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  • 03/02/17--19:03: Bully dpf keygen
  • Someone say if keygen for bully dog diesel programmer exist? If yes where could buy this?

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    Hi guys,

    I had a weird problem yesterday with a 2016 Kia Sorento v6 with Object Detection Sensor system or Bumper Sensor Dectection or whatever you call it.

    The SUV has 2 modules in the rear bumper. One in each corner.
    The truck was involded in a crash and one of the rear module was damaged (casing)

    The shop I went to work for ordered a new unit from the dealer but the part number was updated by Kia

    Old part (broken module)
    part number : 95811-c6000
    software version : UM31

    New part
    part number : 95811-c6010
    software version :UM51

    The truck had a code about a software mismatch which makes sense since the left and right modules now have differents softwares

    Just to make sure, I plugged the old one , cleared the codes and all was OK except that it can't be bolt onto the truck

    So, I used Kia GDS updated to december 31st 2016 (last update) and went to software management.

    There was no option to flash the old module that wasn't broken (and still on the truck) to the new software so it can match the new part.

    I called my local Kia dealer, they were cluless. So i told the shop to replace the other module as well so they have the same software.

    They sent the truck to the dealer and after half a day of trying to figure out what to do, they flashed the modules to the same software version (i don't know if they downgraded the new one or upgraded the old one...)

    I'd like some explanation here...

    I know that window's based GDS is dying but I was expecting to have the possibility to flash these modules...

    Does the new android based GDS have more capability ?

    have I missed something ?

    anyone ?


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    Guys, i need some help from you.
    I checked my injectors and looks like i have 4 injectors from 2.2 CDI OM611, 1 from OM612 2.7 CDI and only one from 3.2 CDI original injector.
    As i saw duration maps 2.2 cdi with 2.7 cdi are same, but 3.2 cdi injectors are bigger.
    Now i copied durations from 2.2 cdi to my car because theoretically i have 5 small injectors, SOI and rail is pretty same.
    What other thing need I adapt to recalibrate 2.2 cdi injectors for my engine ? Car works definetly better but for the moment i can't find in my area 5 good injectors OM613 and i have to use current ones.

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    HI anybody know which software can find citroen c5 code from bsi?
    thank you.

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  • 03/02/17--22:37: autodtc.net/
  • Hi to all.
    I just need to tell all MHH members that this online service
    is fake and don t use it because he lies and don t do nothing on that service because i send hem file to do EGR-DPF OFF but he change 2-3 hex numbers and making someone fool.
    If i vase fool i let you know that you don t be next.
    HF and GL to all .

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    Hi. I want to buy new or used I/O terminal, especially with Siemens and Magneti Marelli sim. Also looking for original Nexiq 2 wifi. PM with offers.

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  • 03/02/17--23:05: Trucks & Buses Master Thread
  • Welcome to my Truck & Buses Master thread
    Here you will find the most commonly sought after software's in this section.

    • PM me to have your thread removed from this list.
    • PM me to add a thread to this list, do not post below.
    • Give Thanks & Rep to the people who have contributed to the forum.
    • This is not a request thread.
    • No outside links, all links within the forum.

    Code to add to the thread
    [*][url=http://mhhauto.com/Thread-Caterpillar-On-Highway-Engine-Manuals-On-PDF]Caterpillar On Highway Engine Manuals On PDF[/url]
    By [url=http://mhhauto.com/User-DieselTech1-R-I-P][color=#FFD700]DieselTech1[/color][/url]

    Compiled this list in an attempt to stop hundreds of useless threads being started and congesting the forum, i intend on updating the list as much as possible including removing dead links (feel free to pm me suggestions or to notify me of dead-links and errors) Also if internal links are not allowed please let me know mods.





    Detroit Diesel





    Request Threads(In these threads you will be able to request keys etc..)

    Thread links i am looking for
    • Caterpillar SIS (including Certificate patch/Complete Install)
    • Caterpillar SIS (Tutorial to have custom user/password login)
    • Caterpillar HCIS
    • Allison Diagnostic
    • Hino Diagnostic
    • Isuzu Diagnostic
    • Cummins Quickserve (W/ picture fix tutorial)
    • Anything else relevant to this section

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  • 03/02/17--23:17: Original BMW FRM arrive
  • Hello everyone

    As we all know, if your BMW under low battery level, the FRM module are apt to damage, when the FRM breakdown, the window can't lift, and the headlights are lose control.  To solve this problem now you got a good news: buy a new FRM module form my company, then programmed with the decoder, reset the code.  full technical support will be provide during all this process.  the price is very attractive, please contact me if you need.

    "FRM3R E70 AHL" and "FRM3R E70 XE" are used for BWM X5, BMW X6 series;

    "R56 HIGH KES" is for BMW MINI

    "E90 E91 LED BASIS" is used for BMW 3 Series, BMW X1, BMW Z4, BMW 1 series, BMW 3 series.

    "E89 E9X LED XE" is used for BMW X1、BMW X5、BMW 3 series.

    "E87 E92 E93 XE" is used for BMW Z4、BMW X1、BMW X5.

    R56 HIGH KES.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 133.79 KB

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  • 03/02/17--23:19: Audi TT immo off ME7.5
  • Hello Friends, I've tryed to immo off an audi TT with not succes.

    It's a ME7.5 and 1.8t engine

    I've readed flash with galletto and epprom with upa.
    Later i've made immo off with ecuvonix to 95040 epprom, someting was wrong and car no start.

    Otherwise, the pin code is 65535? the car has only 1 key w/o transponder, i can program new transponders too...


    PD: I've made Immo off with other soft and made the same changes exactly in the file.

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 195.32 KB

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  • 03/02/17--23:37: ssangyong rexton immo off
  • i need help to immo off ssangyong rexton ecu no a665 540 01 32 eprom 9386369(95160)

    ssangyong immo.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 674 bytes

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    Hello MHH I am hoping someone can help me I have a 2009 mini cooper with all keys lost I have made a few keys with vvdi2 and none work I am now trying with tango and it ask for ISN I read ecu with MPPS,KESS and Ktag and it always says unknown version when I load I am posting ecu dump Thank you for your time!

    kess full backup mini.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 795.83 KB

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    Hello everybody,

    I have a question but it is more in the mechanical area.
    I have a Voyager (2006) 2.8CRD automatic gearbox on which the motor is failing.

    I've searched everywhere for another motor, but all I could find costs about 1500EUR-2000EUR1087

    The motor was made by VM Motori.

    On the same platform, up to 2005, there was fitted a 2.5CRD motor, also made by VM Motori but with manual gearbox.

    I've searched some info on the motors, and it seems it is the same motor, just the crankshaft and pistons are different.

    What I would like to do, is to get a 2.5 motor and install it in place of the old 2.8 motor.

    Electrically speaking they are the same, same sensors, same injectors.

    However, being given the fact that the 2,8 was only fitted with a automatic gearbox and 2.5 only with manual, my question is if the fixing point from the crankshaft are the same on both motors.

    Hope I managed to explain everything right.

    Thank you.

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    Hi mate,

    The Main problem with the ECU is its not giving the Gnd supply of 12v instead it end up with 10v, which is not sufficient to switch on the A/c Main relay.

    I tracked the exact pin in the ECU. Things are normal and it leads to the component TLE6244x.

    What would be the culprit. Should I replace the Component TLE6244X and see or what shall i do ?

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    i need flaps off M55 for mercedes please
    mercedes w203 220 cdi EDC15

    original_file MB W203.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 168.04 KB

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    hello someone help me to put
    orginal is 107789KM
    Attached is cluster dump

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 294 bytes

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    hi guys.

    need to read this flash from bmw bikes. with what tool to read ?

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  • 03/03/17--00:19: FS: China clones Kess+ K-tag
  • For sale Kess and Ktag china clones, both good green PCB-s and crucial components reworked bymyself. Ktag made about 8 writes, Kess made 2 writes.
    Ktag 6.070 + one set of all ribbons+ boot cables, no adapters incuded.
    Kess V4.036 + all cables set.

    Both working in one Ksuite 2.13 with win7 32, software CD comes with package, so you can use also 2.08 all versions included in CD.

    So far read wrote:
    kess by OBD read/wrote audi edc16cp34,BMW e46 dde7
    Ktag by BDM audi edc16cp34, vw edc16u1, Nissan edc16cp, Bmw dde7

    Selling both them togheter, price 250 eur+ shipping inside EU.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 67 bytes

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    Hi everyone,

    a friend doing Toothed belt on its Golf asked me for advice, he told me "phase sensor dents are not lining up with the "4Z" mark on the plastic thing behind"....

    I post a couple of pictures, any Ideas of what's going on??


    1st - found online:

    [Image: camshaft-m9b73.jpg]

    2nd - his:

    [Image: WhatsAppIm99d8.jpg]

    [Image: WhatsAppIm4266.jpg]


    [Image: puleggia0257.jpg]

    Thanks for helping!!

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  • 03/03/17--00:28: Need DPF OFF EDC17C10 PLS!
  • Hello,
    Can anyone help me dpf off ford fiesta 2010 1.4 51kw EDC17C10

    ford fiesta edc17c10 original.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 819.55 KB

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  • 03/03/17--00:31: 206 BSI ododmeter
  • Can anyone please zero the km cause I can't find them in the regular 0x150?

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.13 KB

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