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    Hello frends somebody can help me whith this airbag ecu
    YARIS TRW 209996-104/89170-0D100
    many thanks in advance

    25040 crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 332 bytes

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    free for allFing32
    please hit the thx button if thats helps you

    File Type: .txt
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    DPF :
    Alfa : EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2
    Audi : EDC16UX,EDC16CP3 / 34, EDC16U31, EDC17CP14, Siemens PPD v1.1, V1.2, V1.3,
    EDC17CP44,EDC17C46,EDC17CP04, EDC16C34-4
    BMW : EDC16C31 - 35, EDC16C31 (1MB), EDC17CP02,EDC16CP35, EDC16C31New, EDC16C35,EDC17CP45

    Chrysler : EDC16CP31
    Chevrolet : EDC16C39
    Citroen : EDC15C2, EDC16C34, EDC17C10, SID807
    Fiat : EDC16C39(Ducato), EDC16C39 JTD, MJD 6F3, 6F3 Doblo, EDC16C39 Generic, SID803A,
    Marelli 8F2, Marelli 8F3,
    Ford : EDC16C34,EDC16C34-2, EDC16C34-2.29, EDC16C34-5, SID 206, SID807, SID803MPC,
    SID803A, SID206(SMAX type), SID206 Kuga, EDC16C34 Picasso Type, EDC16C3-9.18
    Lancia : EDC16C39
    Honda : EDC16C31, EDC17CP06, EDC16C31(Advanced)
    Hyundai / KIA : EDC16C39-D373, KIA EDC16C39 Type2, Hyundai EDC16C39 Caren, EDC16C39 SantaFE, EDC17C08
    Iveco : EDC16C39
    Isuzu : Denso, Transtron DMax
    Jaguar : SID204, EDC17CP11
    Jeep : EDC16U1, EDC16CP31, EDC17C49
    LandRover : EDC16C39-Ford, SID208
    Mazda : Denso 3-8 all series, EDC16C3,Denso CX7 Type with Adblue, EDC16C34
    Mercedes : EDC16C31, Delphi DCM3.4, EDC16C31 Vito and Type2, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3, EDC16C31(2011+)
    EDC17CP10,M55 Error fixer
    Mini Cooper : EDC16C35
    Mitsubishi : Denso (Full 2 types supported), EDC16CP39
    Nissan : Denso,EDC16C36, EDC16CP33 Type1 and Type2, SID305
    Opel-Vauxhall : Denso,Denso Signum,EDC16C39, EDC16C9, EDC17C18 - C19, Marelli MJET 75-90cv, Z16DT Marelli,
    Denso Signum, Z16DTC, Z19DT
    Peugeout : EDC16C34, EDC15C2, SID803 MPC,Delphi DCM3.5, SID803A, Delphi DCM3.4
    Porsche : EDC17CP44
    Range Rover : EDC17CP11
    Renault : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2,EDC16C32, SID305,EDC16C11
    Saab : EDC16C39,EDC16C9
    Skoda : EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, Octavia19 Bosch,EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44,EDC17U01
    Seat : Siemens PPD V1.2, PCR 2.1,, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44
    Subaru : Denso
    Suzuki : EDC16C3 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C39
    Toyota : EDC17CP07
    Volvo : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2,SID803MPC,EDC16C34, SID803A Type1 and Type2, EDC17CP22
    VW : EDC16CP34, EDC16U31,,EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, EDC16CP34-4, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44
    EDC17CP46,EDC17CP52,EDC17P24, EDC17CP44, EDC17CP54

    FLAP :

    Audi a4, a6 EDC16CP34
    Toureg EDC16CP34-4
    Jeep EDC16CP31
    Audi EDC16C34 Alternate
    Audi V6TDI 3.0
    Vectra C EDC
    EDC15VM P0098 (In EGR Remover)
    EDC16U1 Flap Solution

    EGR Remover v3.0.0 (EGR + Hotstart + DTC)

    Alfa : EDC16C39, EDC15C7,EDC16C8, EDC16C39 Generic
    Audi : EDC16U1, EDC16U31 Type1 and Typ2,EDC15VM+, EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,EDC16CP34,EDC17C46
    BMW : EDC16C31 Type1 and Type2, EDC16CP35, EDC16CP35, EDC17CP02
    Chrysler : EDC16CP31
    Citroen : EDC16C39, EDC16C34, SID803A, EDC15C3, SID803, EDC17C10, EDC16CP39
    Dodge : EDC16U31-4 Type1 and Type2
    Fiat : EDC15C7, EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A, Simos, Doblo Type
    Ford : EDC16C3-9, EDC16C34, Visteon, EDC16C9 Cmax Type, SID206, SID804
    Honda : EDC16C31
    Hyundai : EDC15C7
    Lancia : EDC15C7, EDC16C39, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A
    Land Rover : EDC16CP39, SID204
    Iveco : EDC16C39
    Isuzu : Transtron (DMax Type)
    Nissan : EDC16CP33,EDC16C3
    Mazda : EDC16C34-2
    Mercedes : EDC16C31 (1 and 2 mb types), EDC15C6 (Switch and Remap), EDC16C31 Type2,EDC16CP31
    M55 Fixer, EDC17CP10, EDC16CP36

    Mini Cooper : EDC16C35
    Mitsubishi : EDC16U31
    Opel & Vauxhall : EDC16C3,EDC16C39,EDC16C36,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, Z19DTH, Denso,EDC17C18,EDC17C46,Delco
    Peugeot : EDC16C34,EDC15C2,SID803A,EDC15C3, SID803,EDC16CP33, EDC16CP39
    Range Rover : EDC17CP11
    Renault : EDC16C3, EDC15C2,EDC16C3 Type2, EDC16CP36,Delphi DDCR
    Saab : EDC16C9
    Seat : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,PPD1.x
    Skoda : EDC15VM+, EDC16U1, PCR2.1, PPD1.x,EDC17C46
    Suzuki : Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, EDC16C3
    Volvo : EDC16, SID803, EDC17CP22
    VW : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC16,PCR2.1, EDC16U34, EDC16CP34-4,PPD1.x,VW EDC17CP04

    EDC16C31, EDC16U1, EDC15, Siemens PPDv1.1 - v1.2

    Special EDC15C2 - C3 switch finder

    DTC Removers (Users can remove any DTC code from DTC Menu)
    Fiat, Alfa ,Chevrolet EDC15C7
    PSA Group SID803a
    Ford SID803
    Ford SID803a
    Ford SID206
    Mercedes EDC16C31
    VW EDC16U1 series

    Automatic DTC Removers
    Ford EDC16C34.2.30 total DTC
    Alfa EDC16C39 total DTC
    Audi EDC17C14 P2014 (Flap)
    VM EDC15CVM P0098 (Flap)
    Mercedes EDC16C31 DTC full table erase


    File Type: .png
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  • 05/06/17--13:22: parking sensors
  • Hi
    I need diagram, help parking the front (also has behind).
    Opel astra 2012 vin: WOLPE6EX7CG103127
       Thank you

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    hi all
    i need Original Files tcu seat ibiza st 1.6 dsg 0am300052a

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  • 05/06/17--14:03: MPPS V5 china vs MPPS V16 EU
  • Hi!
    I have MPPS V5 china, MppsV16 eu and Mpps v18 china
    MPPS V5 china works good
    Mpps V16 EU works like a charme, never had problems only with noread files
    Mpps v18 china, im testing it now

    EDC16C3 Peugeot on bench
    MPPS V5 - r/w OK
    MPPS V16 - R/W OK
    MPPS V18 - R OK doesent W gives error "Transmit Time Out"

    watt sim to be the problem?

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    I have MPPS V5 china, MppsV16 eu and Mpps v18 china
    MPPS V5 china works good
    Mpps V16 EU works like a charme, never had problems only with noread files
    Mpps v18 china, im testing it now

    EDC16C3 Peugeot on bench
    MPPS V5 - r/w OK
    MPPS V16 - R/W OK
    MPPS V18 - R OK doesent W gives error "Transmit Time Out"

    watt sims to be the problem?

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  • 05/06/17--14:11: Fendit ecu location
  • hello
    i need remove fendit 724 ecu year 2012 but were is it??

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    Dear friends

    please look VW GOLF 1.9 TDI BXE ORG vs MOD file and look my calculations in excel.

    Also in excel file you can see log in 3 gear from 1xxx till end RPM.

    I did not try MOD file because I want to discuss with you MHH members what I will get.

    SOI and DOI are unchanged because the max values of 60mg are not exciteed.

    Please give me your opinions. I will really appriciate that.

    My pleace usual air pressure is always around 900mbar.

    First table is ORG. calculation and logged values
    Second table is MOD. calculation without logged values
    Third table is MOD. calculations at 1000mbar without logged values.

    Rest tables are DW, TQ LIM, SMOKE, BOOST etc.

    I notice IQ LIM BY MAF map is unchanged in mod file. Will this limit complete MOD MAP?

    LI means LINEAR INTERPOLATION, I add it in some maps where I want desired values at wanted RPM.

    I hope everything is clear.


    MHH HELP.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 151.07 KB

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    i wabco 446 055 3110 try connect wabco ecas truck kwp k program and wabco 8946043032 cable not connect.why help me plss...

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  • 05/06/17--14:58: Immo off EDC16 Caddy
  • Hey guys! I need help with doing an immo off on a 2.0 SDI Caddy 2009. The ECU is a Bosch EDC16,

    Will pay for a working solution, I don't think these models are hard to do an immo off on Itwasntme

    File uploaded here: https://ufile.io/6khol

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  • 05/06/17--15:03: Porsche 964 automatic trans
  • Hi,

    Is there any member willing to share the the automatic transmission repair manual for the 964 Porsche 911.


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    Hello Guys

    Maybe someone can put o horses in this car?

    Seat Leon 2.0 ppd1.2

    seat leon 2.0 tdi fr 170 DPF EGR NoCS.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 51.22 KB

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    Hi all, I am looking for a full bdm grand scenic 2 phase 2 year 2006 1.9 dci 130 hp
    Reference ecu: BOSCH: 0281 013 366

    It's really urgent, thanks

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    Diagbox 7.83 free no need code With tutorial.

    If you need help with the installation call me at pm

    link diagbox 7.83.rtf
    File Type: .rtf
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 411 bytes

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  • 05/06/17--15:39: peugeot partner bsi
  • Hello.I have a Peugeot Partner that was not starting .The problem was leaking battery acid on the engine harness.That was solved but my problem is than i connected another bsi(I'm an idiot,I know) to make a test and now the mileage has aprox 30000km more than before.I can adjust the mileage in the dash but i also need to adjust the mileage in the bsi.Can you help me with the dump or the address of the mileage in the 95160?Can you modify directly the mileage and not a reset because i don' have lexia?Thank you

    BSI_182763_need 150000.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 804 bytes

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    EGR OFF please
    VW EOS 2.0TDI 8v EDC16U34.


    original file
    EOS 20 tdi 8v 103kw edc16u34.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 53.67 KB

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    hi guys,

    I have software VCDS 16.8 ,from my clone cable VAG 168.If somebody need it you can download from my MEGA account.Press THANKS and REP and send me PM for pasword.This is my first time on the forum too share software so i hope i did all ok.If you will have some problems you can contact me on PM .049

    thank you

    VCDS 16.8.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 165 bytes

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    I have original Avdi , I installed old version on Honda hds works fine

    Then I uninstall old version using tizwaz procedures and installed new version so I can program 2nd used , when Avdi try to communicate before it was always red , reinstalled Avdi software now become green and no communication

    Honda hds version 3.012.030 , I play some on registry and edit communication device to my Avdi serial same problem

    Anyone have good hds works fine with Avdi and can program Honda ecu ???


    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  • 05/06/17--17:02: Opel corsa display TID
  • Somebody know what kind eeprom is in display TID from corsa D?


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