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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    I'm a new owner of VagCanPro and I tried to downgrade a dieselgate upgraded VW Caddy 1.6TDI with PCR2.1. Of-course it didn't go as planned - it deleted map data but didn't flash the new/old .frf. I have the correct .frf that was in use before the update.

    Now I'm wondering if it's possible only to upgrade PCR2.1 with never/bigger version? Or does VagCanPro have issues with this? Can I use ODIS-E to flash older version? I don't have the new 03L906023TF FRF. Maybe someone can help me with that? Before there was 03L906023PC firmware.
    Any info around this would be highly appreciated!

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  • 02/23/17--01:40: Siemens radio code
  • Hi Guys any one got radio code for cd 413x ?

    thanks in advance.


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  • 02/23/17--01:44: vag prog full
  • hello

    i sell my vag prog full ( i havent option for touareg 2010 audi,a7, a6 2010 by obd full, need read eep before)

    price 2500€

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  • 02/23/17--01:47: dp4 full 2015
  • i sell my dp4 with full adapter

    sn : 05171e

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    hi guys,

    after replacing one headlight of a 2016 cla shooting break I can not communicate with it.
    I use sdconnect with 2016.05
    Someone an idea??


    File Type: .txt
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    I need DPF and EGR off for
    Passat 3B 2005 EDC16U31
    Engine 038 997 016 K
    BOSCH 028 101 114 5
    18366- Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 2 Bank 1 (G448) : Short to plus

    16618 - Boost Pressure Regulation : Limit Excided (Overboost Condition)

    Thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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  • 02/23/17--02:44: MED 17.5 Problem
  • Hey Guys,
    my prob is this: I have an ECU from Golf 6 GTI. And have 2 tuned files from different tuners here.(1,46MB) Files are 2 years old. Flashed them with Mpps Tricore on the bench. With ori file car starts. With both other files car won`t start !
    Tried different things. Flashed the Irom tuned file and after that the eeprom file and so on. Car only starts with the complete ori backup (845MB) of Irom and EEprom file.
    My question is: At which place in the tuned files the immo kicks in ?
    Can someone fix it ? Where is my fault ?

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  • 02/23/17--02:44: VW BETA 4 CODE PLEASE
  • Hi,

    I would ask you code for this car radio for VW BETA 4.

    3B0 035 152 A

    Thanks a lot!

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    hello, i just bought a normal halogen headlights and installed it to my mercedes e class, w212 (2009), all the lights except high beams are working, so i thnk i need to code Front sam with something to work

    also i did a wire from sam pin7 to the bulb, looking at wis wire schematics

    prolly need to do scn coding unit or maybe just coding it with vediamo


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    pejo 206 bsi pin code please

    95160 epromm

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 537 bytes

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  • 02/23/17--02:46: dash scenic 2 2003
  • Hello colleagues and bought a repair kit to repair this dash someone can tell me some schematic of which components replace thank you and greetings

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    Hi friends,
    pls help me DPF off AUDI Q5 EDC17CP14 BOSH 0281015752,
    and DTC off I tryed with volta, but it doesn't work,
    Thank you very much for help.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 801.05 KB

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  • 02/23/17--03:02: ISTA and K+D CAN problem.
  • Hello friend. Handshake
    I have a strange issue with my configuration.
    I have newes ISTA D + INPA.
    And I have tried to configure the K+D CAN interface to work with ISTA.
    I changed the COM to 9, latency to 1, ports are fine in EDIABAS.INI (STD OBD too)
    everything is ok in OBD.INI and... it still does not work.
    I changed the settings in ISTA to ediabas but I still have same error.
    "The vehicle could not be identified. Please check the access to the vehicle and check whether the testing-analysis-diagnosis has been activated"
    What might be the problem guys?
    Regards. Pc

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  • 02/23/17--03:03: Audi Q7 remote programming
  • Hello ,i have audi Q7 remote lost syncronisation after battery have been changed can someone help me procedure to program them,i have both keys
    [Image: ccee5d4295fd3788d731540181b68252.jpg]

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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    Hi to all,
    My MUX C3 stoped to work.
    I make a self test and have this 2 errors.
    can someone Please help me to solve the problem

    CAESAR STOS+ Rev.:2.12 from Jun 16 2005
    generated protocol file from 19.12.2010 20:14
    SystemCheck :
    Check serial ... 0 Ok
    CAESAR HW Detection :
    D2Access ... 0 Ok
    D2DownLoad ... 0 Ok

    CAESAR Part D2 detected on COM2 with baudrate: 19200
    CAESAR version check :
    D2CheckSNVER ... 0 Ok
    User is Daimler-Benz AG
    User Authentification 1
    Classification 0
    Serial Number ******
    Authorization Level 4
    Part D
    Hardware Authentification 011205
    Hardware Date 031205
    Special EEPROM check :
    D2 Special EEPROM check:
    Inst. date registered ... 0 Ok
    D2 Special CAN Test :
    Special Test ... 0 Ok
    CAESAR version check :
    D2CheckSNVER ... 0 Ok
    User is Daimler-Benz AG
    User Authentification 1
    Classification 0
    Serial Number ******
    Authorization Level 4
    Part D
    Hardware Authentification 011205
    Hardware Date 031205
    Slave check :
    D2 Slave check
    D2 Processor ... 0 Ok C165 (mask step HA) is mounted.
    D2 RAM ... 0 Ok
    D2 FLASH ... 1703 Error Occured while erasing FLASH
    D2 EEPROM ... 0 Ok
    D2 SERCTL1 ... 2003 DSR / DTR Lines at UART1 not connected
    D2 UART1/2 ... 0 Ok
    D2 ADC ... 0 Ok
    D2 Display Power Supply :
    D2 Power Battery ... Voltage KL30 = 12.6 V
    D2 Power Ignition ... Voltage KL15 = 12.2 V
    D2 Voltage K-Lines :
    D2 State K-Lines (35) ... Total 2 (+), 33 (-)

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  • 02/23/17--03:27: bmw ICOM advise
  • Hello, i want buy bmw good tool for diagnosis,coding and more. i want know icom A1 or icom a2 is better?

    its true for icom a1 you can not work with latest bmw ista d and ista p just 2013 soft??? or can i run any newest soft??

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  • 02/23/17--03:29: Hello my name is Willa
  • hello and thanks for opening this cute forum!
    i'm here to learn automotive diagnostics.. hmmm I still have to find out why i cannot download attachments ... :/

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  • 02/23/17--03:45: Audi A6 2011, P17D500
  • Hi there,

    Well i have an issue with Audi A6 2011 DSG Mechatronic Unit, i have done a flashing using ODIS Engineering didn't solve it, the error still appears on the scanner as P17D500.

    I'm thinking of replacing the DSG printer tape, do you think that this will slove the issue?

    Any Solution Guys ???Itwasntme

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  • 02/23/17--03:45: peaugeot boxer need immo off
  • hi, need a help for immo off.
    somebody can help?

    boxer 0281010487.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 138.69 KB

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  • 02/23/17--03:57: Hyundai sonata 2014
  • hi Hyundai Sonata 2014 dashboard denso eprom fijutsi mb91f062bs need pinout device vvdiprog yes please help me

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