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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 12/11/13--13:32: help tuning vw golf
  • hello friends .. There is a Chinese programmer working on reading and writing about golf 1.6 tdi?

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  • 12/11/13--13:32: Need mercedes w210 immo off
  • Good evening my friends today I need the immo off of the following ecu reference Mercedes W210 0281001463 A0185453432 if possible thank you

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    Dear friends,
    I have bought a bosch diesel test bench and in the package it was included an smoke evaluating machine, the bosch etd 020.50 part number 0684102050 but i dont have the user guide/manual.
    Attached are pictures of the machine and of the manual, i found those picutures on internet.
    Thank you in advance.

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    While install ElsaWin 4.1 rui_aguiar friend ( http://mhhauto.com/Thread-ELSAWIN-4-1-PL...04-08-2013 ) and dvd but get error

    I have win64bit

    installed according to instructions

    sorry for my English.

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    I need help to find out the full specification (engine, gearbox, axle, brakes, etc.) for the following Mercedes Actros:-

    WDB 934033 1L 054171

    by the way i tried in this VIN in WIS but i got a message saying no data-card for this vehicle .


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  • 12/11/13--18:35: help fiat tuning.
  • Purpose of this Email is to inform you that therer is a problem with importing.

    Model of the Car is "FIAT DUCATO (148HP) EURO5"

    The problem is not with the "Output" of the Map but Car importing custom is not going through due to the following is the reason :

    - The Values of NOx and HC is beyond limitation to be passed through the importing customs.

    I would like to inquire whether NOx and HC Values can be lowered as possible before we can proceed.

    Thank you.

    File Type: .zip
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  • 12/11/13--19:51: C4 Network problem. 749
  • Hi m8.

    I tried to connect C4 to Xentry through VMware.

    But that show connection is done and not possible to pass self-test.

    Some network error coming like this picture.

    Can anybody help this problem? PartD is works fine but I need to use this.

    Thanks for help.

    749 error3.png
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  • 12/11/13--22:37: Fiat 500 1.3 mjet dpf off
  • Hello everyone, I have trouble with the exception of the dpf ... can someone help me?

    thanks to all

    Marelli Multijet MJD6F3HW04P 3548B596 51862580.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 111.93 KB

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    I have a problem about Fiat Linea 2012 model year 1.3 multijet 90ps. The car has an accident. So we trying to start engine but it can not start. Diagnosesays us inertia switch active. When I check the fuel pressure it is too low and can not increase.
    İs there any help about this problem. I got ecu dump. I think we must change software of ecu. But ı do not know which part of ecu dump must change?

    İs there any help about this problem??
    linea 95640.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.91 KB

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    Hi all, sorry for my bad english.

    I have new version of china cloned device FGtech galletto V53. Software its 2012 with color background. I muss repair Kline pullup and replace CAN transmiter.

    Now i can read/write correctly EDC16U34 via KLine.
    I can read/write some EDC15 via KLine.
    I can read/write all ecu via BDM.
    I can read/write EDC17U1 via bootmode (CAN transmiter work).

    But i have some problems:
    All ecu via CAN not read info??
    If id EDC16U1, can read only info. If test read flash, can not read! I logging comunication and see, device read only ID ECU and SW fuck this ecu. MPPS can this ECU R/W correct.

    Someone has already solved this problem??

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    hello everyone ,please help me to put immo off to my daihatsu sirion of 1998,
    ecu part no, 89560-97203
    here is the ecu dump

    ecu daihatsu.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 103 bytes

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    My friends helped me

    I need last version Mitsubishi General Export (MMC ASA) M80 2013-2014

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a honda civic airbag ecu was crashed,
    I try to read M95320(532wq) for reset,
    But I think I Messed up.
    When I check the dump, I can't find the part number.
    Who have the original file ,part number 77960-snb-y430-m1

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 712 bytes

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  • 12/12/13--22:27: Autocom vs wow
  • Is there anything better with wurth wow compared to autocom, since wow has become so popular on this forum now?
    I'm considering running both to find out for myself, but if anyone can tell me the difference except layout it would be very good! Smile

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    I'm looking dump (flasch) for EDC7C3 280 PS MAN Bus
    bosch 281 010 255
    Engine : D0836LUH40
    Cylinders and arrangement 6 cylinders in line
    Valves 4 per cylinder
    Turbocharging Euro 3: 1-stage
    Displacement 6,9 L
    nr MAN : 51.25803-7034

    thanks for help

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    the car starts to show preglow symbol when driving with no throttle from 2500rpm down to 1500rpm.

    7329 - Luftmassenmesser (G70)
    P0101 00 [104] - unplausibles Signal

    40rpm more idle speed would be nice as well.
    ECU is unlocked - so flashable via OBD.

    MAF, MAP Sensor etc were already changed. EGR module ist the 3rd...

    03L906023G 9971Polo1.6TDI-77kw-5g-bj10-km79tkm-org-Update-F2253000011.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 108.23 KB

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    [Image: 2jc97pj.jpg]
    [Image: bjctvl.jpg]
    [Image: jh7i0z.jpg]

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    Hello all i need to clear airbag crash for fiesta
    please sameone help
    Thank you best Regards Ross

    dump fiesta.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 1.53 KB

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  • 12/13/13--04:04: MB Star C3
  • Can Someone tell me why mb star c3 can not work with any pc, one installation normal not on vmware!

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