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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 02/17/17--23:16: New holland cr8.90
  • Hi
    Can someone do a proven 100% Adblue delete and Tune on.
    New holland
    2016 yr
    cursor 10 330kw engine (440hp)

    Please no dreamers as this machine is a very long drive to get to
    Only proven solution please.
    Will pay for working solution.

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    I'm going to travel to Beijing and i want to buy a MB STAR C4. Is There any store that sells MB STAR C4 in Beijing?

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  • 02/18/17--00:32: Pinout dash toyota rav 4
  • Hi, do you have the pinout for turn on at home the dash of toyota rav 4 2008 with 93c56? Thanks..

    File Type: .png
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  • 02/18/17--01:44: Lights on -ibiza 1.2 tsi
  • hi my frind
    i need help, i have vcds 15.7 and i want to When I click on Open car remote control, the lights will remain lit

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    i search the Original File for my Citroen C5 V6 211 PS Petrol Engine
    Bosch ME 7.4.7 ECU
    0 261 201 499


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    Need Ori file for
    Peugeot 208 1,6 e-HDi 82kw 112 HK 3-D(CA9HD8/S) Year 2012
    VIN: VF3CA9HD8CW043964

    ID from CMD Master

    SW: 9679000980
    CAL: 9803007199
    Total tid: 00:00:05 sek.
    C:\Users\June\Desktop\Tobias 208 1,6ehdi
    Laptop battery charge: 97%
    Voltage: 12,3 V.
    INFO HW-SW:9663241480-9666681180-9679000980
    Internet connection...
    Connecting to CMD server. Please wait...
    Reading from CMD server...
    File NOT FOUND
    Please read the full ecu file by TRICORE BOOT-MODE and send it to CMD support (TC1796 onl

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  • 02/18/17--02:02: W211 electric problem HELP
  • Hi, I have a problem with the car E Class W211 2.7 CDI.
    The problem is something that still takes a current I after two days the battery is completely discharged. When you turn off the car all the time something gets a current of about 5A. I also noticed that it can not connect the scan tool to the control module battery.
    Is he might be corrupted? Or maybe you know some typical symptoms of this model, which cause these symptoms?
    How can I check the battery control module?

    thank you

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  • 02/18/17--02:08: DTC's OFF EDC16C34 PEUGEOT
  • hello to all members;
    any one can help me to delete dtc on 307 1.6hdi 2007 ecu edc16c34;
    here dtcs :
    thank you in advance.

    edc16C34 307 1.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 45.96 KB

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    Can some one help with immo offwith that ECU.

    Saem S2000RPM 8200153840

    eeprom 95080

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 406 bytes

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    bmw 520i e39 low power 0-80 km accelerate low. Help tuning power 0-80 thankss..

    HW: 7500255
    SW: E300
    VIN nr.: WBADM21040GL11029
    SW ver.:
    HW Ver.:
    SW upg.:

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 21.54 KB

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  • 02/18/17--02:56: SAAB 93, ISM, quartz for NEC
  • Dear colleagues, urgently I need a nominal for quartz near NEC processor.

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    Hi guys, I have a good clone Autocom interface and an original ELM327 with a registered copy of Multiecuscan.

    For the FIAT/ALFA group I don't have much problem, but for the rest of makers, with Autocom not updated from the 2015, well I have some problem on the new models.

    Anyone know another good multi maker interface that is updated?

    The most important goal is the ability to reset the service.


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  • 02/18/17--02:58: Noregon JPRO 2017 v1
  • Noregon JPRO 2017 v1

    Original file, without any medicine

    Quote:WHAT’S NEW
    JPRO® Professional Diagnostic Software
     Dashboard Brake Lamp Tests on all Wabco braking systems.
     Wheel Speed Window Test and Wheel Speed Chart Test used to verify and test wheel speed sensors on all
    tractor and trailer braking systems.
     Access to historical fault data from previous JPRO® connections which can be used to identify intermittent
    vehicle issues. NOTE: Requires internet access.
     Ability to remove access to setting road and cruise speed limits. If interested in limiting these capabilities,
    contact Noregon support (support@noregon.com).
    JPRO® Heavy-Duty Command Module – Detroit
     DPF Ash Accumulator Reset for EPA 07 Series 60 and DD15 engines.
     Set Road Speed Limits for EPA 10 to EPA 13 for all DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines.
     Set Cruise Control Limits for EPA 10 to EPA 13 for all DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines.
    JPRO® Heavy-Duty Command Module – International
     Aftertreatment Reset for EPA 07 and EPA 10 Maxxforce 11 and 13 engines.
     CDPF Reset for EPA 10 Maxxforce 7, DT, 9, and 10 engines.
     SCR Fault Reset for EPA 13 N series engines.
     DOC/DPF Replacement Reset for EPA 13 N series engines.
     KOER Standard Test for EPA 07, EPA 10 and EPA 13 Maxxforce 7, 9, and 10
     KOER Standard Test for EPA 13 N9 and N10 engines.
    JPRO® Heavy-Duty Command Module – Mack and Volvo
     DPF System Reset for all EPA 07, EPA 10 and EPA 13 Mack and Volvo engines (including GHG17)
    JPRO® Heavy-Duty Command Module – Paccar
     Automated Cylinder Performance Test for EPA 10 and EPA 13 Paccar engines
    JPRO® Medium-Duty Command Module – Isuzu
     Added support for model year 2017 5.2L (4HK1) or 3.0L (4JJ1) diesel engines.
     Added support for DEF controller on supported vehicles.
     Add bi-directional support:
    o Cylinder Cut Out test on 2008-2017 5.2L (4HK1) or 3.0L (4JJ1) diesel engines in North America.
    o DPF Regen on 2008-2017 (4HK1) or 3.0L (4JJ1) diesel engines in North America.
    NOTE: Bi-directional tests only available on supported North American vehicles.
    JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features
     Support reading Bendix Proprietary Fault Codes on all EC-80 braking systems.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 78 bytes

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  • 02/18/17--03:12: Epc avaialable
  • Gm Laam 10 2016 60 $
    Gm usa 07 2016 60 $
    Ford usa 08 2016 60 $
    Ford europe 1 2017 25 $
    Chrysler 10 2016 60 $

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    I have a 2005 Vito with Faulty EIS, I have confirmed it is the EIS a couple of way.

    Coded new key, remote still not work.
    Fitted EIS to another car and not work.

    Read EIS with AVDI and coded data to new EIS and it worked. Problem with this is that when the new EIS was reset it kept the old KM which is now showing on the dash, there is also a fault in the SRS showing VIN mismatch between SRS and EIS. I think that when AVDI is resetting the EIS it only resets the R2 MCU but data on R1 is the same where there is the VIN and mileage.

    I wanted to try repair the original EIS but I do not know what componant fails stopping the remote from working. There is the 2 pronged pins on the back of the EIS which I believe are for the antenna from the receiver, there are a few components around that which I have swapped over but did not fix the issue. I do not know much about this side of electronics so I do not know how it works, failed amplifier, transistor etc.

    Last option is I can replace both MCU to the other EIS.

    Thank you.

    W639 EIS Top.jpg
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  • 02/18/17--03:28: Help immo off edc17cp14
  • Well, somebody can help me
    Immo off flash and eep thank you very much.

    Golf 2.0 TDI
    03L 907 309
    0 281 015 029

    Golf 2.0 TDI 03L 907 309- 0 281 015 029.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 836.07 KB

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    Hello Guys i need speed limiter off for this file if someone can do it for me .

    VW Crafter 2.5_TDI Flash.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 360.67 KB

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  • 02/18/17--03:53: Judit 4.33 License error 103
  • hi,
    i have Problems with my incado box (S003399).
    After license error 100 i got an lfj-file. Error 100 has gone, i can connect to the forklift, but then i get license error 103.
    the license should work till 1.5.2030 (security client).
    Maybe something is missing or misconfigured.
    Can anyone help me ?

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    Dear Mhhauto users
    This is Caterpillar flash files up to 2016
    rep +thanks= motivation

    Cat flash Mega.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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    Looking for some expert, to switch immo off suzuki 1.6i 2012 me17.8
    tc1762 here is eep and flash content

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 280.58 KB

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