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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hello folks,
    I have problem with immobiliser, there is dtc 17978 in ECU. Car does not start, if I remove immo from ECU will it help?
    Btw. Key light on dash goes out properly.
    Btw 2. ECU number is 0281001720

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    Did anyone try to erease 35160 with carprog?

    its the eeprom in newer bmw dash.

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  • 05/08/17--12:43: 1.8T AMK Launch Control
  • Hello,

    could someone please flash Launch Control on my dump???

    I have tried this with this script: https://github.com/edduu/2stepscript but it didn't work. I've also recalculated checksum and checked it, so that shouldnt be the problem..

    If someone could do it it would be great.

    Thanks in advance!

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    NEED HELP :Bosch ACS 751 1005 PROBLEM

    File Type: .png
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    Hello masters can launch me 2017/4 software if I need to register with the activation of the activity I will handle myself with updated files if I could installCheer2

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  • 05/08/17--12:56: Scania XCOM
  • Hello,

    I'm looking for the newest Scania Xcom Version 2.27 or higher.
    Somebody can help me give me a link???

    Greetings chrisse

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  • 05/08/17--13:09: Do i need EGR off? EDC15
  • Hello @ all.

    I ask about an Audi A3 130cv Diesel.
    I have turned egr off manually.
    Do i need an egr off by software too?
    If yes, why? And who can do it for me?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • 05/08/17--13:23: Megneti merelli
  • Hi please can u help me for pin out for xprog please ecu fiat palio .thanks all[Image: f7aa9d939d3970d78d08d3e1b91aeeab.jpg][Image: ed195008d0e3a2a5d1dc35faa9053604.jpg]

    Envoyé de mon SM-G900F en utilisant Tapatalk

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  • 05/08/17--13:23: E61 cas2 VO lost
  • I have 2004 E61 with corrupted vo, cant do any coding with ncs as it cant read VO. Ista D behaves very strange, shows only modules which are responsive, like CAS is always scanning whole can network.

    Can someone generate for me xml file so i can write VO with Ista P, vin:

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  • 05/08/17--13:36: X17 VS Kessv2 Original
  • Hello Friends,

    I want to buy tuning tool

    Interested in kessv2 and X17

    but I don't know which one is better and in my work I need tri-core

    I wonder why there is deference in price between these tools , as I saw X17 can do kess and K tag

    Please Advice me.

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  • 05/08/17--13:36: Cat 3406E 5EK Tinkering
  • Recently had my 5EK 3406E rebuilt at 830xxx miles. It has never been opened up except for rods and mains. It consistently hauls 105,500 pounds locally and all over Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. (just bragging how well built this motor is 049 )

    Anyhow, I uprated the truck at 700,000 miles from 500hp. The file that was in it was 170-8132 which is a pre low-NOx 550/1850 file with 120, -7 fls, fts settings. Good power and great fuel economy and didn't get hot.

    Currently, I'm fooling around with a 5DS file 170-8232 which is a 600/2050 file. I have fls, fts set at 0,0. I figured with this combo I'm close to 630hp. Still running stock turbo and I haven't seen over 950 degrees yet @ 33-36 pounds of boost. Fuel economy seems to be the same as the previous file. So why am I doing this? Because I want more power. Big Grin

    So this leaves me with a few questions:

    1. ASSuming I upgrade my turbo, is running a 5DS file the best route for easily added power, or is there something better? (maybe another 57 injector file?)

    2. What are some good fls, fts numbers to put in that will make around 650 hp? (I do not want to play with trim codes because I want a balanced fuel system)

    3. Is there an easy solution to trick the ECM to turn the fan on at 205 degrees instead of 217 degrees (5DS file is written that way)? For now, I am flipping the manual switch.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    Hi, I ask for help to configure sd 4. I have xentry 07 2014
    I've always worked well with C3. Now I bought sd connect
    I changed it to the Bin folder from D to T. I started diagnosing it on a car
    In the sd screen I see that reads the diagnosis number
    Closes the padlock, and after I got Error (1.18) -9.890
    you can get some help? Even with Teamwiever?
    Thank you.
    Sorry my English use the translator

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    Who will help egr off? Passat b6 BKC 1.9tdi. Volta solution is bad. I have emission Worksop and 00665 Boost pressure regulation
    Can turn off this fault so the car does not enter emergency mode?
    regulation not reached.

    1.9 tdi bkc.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 507.04 KB

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    I would like leanr how to off second lambda example 1.8T AWP? Who can explain me?

    Thanks for advance

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  • 05/08/17--14:00: BMW bosh MEV 9.4.6
  • Hi
    Having some trouble in finding adreess for secondary lambda delete.
    Can anyone please help.
    HW: 0261209092
    SW: 1037380923
    Read with kess v2 .

    Regards for all

    bmw MEV 946.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 711.96 KB

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    Hi guys, I tried to read and write an egr off map on bench from vw edc16u34 ECU. I could only read through Kline, could not get connection through CAN. When trying to read using CAN I was getting unknown ECU error.

    Is this normal, or is there something wrong with my kess?

    Also, can I use this 1.9 TDI ECU on a 2.0 TDI by writing a 2.0 TDI map?


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  • 05/08/17--14:05: tech2 for GM
  • I need tech2 to test and program GM instrument clusters.
    when buying tech2 does it come with needed software for GM clusters ? or do I need expansion card ?

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  • 05/08/17--14:05: edc16c34 dtc p2002
  • Help me for delete error dtc p2002 of ecu edc16c34 euro 5 ford focus 1.6
    Attached ori file

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 639.08 KB

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    TOYOTA Techstream V12.10.019(05/2017)

    [Image: af804b7447ab.png]

    A huge thanks to Autokent for the help

    To activate, write your ID here.
    Techstream V12.10.019.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 269 bytes

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  • 05/08/17--14:38: PIN CODE KIA 2012
  • need pin for this: KIA PICANTO 2012


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