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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 05/10/17--21:35: SMART 450 SAM replacement
  • Hi I have an 05 SMART with a water damaged SAM, could someone please transfer data from ori to used, or make the used virgin?

    Original is 00 11868 V011 new is 00 11868 V013 are they compatible?

    Also once you make it Virgin, when you do Initial Start-up with DAS does it need to be SCN coded afterwards?

    Thank You.

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    Hi, I have a 2016 Sorento with a 95910-D3200 Air Bag unit XC236 MCU and I'm looking for in-circuit connection please, pictures in attachment.

    Thank You.

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  • 05/10/17--22:10: Read and write SID 807 PSA
  • Hi I have Peugeot 3008 1.6HDI 2011 and I need FAP and EGR OFF so how to safely read and write this ECU?

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  • 05/10/17--22:50: 2011 Sentra Odo Correction
  • 93c66 EEPROM, current 147850km please set to 96213km

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  • 05/10/17--22:55: VW POLO immo off
  • Hello,
    i need immo off vw polo sdi, from year 2002


    ori immo on.rar
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    Hi members,
    What is the best tool to make a launch control for me 7.x?

    Also i look for a nice tune for a me7.5 from a s3 apy engine. the customer need about 250hp.

    Thank you!

    SW: 1037354092
    HW: 8L0906018N 0002

    audi s3 1.rar
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  • 05/10/17--23:55: vag edc15 hot star off
  • hi freinds i need your help wih a hotstar for edc15p thainks.Smile

    29f400bt 0281010891 ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 05/10/17--23:58: A4 EDC17C14 DTC off
  • Can someone help me with off DTC 2452 (VAG code 5253) ?

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  • 05/11/17--00:21: Toyota Verso Z 2013
  • Toyota Verso Z


    please help me change km in this car....

    I dont find any algo...

    eeprom dash 93c66

    I needs new km 116565

    Thanks in advance.

    toyota verso z_93c66_orig.rar
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    Hello Guys

    Ford Fiesta 2014 Dash with XEQ384 Mask 1M125.

    Dash shows 203,338 Miles

    Requires: 21,032 Miles

    Thanking in advance.

    File Type: .zip
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    Hi please info for VW Fox 2007someone tried to read pin from VW Fox 2007 with FVDI ?
    I read with ETL Motorola processor, but if someone tries to FVDI that is the question ???

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  • 05/11/17--01:45: Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0
  • Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0 + crack

    english , arabic , spanish and hrvatski language

    thanks + rep = pw

    Vehicle Fleet Manager 3.0.txt
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  • 05/11/17--02:00: Citroen C5 SX9
  • Hi

    all key lost here
    anyone can know the key code? because this is SX9 dont have lishi tools to do reading

    VIN is VF7DCRFNE76103500

    hope to get immobilizer code and key code too

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  • 05/11/17--02:02: TwinB MUX configuration
  • So,it ended up on my hands a Dell D630 with TwinB mux with an old version of xentry,like 6yo software...So i want to install fresh new Xentry etc but my question is,how do i configure this TwinB mux afterwards?First,i know about installing xentry and patching and stuff.I just haven't ever worked with this kind of mux before.Do i think of it as a C3 mux?Or does it have different way to configure it for proper use?I search on forum for a few info about it but most links for guides are dead.Has any1 ever properly configure this TwinB mux in one fo the latest Xentrys?Currently i have version 2017.03 for C4 and some old acronis images for C3,if i remember correctly one of them is 2014.09.It is also here in the forum somewhere a similar image that is a ready to use for a C3 mux.
    Soooo...,should i just use it with a Ready-to-use image to avoid all the trouble and hassle(considering that configuration is same as C3) or is it possible to make it work with latest versions?
    All help will be greatly appreciated!!! Nod

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  • 05/11/17--02:03: IDS software
  • Dear friends,i want a IDS software link which can be compatible with mangoose cable through utorrent for land rover.and please let know how to install it in windows 7 32 bit,its very urgent if anyone knowns it please reply me as soon as possible.

    And friends i want you all to known a problem of mine, i am having a range rover vogue in my workshop and the problem is the navigation screen is only showing the range rover logo and the navigation screen powre button is contiously flashing and i have removed the partonic module, so if anyone can suggest a solution.

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  • 05/11/17--02:04: ISN
  • any one can help with isn from this ecu ?

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 63.09 KB

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    Hello colleagues need to egr off on this car model ford focus 1.8 tdi year 2000

    Can you help me thanks and regards

    ford fucus 1.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 63.9 KB

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    Hi Guys,

    which tool do you advice to rewrite dash of Mercedes newer 2014 for example: A - CLA - ... ?

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  • 05/11/17--02:57: Hunday Tucson CRDi P1815
  • P1815 is set when recognized ESP data based on ECM CUD-K terminal 19 state(grounded or opened) is not readable or writable at EEPROM. This code is due to ECM failure.

    General Description
    To enhance usage of ECM, no matter whether ESP is installed or not, ECM is programmed two map to control fuel amount. one is for ESP, another is for non ESP. ECM automatically recognize and set which option ESP or Non ESP is with wire connection exactly as same as A/T, M/T recognition. ECM judge that ESP is installed by means that "ESP auto recognition" terminal is ground. However, if it is open ECM recognize it as ESP is not installed. (It is done every IG key ON)
    ?With ESP?There is ground wire in "ESP auto recognition" terminal of ECM harness connector. (Ground)
    ?Without ESP?There is ground wire in "ESP auto recognition" terminal of ECM harness connector. (Non Ground)
    wire is missing

    i have it with no ground

    I put other start kit and have the same error (engine ecu immo box and coil reader)

    One more interesting info is that the car with key (immo) remain ON after glow and ABS check lam is off

    Car start but run like only 3 injectors are working run 4->6 seconds ans stop
    Any info what o check
    Thank you

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  • 05/11/17--02:59: Sprinter III Change Vmax
  • I tried to chagne VMax of Sprinter III yesterday and i had a few problems.The Sprinter's date is 26/10/2009.So open Xentry,bluh...bluh...bluh,then DAS and after a few steps you have to select the correct "Common Rail Diesel Injection" based on engine,engine is OM651 so i selected CDID2.Then development data,then the 5th option to calibrate the ECU,then 2nd option option and on final screen we have 5 options.The first 2 are " Implizite Kodierung CRD2",the other 2 are the NCV2 and NCV3 coding and last one is VCD EROTAN.
    So i entered first option and changed VMax option.Now,no matter what i selected as option,either 100kmh,120,132 or even last option that says 200kmh the van's speed was still limited at 89kmh.So then i entered the second "Implizite Kodierung CRD2" and i show that at Vmax it had restriction at 89kmh,so i tried to change it but when i clicked to transfer the coding it showed me an error that a parameter is wrong and i need to change it before i can trasnfer data to the ECU and when i clicked ok,right after that i got another error,"communication error 8.541.xxx" or sth similar.
    What do you think went wrong?Is it possible to change the Vmax somehow else?I know that maybe i can use Vediamo or Monaco but haven't worked on any of them yet,so don't know how to use them atm.
    All help will be greatly appreciated. Tup

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