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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi!!! I not similar with Windows OS,my laptop to diagnose trucks have to get soft works win OS,is never connected to Internet,and never have any kind personal data since fresh OS install.So please explain who is this guy,he develop many of working solutions here,and like Me many Members just don't remember all files delivered by this guy.Please help find proper way to cleanup win OS from his sh*t.Is looks like people download his solution to win OS computers(used to diagnose trucks and regular usage like email,any personal stuff e.t.c,or download to personal computer(win OS) and transfer files via usb stick to diagnostic laptop and hidden kind of virus infected computers?I check my ubuntu and is clean.

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  • 02/18/17--17:59: Obd2tunning.com
  • Hi i bought a vci from obd2tunning.com it was delivered very quickly with in a week
    Gds vci workes well but one cd is bad i been trying to get help on skype since beginning of january i know about chinese new year. No help at all. I finally paid somone to fix the problem. Does one have more reliable supplier?Ethan

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  • 02/18/17--19:08: JCB Service Manuals MEGA
  • [Image: 148747317427781.jpg]
    JCB Service Manuals
    Win | 21.87 GB

    For Pasword Pm after thanks+reputation

    JCB Service Manuals.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    here is a crack of 2015 ondemand, cds donwload from anyware on mhh, thanks friends, Reputation for Password = PM

    File Type: .png
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    [Image: 148747527538391.jpg]

    hi friends
    here the Latest/Newest JCB Service Parts Pro 1.17.0002

    to get your License Key Post You ID Here! under

    For Pasword Pm after thanks+reputation

    JCB Service Parts Pro 1.17.0002.rar
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    Please can someone help me find the battery charging circuit schematic for a UK/Europe 2010 Ford Focus 1.8TDCi S-Max?
    This car uses the one wire LIN controlled smart charging alternator (please note, NOT the 3 wire smart charge alternator as in the C-Max).
    I need to find where the LIN control wire goes (to the PCM?) so that I can eliminate wiring issue before condemning the newly fitted reconditioned alternator.
    Any other help with diagnostics on this alternator not charging would really be appreciated.
    many thanks in advance,

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    JAVA 7

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  • 02/18/17--20:28: Isuzu IDSS II 2017

    [Image: 0345c47b33ad2cf149cddde0c2a5ff39.png]

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    i meet error when run the cat sis 2016 after i root the pc
    it says "an error occurred starting the database, the application should be restarted"
    i delete the anti-virus software already
    it can work firslty, but when roob pc, error appear
    then iuninstall it and reinstall it

    it work , same ,after after root pc, the error appear again.

    who knows the reasons? thank you if who can help.

    File Type: .png
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  • 02/18/17--21:00: ECM Issues?
  • 2 days ago my truck chugged a little while sitting still, I shut it off soon after and it wouldn't start again. After "wiggling" some wires around the ECM it started. Yesterday I was driving down the interstate and the truck just shut off, like turning the key off. Now it won't start. I have a Cat C15 and today I checked the ECM power, pins 52 & 53, both had 12 volts. Pin 70 also had 12 volts with the key on. Checked ground pins 65 & 67 and both had continuity to ground. Someone mentioned engine position sensors so I took both sensors from a spare engine I have and replaced both. I did find a broke wire on the crank sensor which I repaired. Truck still won't start. I tried connecting with Cat ET and it won't connect to the ECM. I also checked the fuel pressure and it is fine.
    Anyone have an ideas of what to check next? Also, is there a way to check the engine position sensors to see if they are working correctly?

    Thanks in advance

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    my Detroit diagnostic link 8.03 was working fine, I was going to use it today to calibrate waste gate actuator and doesn't work. any help will be very much appreciated. my apologies if I post in the wrong place
    this the info
    version 08.03-03069-00000
    computer A8-93-06-8B-20.

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    Background & Info about truck.
    I have a Ford F350 6.0L 2003

    I am the 3rd owner of the truck and I got it cheap, so I'm willing to fiddle around with it. I do not want to take it into a dealer as I am on a farm and that would require licencing the truck and I don't want to do that quite yet. Want to work out a few kinks first.

    The first owner took the motor out and rebuilt it with good headstuds. Then he sold the truck because it was gutless. The 2nd owner drove the truck for quite a few years with it having no power at all. Then he sold it to me.

    Anyways one of the issues that I suspect is when I put the truck on my computer and run FORScan I am getting "Software Incompatibility with FICM" showing up.

    So from what I have found in the forums and watching vids is the 2003 version of the truck came out with a 7 pin FICM, they changed to a 4 pin FICM around mid 2004. So I pulled the diagnostic cover off the top of the FICM and lo and behold it was a 4 pin version, which leads me to believe that the FICM has been replaced. Also using a volt meter the FICM outputs a solid 48.5V under load which is above the threshold of 45V so this lets me know the FICM is good in the sense that it's output is within specs.

    So from what I can deduce the FICM has been changed on the truck to one of a later model. If I am not mistaken this should work fine, provided the FICM has been flashed with the correct software.

    To do this software flash all three computers from what I can gather needs to be updated at the same time.

    I have ordered a VMC2 from eBay and I am waiting for it to arrive.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
    This may not solve all the trucks issues, but I have to start somewhere. I suspect the computers were overlooked by the previous owners who look at a computers as "a magic box that does stuff". Personally I have done some C++ and taken college classes on Visual Basic as well as used a Myriad of other scripting languages, so computers don't scare me.

    Anyways looking for advice and possibly some help in getting the ford IDS software that I need to get this truck working.

    As it stands the truck gets stuck on a flat surface. It's literally quite embarasing.

    There are several other tests and procedures I am going to do and I hope to document my results and process as I go here on the boards.

    A little bit about myself for context:
    I am on a farm here in northern Canada. I have completed 2 degrees in University. (3 Year Bachelors of Arts in General Studies., 4 year Bachelors of Science in Psychology) As well a my C Level Welding training. I grew up around machines Skiders, loaders tractors, jeeps sawmills and a collection of other old farming equipment that my father also a Welder operated and showed me how to operate over the years. He's also here helping me on this project, yet regardless of what we have both done in our lives or operated etc... Neither of us know it all, hence why I'm looking for advice from others.
    The family actually owns 3 6.0L Powerstroke F350 Trucks as well as a collection of I kid you not 200+ old cars and trucks in a junkyard.
    I have access to welders, lathes, and my Uncles Shop. Truck lift with air and tools. As well as his considerable knowledge and guidance.

    Anyways when it comes to computers or anything electronic it falls to me to figure it out, so any advice in helping me learn and maybe have a bit of fun in the process would be much apreciated.

    Things I plan on checking / doing yet to solve low power issues.
    Checking screens in fuel tank for clogging. - Filters have been replaced.
    Getting tools and checking fuel pressure. - Apparently the pump has just been replaced, need to verify truck has pressure under load.
    Solving Software incompatibility with FICM - hopefully this will clear up some of the issues as I suspect truck is entering a sort of limp mode.
    Ordered a VCM2 on eBay - waiting for it to arrive to procede with that stage.
    Figure out why the 4x4 front hubs won't engage, suspect one hub is stripped out.

    I was stuck in a 1/2 inch of snow... the other day with it...

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  • 02/18/17--22:14: ME7.1.1 95160 problem
  • I have removed 95160 eeprom from a 7.1.1 ECU to make the immo off. It read fine and processed, but no tool will erase or write this eeprom. i believe this is a problem with this particular chip. The i software says that the ME 7.1.1 eeprom could be either 95160 or 95P08. Someone knows if I can replace it with 95P08 and just transfer the dump?

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    Only used this 1 time, still like new. Will do Ford,GM,Dodge, DPF/EGR deletes. No longer have any use for it. Can be used on multiple vehicles using unlock keygen. I have updated software with the latest tune files for the XRT pro that I can link you to to do 2014 Fords. Currently does 2003-2012 Fords, Dodges and GM's


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  • 02/18/17--22:51: NEXIQ USB-Link 2
  • Hi. Where to buy new original NEXIQ USB-Link 2 in Europe?

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  • 02/18/17--23:50: spanish_estimate2.2017
  • spanishgtestimate2.2017

    File Type: .txt
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    Hi all please somebody help me to run this car.This car is coming in the workshop whith new cluster ( second hand).the problem is i think that the eeprom is bad..no way to extract the pin code from the ecu to adapt whith the new cluster..
    What is the way if the ori eeprom dump is broken?this car make my crazy..
    Please help..

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 356 bytes

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  • 02/19/17--00:20: FVDI v2015 V24
    Feel free for ask the PASSWORD, but before please press thanks and reputation. Fing32

    1. VW VAG, Audi, Seat, Skoda; V24.0;
    2. Mercedes/Inteligentne/Maybach; V7.0;
    3. BMW; V10.4;
    4. Porsche; V4.1;
    5. OPEL/VAUXHALL; V6.5;
    6. Peugeot/Citroen; V6.7;
    7. Fiat/Alfa/Lancia; V5.7;
    8. Renault; V6.3;
    9. Toyota/Lexus; V9.0;
    10. Hyundai/KIA; V2.1;
    11. Nissan/Infiniti; V4.3;
    12. TAG; V6.2;
    13. Ford; V4.9;
    14. Volvo; V4.3;
    15. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep; V3.3;
    16. Mitsubishi; V2.1;
    17. DAF; V1.0;

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 149 bytes

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  • 02/19/17--00:55: Peugeot 307 T6 CC retrofit
  • Hi,
    I've got a customer with a 307 T6 1,6 HDi 92 BHP.
    I can activate CC without limiter in the BSI. No problem.
    But when I try to telecode the engine ECU, CC stays diasbled, even though it says telecoded successfully.
    I use Diagbox v7.40.

    Any clues?

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    I need some kind map pack or tuning file to this, More important thing is raise rpm limit. Basic map pack including rpm limit, full throttle ignition map and fueling map should do.

    Car is 206 1.6 V1600 race car, Rules are very strict, stock transmission and stock gear ratios, Only engine management can be changed. 2nd an 3rd is too big jump so higher rpm limit helps that lot.

    Wednesday i go to dyno to test it, so if somebody can help i can pay and send ready file pack with results too.


    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 26.17 KB

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