just an offer on here.

    [Image: s-l500.jpg]

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    Hello there,

    Has anyone pinout diagram for Mercedes Axor 2528 Instrument Cluster?

    File Type: .jpg
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    i need some expert's advice. I want to know if the timing chain should be replaced on this 2002 ford mondeo 2.0TDCI 130hp.

    this is the oscilogram of crankshaft and camshaft sensors.



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    hi newbie her first post,

    wondering if some one could help me out

    im doing lost keys on a 56 reg partner van,

    got key code and immo code, but immo code incorrect via obd,

    read eeprom via orange programmer, read immo code and tried again both forward and backwards both incorrect code via obd

    tried all my key programmers, but not available,

    Miraclone detects it but don't have license for module,

    Effie ids ok but not make transponder to start,

    I thing zed full ( module 131 ) might do it but all fellow locksmiths I know don't have either,

    wondering if someone could take a look at dump to see if they could make a 46 transponder to start car

    pm if you can help and with a price thanks in advance

    95160 org.rar
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    Hi to all.
    Can some 1 help with adatation of remote control for oryginal Audi Aux.Heating (8E0 265 105F)
    I have ori VCDS.

    I trye'd that: Go to AuxHeat. > adaptation > Ch04 > read > new value from 0 to 1 > test

    And then in first window comes "waiting for signal" (or something like that) but it disapears at 1second and become B/D , after 30seconds B/D changes to "Unrecognized"

    Remote has new batery and was tested on RF reciver - working (remote 8e0909507)

    In MeasBlocks 007 in first window (Remote control signal) parameter says "active" - I fhink that will be some advice but i don't know.

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  • 01/06/17--09:10: GL350 - File needs to be mod
  • Hi,

    Mistake in thread title... GL320 Bluetec

    Need DPF + Swirl + EGR + AdBlue delete plus Stage 1 or something close.

    A working and tested file please.

    Thanks you.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 903.04 KB

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