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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 01/12/17--13:11: A4 028 906 021F Immo
  • Hi, i need to immo of this ecu.

    Bosch 0281001 366/367

    93C46 16Bit (B56323)

    1 Left
    2 Right


    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 265 bytes

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  • 01/12/17--13:16: W168 need generate keys
  • Hi
    I need files for two remotes w168.
    Thank You.

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 337 bytes

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  • 01/12/17--13:30: FORD
  • Help me

    code Ford V015038


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  • 01/12/17--13:33: EDC17C46 Read Error(Ktag)
  • Cannot read VW (03L 907 309N) EDC17C46 ecu. This is error I receive. I am using EU clone Ktag v2.25. Has anyone had same problem?

    [Image: 2mxjqd4.jpg]

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  • 01/12/17--13:46: Clio 2 airbag warning light
  • Hello,
    I own Clio 2 ph1 1.2 8v 2000 and since I bought it airbag warning light is turning on and off.
    Sometimes it goes on when I go left and goes off when I go right (slightly at high speed).
    I have already checked connectors under the seats and both of them are good. What could I check next? Are there any common faults?
    I don`t have access to can clip

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    Cat ET 2015C + Perkins 2015A+SIS in same ID


    install perkins 2015A

    Use ET2015A patch

    Install ET2015C

    Copy license.dat and replace in c:\flexlm

    change HOSTID=00 1B D3 18 8A 2F

    Go in Program Files\Common Files\Offboard Products\2015C\Comet

    copy and replace all files

    PS:I'm missing FlashServer.dll ..... I'll add it later


    KEY in PM

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 26 bytes

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  • 01/12/17--13:48: Rover 75 SRS Crash repair
  • Hi.need help.
    need repair srs crash for rover 75
    ecu YWC 001160
    eeprom st95080

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 637 bytes

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  • 01/12/17--14:06: Crafter 2009 dpf off tool
  • Hi guys, i want to buy a tool which can read VW crafter 2009 2.5 TDİ. Which tool do you recommend to me?

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  • 01/12/17--14:23: j-link clone
  • hi friends, and I was given a j-link clone with ver.sw 4.24c I wanted to ask if you can upgrade with sw more 'new or you may have problems to stop workingNerd

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  • 01/12/17--14:33: PERKINS EST 2016/2017
  • Does anyone have Perkins EST2016 or even EST2017? Please PM me. I will give an activation for free to the one that gets me the software. Thanks.

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  • 01/12/17--14:33: THIS POST CAN BE DELETED

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    Hi, i am interesed in any John deer or Class agricultural damos files. From year 2005 to 2012.

    Best regards

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    Hi forum members Fing32 I've helped a friend with the software for his laptop, he works with motors and trucks, knows little about computer software just like I know little about this tools for trucks. I've got great help in the past in the forum and we both are thankful for that 049

    He's been insisting on Navkal but all the info I've got is pretty confusing to me. I understand for it to work, involves the software + activation + internet account on some server (Navistar?) and I also understand you can't work offline. I've been explaining the risks on getting a keygen and not being enough for the software to work, because I've read your account must be validated on their servers somehow. Am I missing something?

    So, the ingredients are:

    Navkal software
    A keyGen or serial for activation (will it work temporarily? how long?)
    Seems he needs an account on some server (Navistar?) is it free?
    If he creates the account (or I do) how such account is flagged to allow downloading files and calibrations?

    Any help will be appreciated. I'm trying to avoid putting lots of effort (together) on something we don't fully understand how it works. We got other programs to work on his laptop but this one (Navkal) I understand is very picky.

    Thanks in advance, please explain as you would to someone who knows very little and has only few hours of sleep Smile

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  • 01/12/17--15:25: 08 cat ecm plug depin
  • My question here is I have a bad pin on the ecm I was wondering if it can be replaced it's on an 2008 cat if so how don't want to be breaking anything if I can help it thanks

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    Hello my name is Alejandro Sanz I am from Buenos Aires Argentina I dedicate myself to automotive electronics, ECU repair and other modules automotricez wanted to introduce me and from now thank you for accepting me in this excellent forum and I hope to be able to give you my help greetings Alejandro Sanz

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    Hello need help i have a touran with immobox failury, i read faultcode on ecu is empty, but in immo say immo ecu is damage, car dont start! Please help

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2008 E63 in shop. Came in with Water Damage to Ecu,

    Managed to BDM old Ecu and copy over all data to a Donor Ecu with Exactly the same part numbers.

    I then plugged in DME and did a CAS/DME sync which cleared EWS Tampering message.

    However I have a permanent fault code of

    2FA3 - No Coding

    After a while of cranking (With no start) I get a further Code of

    29A4 - Incorrect Data Record.

    Car will not start but has no Immo Errors?

    Does anyone know whats going on?

    BDM copy was all good.

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    Hi friends, i was becoming so crazy with this car....
    i have searched a lot of files for this airbag unit and i have try with all of them without any result... need help please
    i attach a few files that says on delphi diagnostic "eeprom error, not recognised", and i also atach another file that CLEAR CRASH but gets "airbag curtains right and left error" but this car has not this "curtains airbag" (sorry for my english). i have also atached ori crash file.
    waiting for reply, thanks a lot

    files airbag.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 71.66 KB

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    Hello guys,

    Some of you may have read my thread where I do a review on these VXdiag (Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR/Toyota/Subaru) devices.

    I own one of them with licence for Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR.

    [Image: 2015-New-Arrival-VXDIAG-MULTI-3-IN-1-For...l-With.jpg]

    I've been having problems using it with Ford/Mazda IDS at first but now I've come to a point where I succeed using it for programming Ford/Mazda cars.

    To be honest... that's the only function I was looking for.... Programming or reprogramming Ford/Mazda modules but I had honda & JLR licence for 10$ extra so I went for it, but Honda HDS software that works with it is very old... (3.014...useless) and I feel safer to run JLR with my cardaq+

    I think that's the main reason I wasn't able to program module with it... now that I only use VCM2 driver, it's working.

    So for those who have interest in this device.. or already owns the device, I'm making a list of the functions I tried and the result of these tests.

    Feel free to contribute. Post:
    - Car info
    - IDS version #
    - Function used and results.


    2005 Ford Five Hundred (3L)
    Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
    GEM module reprogramming - SUCCESS

    . .

    2008 Mazda 3 (2L)
    Mazda IDS 103.02
    PCM module reprogramming - SUCCESS

    . .

    2007 Ford Expedition (5.4L)
    Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)
    DSCM module installation (PMI) - SUCCESS
    LTM Liftgate/trunk module reprogramming - SUCCESS
    PCM module reprogramming - FAILED (had to use FMP)

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    Hey guys:

    I got two Qubo´s with what it seems to be ECM locked. Im wondering if anyone had this problem before.

    I think that the only posible solution is to remove the inmo form the engine ecu. I tried all posibilities and everithing ots ok, just in the engine data line i got that hey id and transponder are invalida, but in BSI its ok, i think that the data send in the can bus is rejected and its locked. No dtc in any modules but no injection pulse.

    i think that BSI send tru CAN the ok for the inmo but engine pcm rejected, this all happens after a fall of voltage to the vehicle.

    Maybe someon can make inmo off if i sedn the file or got the file??

    Any sugestions?? im out of ideas

    WhatsApp Image 2017-01-12 at 7.48.37 PM.jpeg
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