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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Well, as subject states, I got another one to tell. A couple of years ago I buy a loaded laptop off of ebay from this great guy who turns me on to this terrific (mhh) website. I know s%&t about computers, tuning, deletes, keygens etc. I am a shop owner/mechanic who is quickly realizing that I am going to be using a laptop more than a wrench to repair trucks from now on. So after lurking, learning, observing I make a couple of choices that change my business life, thankfully GREAT choices (Jonny, Detroit60) on who to follow for advice in this new world of deletes, tunes, repair tips and general knowledge for my customers. Now who do I turn to when I have computer problems? At least I can "fix" trucks, don't have to tune or delete, but I can't "fix" a broken diagnostic program. The guy that I got the laptop from had a falling out on mhh with multiple members, accused of hacking, stealing, leaching etc. so now I have to find someone else to fix my laptop. Enter the amazing member "E5459388377012" lets just call him "J". After getting some great feedback from some trusted members I reached out and he answered. Not only did he fix my broken programs, he told me about other problems and holes with my laptop. He fixed those for me. Fixed my backup laptop too. Put "J" in the category of guys who like to help. Just kept asking "do you want me to fix this problem also?" These programs are my lifeblood for work. I need them. He understood. If anyone has problems like this, "J" is the man. The time that he spent fixing my mess of a laptop was worth much, much more than he realizes. Thanks "J"

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  • 01/12/17--18:29: ALLISON DOC V2017.1.0 NEWS
  • Well guys, this year Allison DOC will be changing. Noregon wants to change Allison DOC to DOC V2017.1.0. It will be an online annual subscription based system. This bulletin will give you more info. DOC 13 & 14 will only get 1year of updates before they stop.

    ALLISON DOC V2017.1.0.txt
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    Size: 70 bytes

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  • 01/12/17--18:59: Updating SIS
  • I'm running 2011A SIS and want to update I'm getting 01 2016 discs what will I have to do to get it updated ?

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  • 01/12/17--19:56: PACCAR ESA LINK


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    Help Excavator Samsung MX132W

    Please help someone who has Samsung Excavator MX132W service manual. Year 2012 and can share
    I'm going to thank you so much in advance


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    incal 2017.rar
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  • 01/12/17--20:44: PERKINS EST 2015 WITH CRACK
  • EMAIL Dieselsuperstore@gmail.com for price ( cheap )
    dont forget to thank+rep first [/b]

    PERKINS 2015a.rar
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  • 01/12/17--20:47: bricked edc15p? audi a4 avf
  • yesterday i have a problem on my car. i want to test kess clone and try to read my car. it did "id" perfect and try to read it. when i see that it is reading ok i unplugged the kess from obd because i know that it was reading ok but... car now do not start. i do recovery with my eu kess clone and all is fine on soft but car doesnt runs... i try to read and write ori file again with kess euro clone and with galletto v54 euro clone and all is ok on soft but no luck... car doesnt run and diagnosis doesnt get any dtc, it says that all is ok but... car doesnt run. what happens???

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    I need 2015 Fiat 500 change radio freuquency counter from us to eu.maybe can give advise where look and how to change.


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    Can someone tell me the pinout how to power up a 05-08 tacoma Compass/temp Accessory meter on bench, cannot find in FSM, ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/12/17--21:59: vw golf5 1.9tdi rare problem
  • Hello guys, anyone can help me?

    I have a unusual defect on vw golf 5 1.9tdi...
    car fault in 2500-3000rpm, and have to many white smoke in this interval, over 3000rpm and below 2000rmp dont... casr is not in limb mode, no dtcs..

    i test injectors and all are ok, i change turbo sensors and ecu software without any result...

    Please anyone have this problem and can help me Headbang

    regards Fing32

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    need help !!! PiwisII logon window password.....Who know for this?

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    Plase someoane can give me a cat th 414 service manual or spare parts manual?
    i have a broken pipe inside the frame and i can not find it. it is a hydraulical leak.
    Thak you

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    Hello. Does he know someone in netherland. can unlock this ecu or clone delphi a6511500826 pll help HeadbangHeadbang

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  • 01/12/17--23:28: Audi A4 MY 2002 3.0L
  • Hi friends, I have this car with oil temp problem.
    in december I make a diag and gave this fault:

    Address 01: Engine Labels: 06C-909-559-ASN.lbl
    Control Module Part Number: 8E0 909 559 H HW: 8E0 909 059
    Component and/or Version: 3.0L V6/5V 0003
    Software Coding: 0011711
    Work Shop Code: WSC 63351 000 00000
    VCID: 3A6515B7EC5F6CE2112454D-515E
    2 Faults Found:

    16580 - Engine Oil Temp. Sensor (G8) G266???
    P0196 - 004 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
    17550 - Load Calculation Cross Check
    P1142 - 002 - Lower Limit Exceeded

    Readiness: 0000 0001

    Then I measure oil pressure and was OK.
    Yesterday I change oil level/temp sensor and pression sensor too.
    I measure 12V in sensor socket and check red/gray wire from sensor to dashboard. all OK.
    I open the dashboard resoldered both sockets
    Today I change again level/temp sensor again, now I dont have any fault, if I start the car everything is OK, but when I'm going to road It shows again in the dashoard.

    engine type: ASN
    my: 2002

    Anybody know where could be the problem?

    Thx in advance

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  • 01/13/17--00:28: Peugeot smeg+ 5.41
  • hello, can anybody hack this smeg+ i owned a peugeot 208 with smeg+ and delivered with 5.41...

    its impossible for me to install edited/ pois for german speedcams due to "compatibility problems"
    the original alert zone or from here let install without problems...

    please help me

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  • 01/13/17--00:50: Mercedes ML Immo Emulator
  • Hi!

    My uncle changed battery in Mercedes ML (w163) 320 Petrol and after that he can't start the car. He called to me, yesterday I visited him and it seems that this is problem with immo (car started then dying). Checked DTC and there is P1570. Checked immo coil - there is a voltage and 3ohm. So it seems to be good.
    And now there is two options - one is to take car to MB for DAS. And other one is Immo emulator. The second option is better because he have two keys, but one died few years ago. And with immo emulator both will work.
    Can open ECU, change memory - I know this is necessary for that, but want to ask - What I need look for? CR1 Emulator or CR2?
    Ecu is 024 545 59 32 (ME2.0 I guess)

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 01/13/17--01:32: Pin from Vin I30
  • Hello

    I need pin from VIN to adapt existing Keys because the Immo lost these

    Hyundai I30


    ist it possible from Vin or requiered to read
    EDC16C39 ?

    Big thanks for help

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  • 01/13/17--01:56: A6 4F mil to km
  • Hello.I have Audi a6 2010y and i need change scale mil to km. Dash is from uk i need eu it's posible?
    Thanks for help Tup

    File Type: .rar
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    I make activation Easydiag work to x431pro3 software. I have online and offline solution. Offline for 180 brand in the world. Have language english german spanian italian and french. Soft is 4.05 gb all. Online is one year full brand update.

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