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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Has someone in here make a successful stage one tuning on a new fendt tractor with vario transmission...???
    Because all i talk with say they don't can tune a fendt tractor.
    When they do i run okay on the dyno, but when it run on the road the transmission will give a fault code because of the higher torque.

    So maybe some one in this good forum have a solution, so let me now. I have customer who ask about tuning fendt tractors.


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    HI everybody,

    here is my remapped file of my E350 cdi 231hp dpf OFF. Car works great without any DTC but too much smoke!!!

    I already asked my chiptuner to reduce power. He did the job. this is the file posted here but too much smoke again...

    I tested the car with unplugged mass air flow sensors but same thing.

    I've done BMW330d and A4 V6 3.0 tdi with much power than this and don't have as much.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you

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    Genuine Alientech Kess v2 could do VAG SIMOS 18 (5G0 906 259 E) since a long time but then in approximately 06/2015 VAG changed the ECU revision to (5G0 906 259 F) and checksum of the protocol didn't worked anymore. Then in 06/2016 Alientech released K-Suite 2.26 which could do correct checksum for all ECUs again.


    Since K-Suite needs a permanent internet connection as of version 2.26 and newest Kess clone is sw 2.22/2.23 fw 5.017 I'm asking is it possible to replace checksum DLLs in sw 2.22 with the DLLs from version 2.26 to flash all SIMOS 18 through OBD with clone?


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  • 02/20/17--06:12: looking for gscan 2
  • Hi does anyone know were i can buy gscan 2 , very hard to find information on it

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    can some one Help with org File 0261201806 and 0261207884 ?


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    Hi, do you have the pinout (12v & Ground) for the dashboard veglia borletti Fiat Grande Punto evo 2012, with 95160? Thanks...

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    can some one Help with org File 0261201806 and 0261207884 ?


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  • 02/20/17--06:44: FTL classic light wiring
  • Could someone help me out with a wiring diagram for the lights on a FTL classic

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    hi guys,

    I have a 2010 c250 4 motion (w204) which have an intermittent no start condition

    Once in a while, I turn the key to the ON position, all the dash lights are coming ON and the car will start

    Once the key is ON and all the lights are ON, if I wiggle the key, all the lights goes OFF and the car won't start

    Most of the time, when I turn the key to the ON position, nothing happens. no lights, no start.

    SO I guess the ignition module (cylinder) is faulty...

    There's no code in the module.
    When I am able to put the key ON, I go to actual values in Xentry and I see
    "valid key ..... blablabla... " says "YES"
    If I wiggle the key, it switch to "NO" and all the lights in the dash goes OFF

    Is this a common problem on those ?

    I searched mitchell ProDemand and Identifix, but there's no infos on this car. I guess it's not sold in the US (I'm in Canada)


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  • 02/20/17--06:56: Change of interior w203 2001
  • I'm changing all the interior doing installations and everything I osgo an advance

    A bit hard but a lot of installation is special but let's get it
    File Type: .jpg
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  • 02/20/17--07:12: Radio code Ford 8M5T
  • Hello

    Could someone please provide me a working radiocode for the following radio?:

    Ford 8M5T 18K931 GC
    881 C7E3A0544 8 8222967

    Thank you very much!


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    Hi I need code to radio Skoda Swing 5j0035161d, file attached 24lc32.

    Thanks in advance

    Skoda Fabia Radio Swing 24CL32.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 823 bytes

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    I have 2001 A3 with defect tacho. Sometimes it works some times pointers fail and stay on zero and also BC display doesnt work. I have read on bench MCU 912DG128A (3K91D) with XPROG. Would need flash update to repair this problem.

    VCDS scan:
    Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8L0-920-xxx-17.lbl
    Part No: 8L0 920 900 M
    Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. M73 D04


    File Type: .rar
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    I started insite this morning like any other day and for some reason my usblink will not connect to insite. I tried new usb cable and a brand new Y cable. I have a dpa5 box and it connects perfect?? I have reinstall the driver 3 times and still same out come can anyone shed any light on this problem?? Thanks for any and all help

    I just ran tester on it and runs great, i used other programs and they all connet to the usb link.. just not cummins

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    Hi, we want to perform chip tuning on a Toyoto Corolla 2.0 D4-D Sport car but we can't perform reading thru OBD or ECU with chip tuning devices(Kess, Galletto, etc.) . The brain's brand is denso and we suspect the EPROM inside is custom made for that devide. Below are photos, does any of you knows how we can read it ?

    Engine =1cd-ft

    [Image: WhatsApp%20Image%202017-02-19%20at%2023....kfqsw.jpeg]
    [Image: WhatsApp%20Image%202017-02-19%20at%2022....2gce0.jpeg]
    [Image: WhatsApp%20Image%202017-02-19%20at%2022....4doxh.jpeg]

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  • 02/20/17--07:54: XENTRY remote connection
  • Greetings folks, my question is not really related to automotive, but I am pretty sure other members also have thought about such possibility at least once. Is it possible to use xentry with remote multiplexer? Let's say I gave my friend the c4 multiplexer, he went to another city to help someone, but because of his lack of knowledge he needs my help. So is there a way to make xentry see remote multiplexer (if that pc is connected to mine through vpn) and connect to it? I've found software, called USBThroughNetwork to do something like this on USB devices, but c4 is connected through LAN. Sad Any ideas would be highly appretiated.

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  • 02/20/17--07:55: last version of xentry
  • hi every body i want the last version of xentry please

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    have 04 Silverado Cluster. eberything works except mileage display doesnt work.
    how can it be fixed ?

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  • 02/20/17--08:31: Immo off ME7.3.1
  • Hi all,
    please help
    I did IMMO off the vehicle car Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 with ECU ME7.3.1.
    1) Download original software with ECU
    2) write file immo off, I started up the car for 1 min and runing very bad.
    3) I returned original softwer, but the car would not start
    Supposedly, it should be a procedure for switching immo for this type of unit, but does not work.
    Does anyone of you have a work solution?
    I dont know where is the problem

    alfa 1.6 ME7.3.1 immo OFF.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 201.98 KB

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    Hi, first time to read Scania R500 ecu. Continental motorola EMS S7.

    I'm not sure if need 12 or 24V, and how many Ah.

    In Ksuite help sais 12/24V and 5Ahm.

    Should I use 12 or 24V?

    Its enough with a 30V/5Ah power supply?
    Any advice for this ecu?

    File Type: .png
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    Size: 444.91 KB

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