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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 02/19/17--13:27: Clone VCDS 12.10.3
  • Hi all,

    I have VCDS 12.10.3 with ATMEGA162 + FT232RL
    which the highest version what I can upgrade it?

    Only programming ATMEGA or FTDI also?

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    I have problem with alfa 159 1.9 16 V jtdm (EDC16C39). Problem is with swirl flaps. Actuator working, flaps moving, but ECU show 2 errors P2013 and P2014 and ECU goes into emergency mode (no power, v max 100 km/h). It’s possible to disable this errors or swirl flaps in ECU ? Which tool can read and write this ECU? I have access to Galletto V54? He can do this?

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  • 02/19/17--14:15: android software IGO 2016
  • hello

    I search software for rungrase 6.2 and I read that software IGO 8 works.
    who can my help whit this software 2016 .

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  • 02/19/17--14:31: BMW ISN software
  • can any one help me with a working link for BMW ISN software i have icom wont to use it with icom thxxxxxx

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    Hi i have here VW Golf 6 with ECU PCR 2.1 but ecu was death and now we find new ECU and start the car but dash lights for ABS blinking.
    How can adapt new ECU to ABS of car.

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  • 02/19/17--14:57: Help with ODIS error.
  • When i try to start ODIS 2.2.7 i get this error.

    any one can help...?

    [Image: 2017-02-19_zpsru6xzvw1.png]

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  • 02/19/17--15:04: DAF WIFI FIX

    [Image: i88_cimgpsh_orig.png]
    For who getting error when giving name for wifi for connecting MUX560.

    PM For Password after [Image: postbit_reputation.gif]

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    OLD LINKS FOR 2016/2015/2014/2013/2012 and older are on the bottom of this post!

    Xentry Open Shell (XDOS)

    1.0) XDOS 03-04/2017

    1.1) XDOS 03-04/2017 download by DieTRih

    6.1) XDOS StartKeyCenter fix and C4 blacklist patch plus many other fixes by DieTRih

    6.2) DAS License 0 Fix with DAS Standalone 12/2015-03/2017 by DieTRih

    6.3) XDOS adBlue fixes by Fouad

    6.4) XDOS DAS Prototype for 204/207/212 by xzt

    6.5) Road24h Windows7 configuration for XDOS

    6.6) Install XDOS on Windows 7 32bit video (files in post #5)

    6.7) XDOS AddOn Center not working in Windows 10 fix (might work in other Windows versions)

    6.8) HHT for C4 XDOS on 32bit Windows only by DieTRih

    Installation Help and other tools.

    7.0) DAS/Xentry Solutions (2012.11-2016.09) (by DieTRih)

    7.7) Xentry Internal Error 3.17 For 07/2012 and up and Xentry Key disappears when connected to the internet fix

    7.8) Webmasters fix for Xentry key disappears edit the bat file for XDOS locations

    7.9) Dublovers new XDOS Xentry wont start timeout fix

    8.0) Xentry Stop/Kill Xentry for 05/2013 and up

    9.0) Xentry blacklist fix Should work for older and newer versions too.

    9.2) DAS and Xentry blacklist fix for C3 MUX's (all versions) by DieTRih

    9.3) DAS and Xentry blacklist fix for SDConnect MUX's (all versions) by DieTRih

    10.1) DAS Offline programming patch for all current releases by DieTRih

    10.11) DAS Offline programming and offline SCN coding for PKW/SMART/Transporter by pesona

    10.2) Enable Prototype (207,212,169) in DAS

    11.0) SDConnect Update Files and Procedure--- ***Newest files for updateing

    11.1) SDConnect Setup Videos

    11.2) SDConnect Hardware Blacklist repair by Rudi2 Look at post #85 for a reseller who sells the chips separate and pre-programmed

    11.3) SDConnect chip unlock dump for blacklisted MUX's No new chip needed!!!

    11.4) SDConnect Easy Serial Number change by bawarek

    12.1) 2014 EPC/WIS.net installation guide with video by yudi

    12.2) EPC WIS and ASRA installation

    12.3) EPC keygen with Datacard and no protection

    12.4) WIS standalone key for Cars and Smart (working ASRA)

    12.5) EPC and WIS desktop shortcut permanent fix

    12.6) EPC server advice for running EPC.net on a 32bit system after 02/2016

    13.0) 2016 Open Shell and Xentry/DAS help links

    13.1) 2015 Open Shell and Xentry/DAS help links

    13.2) 2014 Xentry/DAS help links

    13.3) 2013 Xentry/DAS help links

    13.4) 2012 Xentry/DAS help links

    13.5) Older Xentry/DAS help links

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    hello everyone, I need to adjust the turbo actuator on a 2006 freightliner S60. finally I got diagnostic link 8.03 working with yours help Unfortunately it wont allow me to do the adjustment. the turbo adjustment is not grey out but a window comes out saying that the truck needs especial ecu to do this testing. your help is very much appreciated.

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    The slavetuning online software is a complete tool to put a management to your slave or even master clients,

    Programmers can simply know the number of files processed for their clients as well as they can put packs with desired price as well as an integrated payment system with management and statistics customers, revenue, original file, modified and many more. Other options.

    Register at http://www.slavetuning.com if you are tuner / master or slave,

    Master / Slave side:

    Complete management:

    - Form of sending file depeneding of the option of modification (dpf, egr, tuning, ... etc)
    - Technical support for the customers
    - Notification email / sms when sending between master and slave
    - add / remove reprogramming tooling
    - relationship between slave and master by username or email
    - statistics of transactions and payments
    - Possibility of payment by cash, bank transfer, paypal in automatic mode, a remainder of payment management ultra complete

    We are able to modify / add / delete any option because the system is still in beta test.


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    Dear MHH members.

    I'm openning this thread mostly to warn you to be carefull with certain sellers here who claim to sell EU tools like the Kess V2 that I bought which you'll find out by checking out messages exchanged by emails between me and seller who in a way is no way close to being professional, therefore not so much as trustworthy if warranty comes to arise.
    I purchased Kess v2 with 5.017 FW for €800 because I only bought the Kess V2 module without cables/tricore adaptor.
    Please read the messages in attachement and be the judge about how professional this guy is to his customer (me) knowing that Item paid for and no invoice, no instructions, wrong name on Ksuite (KEES instead of KESS) and the atittude this seller has about this.

    I had no other option than to open dispute on Paypal against him for return of his item for a full refund and he just wanted for me to send back to his address which he mentioned on one of the emails.
    What would had happened if I just followed his instructions and sent back the Kess to him without Paypal knowing about this?
    He would probably just keep both the Kess and the money.
    As you may read through the messages that he doesn't answer properly to my queries.
    How can I trust a person who claims his tools have 1 year warranty and support if he doesn't even send me an invoice nor responds properly to my queries?

    Just want to inform you all to be very cautious with certain sellers and always use Paypal and record all your conversations and receiving the package.

    If moderators somehow think that I'm doing wrong to post this thread in order to warn other members here to be cautious and decide to ban me...with all due respect, than sobeit.
    I'm not going to sit quiet without warning other members to beware instead of becoming someones victim.

    I know that some VIP, Senior or even some brown nose junior member is going to stand out and defend this guy which I don't give a damn, as maybe he who does so is a cumplice with this seller.
    Never the less, the Kessv2 is being sent back to the seller but only under Paypals knowledge of this matter and not by the sellers demands.

    Best regards to you all.

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 70 bytes

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    Whether I can find this program?

    Mercedes ECU CLEAR V1.67 + keygen free
    I need it


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    Good evening.
    Can anyone help retrieve the pin & CS from comfort module dump fom a Passat B6.

    Thanks in advance

    Passat B6 - comfort module.bin.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.35 KB

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    What's the latest version of K-suite you can run on a K-tag clone? is it possible to run k-suite 2.28? I'd like to be able to use it on a 2011 Ford F350 Superduty 6.7 Diesel.

    As far as I can tell it looks like the EDC17 CP05 plugin 197 came available in 2.22? I believe the just had it listed under F250. Is it safe to assume that 2.22 would work with an F350 using the same processor?

    Any tips or experiences to share?

    Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 4.09.46 PM.png
    File Type: .png
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 236.32 KB

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  • 02/19/17--17:10: Ford Ka fuel cut off faulty
  • Hello,

    Here has an unusual case with one

    Ford KA

    The car had an accident. He's pounded with the right front against Bortstein.
    Cross-bend has bent.
    The stuff is all new again and is right there again.
    Since the bang was already stronger, the fuel cut-off has been activated.
    I do not get disabled anymore.
    Read the manual in the manual.

    But the problem is when I turn on the ignition, immediately the right turn signal blinks without
    To use it. The turn signal can be switched off by actuating the turn signal lever,
    But after turning off the blinker does not work any more.

    So I can not run the delete procedure.

    The display shows FPSon

    If you start turned the starter but does not jump.

    Have read with a Gutman tester.

    An error in the comfort control unit (BCMI CAN) is written back after deletion

    Fault code: B1054 / Fuel safety cut-out function malfunction

    Has anyone experience what to do now, does not know more now.

    Have a little experience with vehicle diagnosis and testers but the electronic fuel cut-off is also me
    First time before feet.

    Custom intended nen special Ford Tester and software. Can someone recommend me nen inexpensive adapter, because
    With Ford I had so far not so much.

    [Image: img-20170218-wa0018.jpg]

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    does anyone have a wiring diagram for allison gearbox MD3060
    its married to a Hino JO8C-UK engine 2003

    tried heavy truck service 2013 but the diagram is incorrect
    Australia spec both gearbox and engine so assume the data is incorrect due to HTS being mainly US market

    thanks and rep in advance Fing32

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  • 02/19/17--19:23: Need Tuning File please
  • Hey guys,

    i'm new here in this forum but it's amazing how much informations you will find here and so many people help each other
    Maybe someone can help me to.
    I need two tuning files für two different cars.

    1 Car:
    Audi A4 2012 with 1.8TFSI
    8K0907063AB 0083
    VIN: WAUZZZ8K7DA015941

    2 Car:
    Skoda Octavia 2016 with 2.0TDI
    VIN: TMBJJ6NE9H0152198

    If you need more Informations about the Ecu's please let me know.
    Can i flash both cars with Mpps v18? Or can i do this also with Odis or VCP?
    Thanks for your help Smile

    Best greetsFing32

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    Hi I am getting married and need some money so selling some of my diagnostic equipment. U can message me of ur Interested. Thanks

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    I have an problem generating a key with the keygenerator.
    Problem is that program is opening I can put the tempory key but the next field is black and stays black so cant generate the key.
    Is this an common issue what should I do?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hello friends of mhhauto could help me in the doubt that I have about the final installation of the injector in isx CM870 if after torque to [71 lb-in.] It is necessary to turn the adjuster 1 or 2 turns backwards.


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