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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 03/03/17--23:42: Vw Touran Dash change
  • Hello guys,

    Here is the thing: I want to change my lowline dash into a higher (used) dash.
    What about all the data like immo, milage and so on. Are they all written in the eeprom? Can I 'just' transfer the data or what do I have to do?

    My equipment: Digiprog 3 and r270 programmer

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  • 03/03/17--23:46: Introduce myself
  • Mine is Arjan Bonefaas owner of ATM-Chiptuning / Dyno-chiptuningfiles.
    I heard good story's of this great forum, i hope to learn and share information with other tuners.

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  • 03/03/17--23:53: Doosan DX480LC-V; Epos flash
  • Doosan DX480LC-V; Epos flash
    Rep+Thnx for pass.
    PM me for pass.

    DX480LC-V flash.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 26 bytes

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    Hi , i need help for this type radio navigatie

    Becker BE2580

    with my calk i am generate 63632 , but can intput only 4digits code...

    Tnx in advanced for help

    P.S. like this https://youtu.be/KusUvwBwVU8

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  • 03/04/17--00:31: c4 picasso change km
  • Hi.please help change km citroen c4 grand picasso bsi jonson controls 95128 dash 93c66 old km 244836 new 208000 thanks.

    c4 picasso.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 5.78 KB

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  • 03/04/17--00:35: id48 chip cloning
  • Hi guys. What key prog can clone id48 chips?

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  • 03/04/17--00:38: Iveco Trucker EDC7 immo off
  • Hi guys!

    I have a Iveco Trucker with a repeated over time immo problem - from time to time the truck simply refuse to start and is throwing immo codes (engine start inhibited by immobilizer).
    After various repairs - immo box, receiver antenna, key chip, etc changed, I decided to give it a immo off and end of pains and sorrow...

    If anybody can help me with a tested solution or confirm that IUD3.2 solution works would be great.

    What I have:
    ECU - EDC7 ELT3.1 - 0281010253 -1039S07892
    attached original 95640 eeprom dump.

    Thank you all for your help.

    95640 original.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 661 bytes

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    i need ori file for e60 edc16c31
    hw 0281011120
    sw 1037390905

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    get it for who need

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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  • 03/04/17--01:00: DAF cf75 will not start
  • Hi can you help I have a cf75 310 2006 it has abs , engine, alternator,and
    low oil pressure , warning on dash but engine is not running changed the
    three relay in dash no luck but every now and again it would start no
    warning on dash stop it and will not start again any help would be very
    grateful thanks Rob

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  • 03/04/17--01:07: Introduction
  • Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself, I'm ettons1, auto mechanic by trade. Love cars and all new technology. Will try to offer any input that I am factual of. Thanks

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  • 03/04/17--01:11: Mini Cooper R50 immo off.
  • Hi guys!

    I have a Mini R50 -2005 that drive me crazy. After the car was parked for a few months and the battery went flat, the car didn't start any more and is throwing code 1656.
    If I realign the codes by Inpa or Rheingold (...if is not giving "procedure fail") the car is starting 2-3 times and return to the same problem.
    I have to mention that the keys and EWS3 are working good. Once I give contact the fuel pump kicks in , but no spark ...
    If someone have the possibility to help me with a checksum correction for the IUD solution would be more than welcome.

    ECU EMS2- Siemens Vdo -S122237005 A -S83293

    I have attach the original dump(29F400BB) and immo off IUD solution.

    Thank you all for your help

    29F400BB dumps.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 382.83 KB

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  • 03/04/17--01:22: Cat 320D overheat

    So basically we have 2 Cat 320D both just a few numbers within same serial range and they are overheating after 20min. Machines are bought used so not sure how it worked previously.

    What happens is the cooling fan (viscous type) works fine and runs fast but then after 5-20min it just turns off and runs very slowly. At this point the engine temperature rockets up and boils over.

    I checked SIS and seems Cat has a problem around this but both fans ar the latest version and they are both configured as DIRECT DRIVE, HIGH AMBIENT setting. I tried changing to Viscous and tried again and it works the same way.

    The only thing I noticed was that I can't monitor the cooling fan solenoid when I set the fan as VISCOUS CLUTCH.

    Any work around? I would just have the damn thing work all the time instead of shutting off like that. Any suggestions welcome guys!

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  • 03/04/17--01:27: Audi A6 no ignition
  • hi,

    Audi a6 2004 has no ignition ON with own key, the remote works fine completely but when i put the key inside i just turns on air, nothing turns on, no ignition, no dashboard, nothing.
    So can someone suggest me what the problem is?

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  • 03/04/17--01:29: Hourmeter DSE7120MKII
  • Hi guys,

    I need some help with this generator hour meter (DSE7120MKII). It has 6676 hrs at the moment.
    Something like 2700 would be nice. I already worked on it and hours are stored
    in seconds. Problem seems to be a checksum i haven't really found yet. So to any
    expert here on the forum a call for assistance.


    GENNY 24C32 6676HRS.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 660 bytes

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    Hi all, I'm trying to collect information about deleting dpf and adblue on caterpillar 2012 and up.
    this what I got so far.
    ktag can read the ecu latest ecu.
    Also possible do with cat et
    some usa and Canada companies claim they can do it but charge around 1500 usd.
    no regular file service companies can mod the files.

    Do I missed something?
    Any alternative or cheaper way to do it?

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    I am looking for someone to modify my files
    EDC 15; EDC 16; EDC 17
    price list on PM

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    Hello all. This Keygen Vediamo 05.00.05 , password pm after rep+thx.Tup

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  • 03/04/17--02:03: E39 2002' MK4 nav problem
  • Hi,

    I have a problem with E39 530i 2002' navigation system.

    mk4 dvd doesn't read disk with maps. so i read that i need to change laser.
    i did it. and it works.

    after few days my problem returned. all works FM, tv, cd charger but didn't read dvd with map. and after more few days the main head unit was frozen. no sound, any reaction on buttons. nothing.

    i decided to disconnect battery, dvd mk4 reader, tv tuner, cd charger etc.
    connect battery. head unit (16:9) was blank/black.

    connect all stuff again and radio, playing from cd, tv etc were back.
    but still dont read maps.

    inadvertently removed/wiped firmware from head unit (by inpa).

    Now, i see on screen: "Loading of software required. Please insert a suitable CD-ROM".

    so i burned software v32 dvd and put to mk4 reader. nothing happend.

    Any ideas ? any help ?

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    Hello all

    This is my first post, apart from my introduction post yesterday...I am very green when it comes to Xentry/Das and the Star C3 mux. I perhaps jumped the gun and ordered a C3 Star from China a couple of weeks ago, along with a Dell 630, 2Gb RAM, and a SSD with Xentry/DAS version 7.2015 loaded. I will be using this on my 2008 W211 E280 CDI. Unfortunately I did not discover this website prior to ordering, which I find incredible, as this seems to be the nucleus for all knowledge on the Star diagnostic system.

    There are a couple of things I'd like to do to my car with the Developer Mode, and I am now reading here that the older versions of DAS (2008 or 2011) had a lot more functionality, and the current versions have had a fair bit disabled.

    I am really looking forward to playing with the C3, but I'd like to at least have the option for as much functionality in the system as I can get. Is there any advantage to me wiping my SSD when it arrives, and installing one of these older versions? I don't want to get into any real hard core ECU recoding, but I'd like to change options such as video in motion, perhaps some throttle curves, and maybe the corner lighting function.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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