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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 01/14/17--02:41: VW Passat B6 (pin & cs)
  • hello. anyone can help with pin and cs from CCM?

    File Type: .rar
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    Hello Smile

    volvo v70 2,4 136 kw

    is there someone who has handel 23B0 - Injection valve 2
    - Signal missing fault code,


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    please I need to know which tools to read/write + safe checksum for Bosch ME1.5.5?

    I saw many of these ECU`s bricked by checksum error on various tools (cinese mpps, etc)

    I wonder if a cinese Kess V2 reworked will do the job ....

    many thanks Fing32

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  • 01/14/17--03:09: OP-COM
  • Hi all!
    wich software version do I have to install to have programing awaylable?
    I've W7 64bit.
    My device har 1.45 fw
    I installed 090820b Software.
    It works fine and programming button is also active, but not working.

    Says timeout occured. The same when I try to type login code. Its not accepted.
    I°ve code card from vehicle. And also have readed it with carprog - I get the same code.
    Help please to figure out.


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    please I need to know which tools to read/write + safe checksum for Bosch ME1.5.5?
    (Opel Agila MY 2001, Z12XE )
    I saw many of these ECU`s bricked by checksum error on various tools (cinese mpps, etc)

    I wonder if a cinese Kess V2 reworked will do the job ....

    many thanks Fing32

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  • 01/14/17--03:35: free programs for immo
  • Hi!
    the programs for immo without pass and from MEGA

    1. AE Tool FULL
    2. B-Chip
    3. BMW Editor 3.2.0
    4. Carsoftware 5.2
    5. Dash ECU Teacher
    6. Data Explorer Manager Tools
    7. ECU Calc 2
    8. Ford Connect
    9. Ford ECU Licensed
    10. Ford Fiesta SIM210 v1.1
    11. IMMO 3
    12. IMMO Decoding 3.2
    13. IMMO Killer 1.10
    14. IMMO Nissan
    15. IMMO SCP
    16. Komatsu Time 1.2
    17. ME 17.9.7 VAZ Remover
    18. Opel Pin Repair
    19. Opel VIN decoder
    20. PATS
    21. Peugeot Code
    22. PSA Dump2Pin
    23. PSA ECU PIN
    24. Renault PIN Extractor 2
    25. Renault PIN-Code On Key Number
    26. TM100 1.23
    27. Toyota 4 DKeyTool 1.2
    28. VAG EDC16 IMMO Bypass
    29. VAG Eepromer 1.18p
    30. Visteon 2.3
    31. Volvo ECU 2.3
    32. Volvo Synchro 1.4

    File Type: .rar
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    anybody can help for me, VW Passat 2005 BKP engine EGR and Flap off, or this DTC's off. Siemens PPD 1.5 ECU. I must it's after disconnect?

    The DTC's it's:
    -16785 P0401
    -19558 P3102
    -19557 P3101

    The ori file is in the attachment.

    Thanks in advance.

    03G997020G mpps ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 01/14/17--03:42: Q7 2016, Adblue cannot reset
  • Hi,

    Adblue Q7,3.0L, Adblue cannot reset and having Adblue message fault on the instrument and only give 50km to drive, cannot reset more than that even it is full tank.

    We found DTC P20E8, with low pressure adblue pump too low, I think this is the cause of making the reset fail, do anyone here has any experience before?

    I am attaching the reading and also the auto scan from VCDS.

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 17.99 KB

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    I have trouble reading A9065456408 it is a Temnic module.
    The think is that r270+ does not have mercedes sprinter in the ecu...
    Any idees , pics attached:

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 01/14/17--04:26: pin code vw polo 9n
  • i have a vw polo 9n 2008 with magnetti marelli cluster
    carprog fvdi cant read pin from it so i have to read dump
    now i need to know which chip to read dump from the instr cluster
    part nr is 6q092023R

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    Hi guys.

    I have a problem with Rav4 2014 year 2.0 D4D.

    Org smartkey was flooded.

    I was replaced the smartkey unit. Epprom replace also.

    The car not started.
    Ignition starts up, but on the display I have a key with wavelet.

    On the smart key unit I have error:
    B2789 - No Response from ID BOX.

    The immo box has power supply 12V.

    Anyone have a wiring diagram Imoobox ==>> SmartKeyBox?

    Maybe I should replace the cpu with old smartkey box to new smartkey box?

    If anyone have a wiring diagrams and wants to help me a send via PM the VIN.

    Best Regards Kamil.

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  • 01/14/17--04:44: edc17cp14 vw dtc p2015 off
  • hi please dtc p2015 off flap air

    vw passat cc 2010 cbab 2.0 tdi
    sw 1037505919

    thanks all

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 93.23 KB

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    Guys please help... (im sure there are many others here with this issue too)Fing20

    what program/software/updates are needed to delete ELV (electronic steering lock) count? actually to delete the ELV from activating totally.

    kind regards and many thanks in advance.Handshake

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    maybe someone have maps for navigation system porsche PCM 2.0 CD VERSION??

    anyne can help it for old car 2003 cayanee

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  • 01/14/17--04:56: Vito 639601
  • Hi Guys,

    Could anyone help make this file virgin please?

    Its a 2004 Vito 639601
    engine 646982
    Thank you

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 873 bytes

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    I have problem with bmw x5 with the remote key and suddenly stopped working,i checked key frequency and was ok.someone help me what i can do,
    [Image: 21037e114213ee36a52f2b05027a21ce.jpg]

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  • 01/14/17--05:29: Fiat BSI Pin eeprom 93c86
  • Hi all.
    I need Pin Code for Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 JTD
    BSI body DELPHI eeprom 93c86
    Thank you

    ori 93c86 bsi.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 662 bytes

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  • 01/14/17--05:44: pioner pin code radio
  • Hello friend, please pin code radio
    96 748 368 77
    DEH-M1407ZC XFCS
    PIONER ...
    L64 = 24LC64 MicroChip
    VIN: 8AD2MKFWUBG064320

    radio 207 DEH_M1407ZC L64 96 748 368 77.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 1.44 KB

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    I need advise how to swap ecm HW: 07K 906 032 Q on this car,
    need some clear info please
    have FVDI but cant find some clear info in manual ,

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    I have a Peugeot Partner in my yard at the moment that just won't start. No priming of the fuel-pump or anything.

    Hooked up PP2000 to the car, all I get is permanent fault -> No communiction with ECU or something like that.

    The cars battery was drained pretty low due to a lamp being left on for a while. Could this cause the keys to be "forgotten" by the car?

    I went into the BSI via PP2000 to check. It says that there are 2 keys programmed to the car. But that the ECM is locked.
    I don't get a chime when I have the ignition on and open the door either.

    Any idea how I can "unlock" the ECM? And hopefully get the car started again?

    The ECU is a Sagem. The car is a 1.4l petrol.

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