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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi all fellow members.bow

    Need some help here to find out how to correct odometer on an Astra H 1.3CDTi MY 2007 with Siemens VDO instrument panel with Micronas processor CDC 3231G C3 2621.
    The label on the board has these reference numbers:
    3185340 SW 6.607
    10.08.06 10h which I assume is manufatured date.
    The reference numbers are shown on the photos attached in link.
    Just need to know if odometer correction is possible on these clusters and if so which chip should I get the dump from, or if it has to be with any proper tool via OBD or direct chip read?
    Any suggestions appreciated.bow

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  • 05/04/17--14:46: Need Full BDM Seat Leon
  • I nedd full bdm (Trasdata)
    Ecu bricked with Kess 5017

    SW: 1037382081
    VIN: VSSZZZ1PZ8R005970
    SW Ver.:
    Motor: R4 1,9L ED
    HW Ver.:
    SW Upg.: 03G906021LK 9249

    Seat Leon.zip
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  • 05/04/17--14:54: JUST CARS 2017 check in
  • Who's going to be at Just Cars convention tomorrow in Scottsdale, Arizona?

    If you are going to attend check in here and leave a post.

    I just got here myself to help my friend setup a booth.
    Maybe we can have a MHH convention in the parking lot

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  • 05/04/17--14:58: e60 520d tuned need dpf
  • hello everybody i need a liitle help
    i make a tune e60 520d 163hp but now need to remove dpf and cant find adress to dpf of if someone help to give me adress to switch off or made it for me
    thanks in advance

    e60 520d.rar
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  • 05/04/17--15:20: WIS/EPC Install java
  • Hello,

    I am having issue with install of the WIS. All is fine but with the exception of the java. I have downloaded 1.7u25 of the java as recommended but still no success.

    Can someone help.

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  • 05/04/17--15:44: Help. GM HVAC control unit
  • First time tried repairing lights in GM HVAC unit. The covers on the temperature sliders weren't coming off and I broke both sliders.
    I had 2 spare units tho.
    Installed one of them, only hot air was blowing no matter where the slider was. Second one had temperature controls upsidedown. Even though label shows hot on top and cool on the bottom.
    I unsoldered the resistors from the one that temp controls worked upsidedown and soldered Into original unit but now it only blows hot air.

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    Hello, i have a lot of experience on diesel engines (more than 10 years working tuning and repairing them) but few experience on petrol engines ( expecially more on new models) so iam looking for a guy who can help me when need different stage tuning on the new petrol engines.

    please talk me for that only serious people with experience on petrol tuning.



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    check engine light on with error code P0600 serial communication malfunction.

    customer came in with frequent low battery problem and i find out some one touched the alternator and it stopped working,i replaced a new alternator and low battery problem solved but check engine light is still ON, and a message saying (Visit workshop with battery sign on it) E500 2005 model,any help will be appreciated

    Thank you

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  • 05/04/17--16:40: Caterpillar Trim Files
  • Hello friends
    I need Your help with trim files


    Thank a lot

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  • 05/04/17--16:43: pin extract from edc16c43
  • Hello
    I need a citroen nemo pin code, here is ECU DUMP 0281015 783 edc16c34 me 95160
    thanks in advance

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    Hey all,

    I have a friend who is rocking a nice w212 e63. He is running 305 tires in the rear and 265 or so in the front.

    The car is applying the brakes on all 4 corners are different times thinking the wheels are spinning at different mph.

    I have seen a menu option in the ECU to modify the Tire size for the ecu to have the correct size or close to it.

    How do I unlock the ECU and modify these settings? Will I need to do online coding?

    I have a 2016.7 Xentry with a c4. I also have a c5 I can use if required for this model instead.


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  • 05/04/17--17:16: audi a4 1.8t b6
  • can anybody tune this stage 1 cause i did it my self socks thanks

    8E0909518AL 0002.rar
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    Hi Everyone, I am a Diesel Mechanic.

    About DPF , Ford Ranger-Transit-Puma TDCi
    I have many problems with DPF, soot accumulation

    I need some tips on how to clean the DPF without damaging it

    I need some operational values of pressure measured in KPa, idle speed, and accelerated , Acceptable minimum and maximum values.

    Can someone help me ?
    Many thanks.

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  • 05/04/17--17:34: inline6 is not working
  • hello

    i accidentally plugged the connector and it smelled something burning, so it does not work.

    it is genuine module and there is no change in board appearance

    how can I fix it?

    somebody help me?


    제목 없음.png
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    Hello MHH im looking to purchase a high quality C4 or C5 interface if anyone can recommend a good seller i would appreciate it!


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    Hi every body please offer G IDSS software

    Thank for help.

    Sent from my SM-N900 using Tapatalk

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    have installed cnh est 8.6 software and got dealer level activated.
    but it can't get cummincation with original white chn dpa5 adapter.
    shows cumminication error.
    anyone know the reason? what should do ?
    thank you very much if someone help.
    http://cfqtx.img48.wal8.com/img48/556189...098445.jpg http://cfqtx.img48.wal8.com/img48/556189...148482.jpg

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  • 05/04/17--20:15: EIZ W230 HELP
  • hello working on a r230 eiz with vvdi prog.
    making a new key and trying to read 4j74y mask.
    any tips or solution?
    connecting locations for reading/writing?



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    Just replaced faulty ECM. New ECM will not run engine but flashes check engine light then glow plug light and back to check engine, repeats forever. Cannot read anything from service port. My suspicion is some kind of voltage issue but the connectors give ground steady battery and ignition power switches on and off. This is in a Freightliner FL70. Injectors have been replaced, injector harness, and fuel pump. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Selling my avdi for 12k euro
    Plus shipping.
    License photos by request

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