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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 04/20/17--15:26: Xentry error
  • Hello need your help since recently, I always error with xentry 9/2014 with c3 mux! Have already tried lic_key trick and date changed and new licensschl├╝sse made does not work. As soon as I select a car and diagnoses make the error even if no mux is connected. Someone knows what is going on

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  • 04/20/17--15:31: Cat ecm loosing connection
  • Hello All,
    I am trying to read and write cat ecm but this ecm lost the connection in between,this ecm sometime connect to ET right away some time after wiggling or trying to connect multiple time,when it connect i can read the ecm but it drop the connction and try to reconnect,please help me how i can fix this ecm.

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  • 04/20/17--15:44: 3AA ABS EEPROM Dump
  • Hi All,

    I have a 3AA614109AQ ABS pump.
    I removed the 95320 EEPROM with a hot air gun in order to modify for ACC.
    Unfortunately I am not able to read the EEPROM at all, it appears to be faulty, or I killed it when removing it from the board Sad

    I have some new blank EEPROMs and a dump from a 3AA614109AL module.

    Does anyone have a dump from a AQ eeprom? If not can I use the AL dump to then flash the sw 023 sgo file to get a working ACC ABS?

    Thanks in advance

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    what reprogramming needs to be done when swapping a cluster 2007+ gm truck cluster ? Besides mileage.

    Vin ?? Immo ??

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    hi lads xxx
    i had a bad experiance with edc 16u1 accedently I apply the solder iron to the bdm so blow the ecu xxx
    i was thinking i have the full memory download by bdm but it dont work with the new ecu
    i download random full bdm file from somewhere and is looks a bit better but the rev counter dont move and is saying g28 and throtle possition sensore fault
    im providing the files witch i try put on including the eeprom
    and immo off with fvdi
    if someone have original ones or if can tell me where Im wrong xxx
    Thank you
    with the ori one I have starter for 3 sec and the fan is on no fault codes
    second all the time spinning and accelerator pedal position sensor
    and engine speed sensor fault

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  • 04/20/17--16:37: CAS4 Key make tool
  • Hello.

    I am trying to make extra key for CAS4 (F10)

    After extensive research and study, I came up with this conclusion; it requires DME dump and key make tool.

    1. Dumping DME
    VVDI Prog
    R270+ (some says it doesnt work)

    2. Key make tool.
    BMW Multi tool

    So reading DME has some cheap option with risk which I dont mind of taking.
    However, I could not find any affordable option for key make tool.

    Is there any other key make tool that supports CAS4 as well as affordable?


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  • 04/20/17--16:55: ME 17.4.5 BMW
  • Hi. Please tell me , is it possible to read ECU Bosch ME 17.4.5 BMW N45N engine 2008 with Kess or Ktag.
    Thanks. B.R.

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    Hi mates...
    I bought 2 SD connect C5 from a chinese supplier.
    I bought several sdconnect since 2010 from this supplier.
    I had only one issue over the past few years with those MB MUX, but never with a sdconnect mux, until now.
    I bough one in 2106/9 and the other 2017/02.
    they worked ok on first cars tested.
    But the 2017 SDconnect failed first.
    and then the 2016.
    both never connected to internetto avoid blocking.
    the first issue was the famous error (1.2)-2.503.9617
    I tried everything, blacklisted fix to new software installed in PC.
    So the seller adviced me to do a firmare update or reinstal.
    I tried to run these 3 updates.
    00 ClearCeFlashDisk
    01 SD_BootImage_2_2
    03 SD_CSD_2_3

    here it began my suffering...
    00 ClearCeFlashDisk did not pass...it gave the error DCDI_e ErrorCode=201 (201).
    the other 2 where ok.
    01 SD_BootImage_2_2
    03 SD_CSD_2_3

    then I connected to a car to see the results...
    and when running DAS the message appear that it was doing and update...
    see pics attached..
    first das said it was starting to update the software...-
    then it was updating 03_PmPic29_Cpld13.zip
    after that..the MUX display said : device is booting, no light on, no display backlit, and stayed there for hours...I disconnected the power and !!whammmm....!!
    it never power up, no light nothing.
    I am sure the MUX is dead...
    Tried the second one, same results..
    I thin the PIC16LF88-I/SS is dead....
    or am I wrong?
    any idea would be much appreciatted.

    pic 1.jpg
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    AUDI A6 2,7TDI 180hp edc16cp34 need hellp to remove dpf and dtc 008242,P2032...

    Thank you!Smile

    A6 2,7TDI 1037377319 4F0907401B.rar
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  • 04/20/17--17:29: CAS 3 Dump needed
  • hi, i need a flash and eeprom dump from a cas3

    HW:C4 SW:18.5 COD:08 INDEX:06A0

    for info i can make isn and new key this is not the problem

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  • 04/20/17--17:30: ABS RENAULT LOGAN
  • HI.
    Which component would be in place of the red arrow?

    abs sandero seta.jpg
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  • 04/20/17--17:33: kia optima 2010 mileage
  • hi to all
    please i need to correct mileage in kia optima 2010 eprom 93s56 from 38037km to 108000km

    kia odemator.rar
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    Made a key for a 2000 MB c230 after original key died (Ir lights broke off) Keyless entry was still working I observed.

    Now, the new key released esl (thinking now it may not have relocked) and starts car. Neither old or new works keyless entry. also there are no controls for windows, lights, wipers, keyless entry and a few other things.

    Customer stated she has had issues with all of these things briefly in past along with the seats not working but states was recently working.

    Could EIS have a say in all these issues?

    Last thing, What are the two green wires going into the EIS (see picture) The harness broke removing EIS so I soldered and ran two wires out to splice together. Perhaps I got them reversed and is causing trouble?

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    Hi Bros

    Does Anyone here have Porsche PCM 3.0 Firmware 2.24 dvd ?

    can you kindly upload here to share with me ?

    thank you

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  • 04/20/17--18:23: Doosan Flash Files
  • Hey guys,

    I am wondering if anyone has doosan flash files available.

    I have the flash files for the old machines

    I need for the newer excavators, wheel loaders and engines by doosan.

    Thanks again


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    hello i have customer have this car need replace PCM & original MR507245 01 Mitsu Gallant but it's hard to find the one match PCM so he bought 2000 Mitsubishi Galant 4 Cyl Calfornia Emissions Engine Computer *MR420672* SO is there possible can make work can program with Pin code and or immo off.??????? any one have done thanks

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    VCM IDS 3 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool support Ford Mazda till year 2016:
    1) Native install on laptop, No need the virtual machine to install the software;
    2) VCM IDS Ford Version: V102.01A, VCM IDS Mazda Version: V100.00
    3) Better and newer than VCM IDS 2
    [Image: ford-vcm-iii-ids3-diagnostic-scan-tool-1.jpg]
    Top 8 reasons to Get VCM IDS 3:
    1. Covers all ford and mazda up to 2016 year
    2.Login the software directly, no need user name and password
    3. No need the virtual machine to install the software
    4. Free update By CD
    5. With Free technical support
    6.VCM/IDS can be installed on any computer with Windows XP(SP2 or later), win 7, win 8 and win 10
    7. With newer VCM/IDS version compared with other interface:
    VCM IDS Ford Version: V102.01A
    VCM IDS Mazda Version: V100.00
    8. Support both online and offline programming

    Attachment is our Contact information and some promotion tools,any question or need good price welcome PM me,Look forward to cooperating with you.

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    Please rate my tune - audi a4 2.0 143 hp thanks

    a4 2009 b8 rate.rar
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  • 04/21/17--13:11: Volvo D13 Code help...
  • So ive been working on this issue with a volvo D13 and i have a code
    spn 4094 fmi 1 - NOx limits exceeded due to insufficient reagent quality

    went through the diagnostics provided through ptt twice and have not found an issue, however when i clear the code it comes back immediately and i also preformed a forced regen and it went through without a problem... kinda stumped and info would be greatly appreciated thanks

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  • 04/21/17--13:16: footwell module bmw
  • hello pleas need dump footwell module bmw e84
    6135 9340339

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