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  • 05/06/17--10:46: OPEL EDC17C59 DPF 0281019088
  • Can anyone help? DPFOFF
    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello everyone, and thank you for your attention, so I come to you to have some help please, you will tell me there is all in the forum it is true my there is so much for Xentry patch keygen etc .... that I lose.
    I have to format my hard disk and install a windows 7 32 bits with updates and drivers install, and also save the image so as not to reformat at each failure of the instalation.
    So I installed xentry 2016 07 12 as the video attached:
    So the first part of my instalation and done with success, I only have to find the method to follow up because from then I understood I now need the patch:
    And can be her too:
    Can you tell me if this is the procedure I should follow or not? Thank you I would have the passwords of DieTRih once you put the reputations.
    If one of you has a tutorial or a video that explains how to pass afterwards I am takers because I have Xentry patcher 3.1 in my posession and other also so that I activate them myself.
    I had to leave with my image and re-install because I can not activate Xentry Diagnostic watch the screenshot:
    [Image: xentry10.png]
    I have to enter the id in the generator of keygen and take in the key my it does not pass paste paste does not pass to oblige all to mark manelement my same with its do not work. In short I will not bother you with his, have you the continuation of the video or a pdf or a tuoriel that could help me of the step to follow in thanking you in advance and wishing you an excellent week end and a good Evening cordially
    PS: When do I need to connect the Starbound Starbase C4? Thank you

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  • 05/06/17--10:56: Winols help
  • Hello, I have a question about closing the EGR in winols, after exporting a map with closed EGR to the file it is saved but when I open the file in the potential maps the EGR map I edited is not and the number of potential maps has decreased one. Thank you for your advice.

    Sorry for my english.

    Bez názvu.png
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    can some on help, and do immo off on this file?

    Audi A4 B5 1,8t M3.2


    8D0907557 0261203550 355966.rar
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    wanna less stress? ........If answers are YES, then contact PM.

    Now available Genuine Kess interface +tricore + some cables + genuine suitcase

    Also Genuine Ktag interface with some cables + genuine suitcase.

    Kess is 5.017 and Ktag 7.020(both cloned), both use same software are unlimited tokens and full activated. Also ksuite is internet safe.

    These are very few available. PM if interesting and make offer.

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  • 05/06/17--11:11: FgTech EU
  • I sell my FG Tech Galetto EU made!

    Work exellent, i do over20 car with this tool without any problem!

    This EDC17 I tested

    Vag: EDC17C46, EDC17Cp14, EDC17Cp20, PCR 2.1
    BMW EDC17c06
    Peugeot MED17

    Offers in PM!

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  • 05/06/17--11:11: NERS 3.08
  • You just saved 270$...


    Ners 3.08..txt
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  • 05/06/17--11:16: OPEL EDC17C59 DPF 281019088
  • Can anyone help? DPFOFF
    Thank you in advance.

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    Camion Ford Cargo Sergio ORI.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    I was working on a Peugeot 3008 and one of the problems was that after a few minutes it went into safe mode (no remote control and clock back to 00:00) my diag machine tell me that the car is in park shunt mode.

    Park mode is a function that saves battery power consumption while the vehicle is on a park, by deactivating some of the vehicle's equipment .

    Solution search for a white fuse with SH on it and change from A position to B position. I share a pdf with more Info…

    File Type: .pdf
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    I need disable immo on Bosch ME744 ECU in Citroen Berlingo 2002 1.6 16V NFU engine.

    Can somebody help me with 95160 eeprom dump edit?

    berlingo ecu ME744.zip
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  • 05/06/17--11:39: vag tacho buying
  • hi guys,

    I wont too buy vag tacho for personal use and i need new realese of software and cable,if possible no china clone. Can somebody tell me where can i buy good one because on internet are all kind of things with dongle without,etc.... i even dont know wat i need too look for. Please help me with suggestions.Or if there is some new interface for same thing,so i can use on old and new cars .

    thank you

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  • 05/06/17--11:42: Scn coding 5g 722.6
  • Hi!

    I have done a m113k conversion in my w209. Engine runs great but i needed to change the software/flash in the Egs. So i have a epprom from a w211 amg in my egs controlunit. But i have a problem with the scn coding. Does sombody have a scn coding string i can try? Maybe a standard scn coding from a w211 will work? I cant do any variantcoding only scn coding. (tryed das developer and vediamo)
    I have been at Mb dealer. But the online service does not find a matching scn code for that specific control unit. (was probably never made with that software)
    Hope sombody could help me :-)
    EGS is 032 545 35 32
    hw 03/01
    sw 16/02

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  • 05/06/17--12:04: ford 6000cd
  • i need for a ford 6000cd aux picture how to solder wires ford aux to work..its a mondeo 2006

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  • 05/06/17--12:10: Iveco Full Bdm 0281014211
  • Good afternoon everyone can help me with the Full Bdm file for this ecu?

    File Type: .rar
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    Hello ,

    Please help me with clear crash for Airbag_Megane_2_cabrio_Autoliv_603989900 .

    Thank you verry much .

    Best Regards .

    File Type: .rar
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    Hi everyone,

    i try to read out my bosch ecu Me 2.8.1 with a galetto V54 clone.
    i have to change the ecu from my car and so i have to read out the eeprom. Immo etc...
    but i cant change the button in the galetto software from flash to eeprom.
    look picture please.
    can you help me please and expain where the problem is?

    (Today 10:21 AM)teichwanderer Wrote:  Hi everyone,

    i try to read out my bosch ecu Me 2.8.1 with a galetto V54 clone.
    i have to change the ecu from my car and so i have to read out the eeprom. Immo etc...
    but i cant change the button in the galetto software from flash to eeprom.
    look picture please.
    can you help me please and expain where the problem is?

    File Type: .rar
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  • 05/06/17--12:52: Immo off vag edc16
  • Hallo!
    Somebody can help me with immo off with this seat tdi 2005.
    It is kess read file and need even immo dash ligth off if possible?

    altea xl 2005 tdi.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    DPF :
    Alfa : EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2
    Audi : EDC16UX,EDC16CP3 / 34, EDC16U31, EDC17CP14, Siemens PPD v1.1, V1.2, V1.3,
    EDC17CP44,EDC17C46,EDC17CP04, EDC16C34-4
    BMW : EDC16C31 - 35, EDC16C31 (1MB), EDC17CP02,EDC16CP35, EDC16C31New, EDC16C35,EDC17CP45

    Chrysler : EDC16CP31
    Chevrolet : EDC16C39
    Citroen : EDC15C2, EDC16C34, EDC17C10, SID807
    Fiat : EDC16C39(Ducato), EDC16C39 JTD, MJD 6F3, 6F3 Doblo, EDC16C39 Generic, SID803A,
    Marelli 8F2, Marelli 8F3,
    Ford : EDC16C34,EDC16C34-2, EDC16C34-2.29, EDC16C34-5, SID 206, SID807, SID803MPC,
    SID803A, SID206(SMAX type), SID206 Kuga, EDC16C34 Picasso Type, EDC16C3-9.18
    Lancia : EDC16C39
    Honda : EDC16C31, EDC17CP06, EDC16C31(Advanced)
    Hyundai / KIA : EDC16C39-D373, KIA EDC16C39 Type2, Hyundai EDC16C39 Caren, EDC16C39 SantaFE, EDC17C08
    Iveco : EDC16C39
    Isuzu : Denso, Transtron DMax
    Jaguar : SID204, EDC17CP11
    Jeep : EDC16U1, EDC16CP31, EDC17C49
    LandRover : EDC16C39-Ford, SID208
    Mazda : Denso 3-8 all series, EDC16C3,Denso CX7 Type with Adblue, EDC16C34
    Mercedes : EDC16C31, Delphi DCM3.4, EDC16C31 Vito and Type2, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3, EDC16C31(2011+)
    EDC17CP10,M55 Error fixer
    Mini Cooper : EDC16C35
    Mitsubishi : Denso (Full 2 types supported), EDC16CP39
    Nissan : Denso,EDC16C36, EDC16CP33 Type1 and Type2, SID305
    Opel-Vauxhall : Denso,Denso Signum,EDC16C39, EDC16C9, EDC17C18 - C19, Marelli MJET 75-90cv, Z16DT Marelli,
    Denso Signum, Z16DTC, Z19DT
    Peugeout : EDC16C34, EDC15C2, SID803 MPC,Delphi DCM3.5, SID803A, Delphi DCM3.4
    Porsche : EDC17CP44
    Range Rover : EDC17CP11
    Renault : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2,EDC16C32, SID305,EDC16C11
    Saab : EDC16C39,EDC16C9
    Skoda : EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, Octavia19 Bosch,EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44,EDC17U01
    Seat : Siemens PPD V1.2, PCR 2.1,, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44
    Subaru : Denso
    Suzuki : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C39
    Toyota : EDC17CP07
    Volvo : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2,SID803MPC,EDC16C34, SID803A Type1 and Type2, EDC17CP22
    VW : EDC16CP34, EDC16U31,,EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, EDC16CP34-4, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44
    EDC17CP46,EDC17CP52,EDC17P24, EDC17CP44, EDC17CP54

    FLAP :

    Audi a4, a6 EDC16CP34
    Toureg EDC16CP34-4
    Jeep EDC16CP31
    Audi EDC16C34 Alternate
    Audi V6TDI 3.0
    Vectra C EDC
    EDC15VM P0098 (In EGR Remover)
    EDC16U1 Flap Solution

    EGR Remover v3.0.0 (EGR + Hotstart + DTC)

    Alfa : EDC16C39, EDC15C7,EDC16C8, EDC16C39 Generic
    Audi : EDC16U1, EDC16U31 Type1 and Typ2,EDC15VM+, EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,EDC16CP34,EDC17C46
    BMW : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2, EDC16CP35, EDC16CP35, EDC17CP02
    Chrysler : EDC16CP31
    Citroen : EDC16C39, EDC16C34, SID803A, EDC15C3, SID803, EDC17C10, EDC16CP39
    Dodge : EDC16U31-4 Type1 and Type2
    Fiat : EDC15C7, EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A, Simos, Doblo Type
    Ford : EDC16C3-9, EDC16C34, Visteon, EDC16C9 Cmax Type, SID206, SID804
    Honda : EDC16C31
    Hyundai : EDC15C7
    Lancia : EDC15C7, EDC16C39, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A
    Land Rover : EDC16CP39, SID204
    Iveco : EDC16C39
    Isuzu : Transtron (DMax Type)
    Nissan : EDC16CP33,EDC16C3
    Mazda : EDC16C34-2
    Mercedes : EDC16C31 (1 and 2 mb types), EDC15C6 (Switch and Remap), EDC16C31 Type2,EDC16CP31
    M55 Fixer, EDC17CP10, EDC16CP36

    Mini Cooper : EDC16C35
    Mitsubishi : EDC16U31
    Opel & Vauxhall : EDC16C3,EDC16C39,EDC16C36,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, Z19DTH, Denso,EDC17C18,EDC17C46,Delco
    Peugeot : EDC16C34,EDC15C2,SID803A,EDC15C3, SID803,EDC16CP33, EDC16CP39
    Range Rover : EDC17CP11
    Renault : EDC16C3, EDC15C2,EDC16C3 Type2, EDC16CP36,Delphi DDCR
    Saab : EDC16C9
    Seat : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,PPD1.x
    Skoda : EDC15VM+, EDC16U1, PCR2.1, PPD1.x,EDC17C46
    Suzuki : Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, EDC16C3
    Volvo : EDC16, SID803, EDC17CP22
    VW : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC16,PCR2.1, EDC16U34, EDC16CP34-4,PPD1.x,VW EDC17CP04

    EDC16C31, EDC16U1, EDC15, Siemens PPDv1.1 - v1.2

    Special EDC15C2 - C3 switch finder

    DTC Removers (Users can remove any DTC code from DTC Menu)
    Fiat, Alfa ,Chevrolet EDC15C7
    PSA Group SID803a
    Ford SID803
    Ford SID803a
    Ford SID206
    Mercedes EDC16C31
    VW EDC16U1 series

    Automatic DTC Removers
    Ford EDC16C34.2.30 total DTC
    Alfa EDC16C39 total DTC
    Audi EDC17C14 P2014 (Flap)
    VM EDC15CVM P0098 (Flap)
    Mercedes EDC16C31 DTC full table erase


    File Type: .png
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    I need your help, after updating the software of the automatic transmission of my W203 2005. The car does not start, reading errors in DAS appears to need SCN coding but I do not proceed ...

    Can anyone help me with the coding with TeanViewer?

    Payment for help and solution ...


    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 91.35 KB

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