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  • 02/23/17--12:47: 2005 MB C240 key (immo)
  • Hi guys,

    one of my customer asked me if I can program a new key into his 2005 C240.

    I know this can be done with VVDI but I dont have the tools.

    I only have XentryPT, x431 scanner, X100 tab, and carprog.

    Is there any way to make a key with one of these tools ?

    I don't think so but just asking,


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  • 02/23/17--13:02: NTG2.5 help please
  • Hello, I have a 2009 NTG2.5 fitted to a W164 ML350 facelift.
    The firmware is original so it won't let me update the sat nav as it says the nav discs are unreadable.
    I have two versions of xentry, a 03/2016 which does not support offline programming so I can't update firmware.
    So I now have 11/2012 which does support offline programming.
    However I have the telematics update disc 171827415926_0001
    Unfortunately it says I need 1718274559_0001 which to me is the 2012 firmware update disc, is it because I'm using 2012 software?
    If I get the 2012 firmware update disc will it recognise 2015 sat nav discs or later?
    I should of took to Mercedes it would of been cheaper!
    Thank you

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    I have 2004 Volvo xc70 automatic, 2.5T

    I have spare 2004 s60r manual, I want to pull motor and transmission, and install in my car.

    Ipd Volvo told me this is way too difficult... I would like to prove them wrong!

    I am hoping for tips... My idea is find a Bin with v70r manual ECM and flash to my current ECM and maybe change the Vin...

    I want to tune and add better maps.

    I am hoping for any tips and input and if this is possible

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  • 02/23/17--13:10: Vito 2005 Mileage Help
  • Hello friends, can someone help me I change mileage VITO 2005 EEPROM Dash 95080 from 345669 km to 217666 km please.Handshake

    We must change and EZS ????

    HandshakeHandshake thanks

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 544 bytes

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    Hello ,
    Please clear crash for Airbag_Clio_III_Autoliv_611023300_8200963406
    Thank you verry mych ,
    Best regards .

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.9 KB

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    Hi guys,

    can somebody do remapping for this VW Up? Its a model from south america with turbo.

    If somebody can do it, please text me.

    It was read with kess.

    Its the version with dual fuel - gasoline and ethanol

    thank you!
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.26 MB

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  • 02/23/17--13:56: galletto 4 v54 problem
  • hello mates,
    I have a 100% china clone of galletto 4 v54 in plastic box.
    Really I'm very surprise and happy with the tool, very sttable and works ok on obd and bdm.
    edc15 vag and renault obd ok
    edc16 vag , bmw, ford and psa ok by obd and bdm ok
    pcr 2.1 1.6vag unlock on bench ok
    only try one edc17 in boot mode of a bmw and works good too.
    So the problem is,time to time I'm forced to reinstall the program (2min of time, maybe less) but can I fix that?
    Or it´s normal because is a clone?
    it´s a sw problem or hardware?
    with you it's the same?


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  • 02/23/17--13:59: Help: Need Pin code Saab
  • Hi, anyone can help me get the pin code.
    Saab 9.3
    CIM Delphi 128.05.194AB
    dump file 93LC66


    CIM ORIGINAL 93LC66.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 417 bytes

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  • 02/23/17--14:06: immo software
  • Hello mates for you guys wath is the best software to make immo off of the most comun ecus like edc 15/16/17 vag, renault, psa, ford and bmw?
    The best sw free? and the best pay?
    I need one who really works at most of the program list Blush

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  • 02/23/17--14:16: AUDI MMI 2G MAP DVD 2017
  • AUDI MMI 2G MAP DVD 2017


    [Image: 332704191_1-audi-mmi-2g-high-2017-europa...0884er.jpg]

    Very latest release of the 2017 navigation DVD which is compatible for the following models with AUDI Navigation MMI (2G) High System (see photos to identify correct system). NOT for HDD or RNS-E variants Part No. 4E0 060 884 ER

    A4(B8/8K) Saloon (BW36/2007 to 22/2009)

    A4/S4 (B8/8K) Avant (BW03/2008 to 22/2009) A5/S5 (8T) Coupe (BW08/2007 to 45/2008)

    A6/S6 (C6/4F) Saloon (BW05/2004 to 22/2008)

    A6/RS6 (C6/4F) Avant (BW02/2005 to 22/2008)

    A6 (C6/4F) Allroad Quattro (BW 12/2006 to 22/2008)

    A8/S8 (D3/4E) (BW26/2002 to 22/2008)

    Q7 (4L) (BW 06/2006 to 22/2009)

    DVD1 (Western Europe)

    Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

    DVD2 (Eastern Europe)

    Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzogovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montnegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovak, Slovenia, Sweden, VAT.

    Following languages available:

    German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish

    TMC is available

    Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Great Britain

    Not for the MMI basic or MMI 3G

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  • 02/23/17--14:27: Alfa 937high
  • Code possible, thankyou

    Alfa 937 high
    7 649 378 316

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  • 02/23/17--14:44: clear bmw sevice s history
  • HI i want to clear all sevice of f10 bmw (sevices times) which tools can do it?
    Thank You.

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  • 02/23/17--15:08: Ford Focus 1.6 dtc remove
  • Need remove dtc error for egr

    ford focus 1.6 tdci



    WinOLS (Ford Focus (egr off 1) - 377898).rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 45.63 KB

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    Can anyone help me to EWS tampering?

    ISN read via ISN reader, car with manual transmission.

    I have second hand used CAS and make key with transponder PCF7936. I write ISN, write the VIN and checksum, settings km to 0 km.

    CAS accept key, locked key in reader, turns on the ignition, but not unlock ELV and not synchronize CAS-DME. Ista detect correct VIN, but EWS tampering in fault memory, not synchronize and of course engine not start.

    Can anyone say why not unlock CAS ELV? Wrong ISN number?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Are GM 01-06 instrument clusters (like the Silverado ones) compatible between gas and diesel models ? Can a diesel truck accept a gas instrument cluster and vise versa ?

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    This is a Cracked version of BMWhat.
    Features App activation and coding is unlock.

    This doesn't work on all Android phones and might require root rights.

    Tested and working on Sprint Note 3 v6.0.1 with root.
    Don't PM me if it doesn't work for you!

    Uploaded on Google Drive! No Pass!

    Sharing is Caring!

    A simple THANKS + REP would be nice!

    BMWhat 23.70.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 61 bytes

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    Looking for Hyster K007 service manual.

    Anyone can help?


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    Hi MHH members all

    Below is the installation guide for the Perkins EST 2015A. This installation is same as for CAT ET and CAT SIS (you can also use this PATCH for CAT ET and CAT SIS)

    If you have any trouble when install the software, please leave a comment.

    Don’t forget add REP + THANKS + PM me for password

    [Image: 2017-02-24_085956_zps8udlp1jx.png]

    1. Run the application Perkins_EST_2015A

    [Image: 2017-02-24_085957_zpshuaehpdf.png]

    2. Setup environment variable catlmd_LICENSE_FILE to your license file path

    2.1. In control panel, select system properties, or on the desktop properties > advanced system settings.

    [Image: 2017-02-24_090725_zpsynlrzxg3.png]

    2.2. Choose Advanced tab > Environment Variables in the bottom > Create

    [Image: 2017-02-24_090747_zpss58su9by.png]

    2.3. Set the name of the variable CATLMD_LICENSE_FILE. The value of a variable C:\flexlm\license.dat

    [Image: 2017-02-24_090954_zpszeueehbn.png]

    Click OK and finish

    3. Copy/overwrite Comet.exe & CometDLL.dll to \Program Files\Common Files\Offboard Information Products\2015A\Comet\

    [Image: 2017-02-24_091040_zpsyqy7pplc.png]

    4. Copy/overwrite FlashServer.dll & CometDLL.dll to \Program Files\Common Files\Offboard Information Products\2015A\Flash\

    [Image: 2017-02-24_091213_zpsx2cv0p4r.png]

    Note: If your OS is 64bit : \Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Offboard Information Products\

    5. Create a folder on a disk C:\flexlm\

    [Image: 2017-02-24_091250_zps8memayco.png]

    6. Run the application NetworkSISID, after that change your mac address to 00 0C 29 87 D2 D4

    [Image: 2017-02-24_092650_zpscxdaqunu.png]

    [Image: 2017-02-24_092737_zpszn9v8zen.png]

    7. Copy license.dat to C:\flexlm\

    [Image: 2017-02-24_092357_zpswpwcawod.png]

    8. Enjoy

    [Image: 2017-02-24_092738_zpsyosmvxnd.png]
    [Image: 2017-02-24_092739_zpsei7kcg4j.png]
    [Image: 2017-02-24_093054_zpsb0hssl9e.png]
    [Image: 2017-02-24_093012_zpswcrfsczh.png]
    [Image: 2017-02-24_093116_zpseqaxdrek.png]
    [Image: 2017-02-24_095556_zpslofbkojw.png]

    Perkins EST 2015A v1.0 [01.2015] + Patch.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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  • 02/23/17--21:21: BMW ISTA P 94201,63014
  • Dear Member,

    Did anybody know how to solve this problem on ISTA/P?
    My ISTA/P version is 3.59.
    My error message shown as below.

    94201 Technical service initialization failed
    -2 global unknow
    63014 (castor) fault when executing a PSdZ function
    63014 (castor) fault when executing a PSdZ function

    BMW standard tools 212 installed.


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    The read is from Maverick/Escape 2.3l petrol with Fomoco eec-vi ecu.
    HW: 7L8AAPC

    I need to disable P2195 Dtc.

    maveric 2.3 gz micha fomoco eec-vi kess read.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 252.17 KB

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