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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 05/25/17--03:08: P0410 off on SL320 ME2.0 ecu
  • Can anyone turn off fault P0410 secondary air injection on Me2.0 found on a Mercendes SL320

    sl320 stock.zip
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    Do I have to count the checksum in file from MPC after dpf off?

    File Type: .rar
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    We've opened this thread so that everyone who already have this NEW v2017.5.1 software can share the experience using the software functions.

    ----====--> Any license request will be deleted! <--====----

    [Image: n6c0ux.jpg]

    [Image: 1zv5wrq.jpg]

    [Image: 2lwmzkm.jpg]

    [Image: 10xssih.jpg]

    Best Regards! Drive

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    During the update of my MN, something was blocked and the update did not complete. After relaunch I only had the renault logo.

    The Polish forum describes how to use an SD card as a memory instead of HYNIX bones.

    Do you have a schematic how to properly connect an SD card to the motherboard?

    IMG_20170525_092321.jpg - its the picture of my connections but i,m affraid its somethoing wrong
    After start its only black screen.

    I have 2 diffrent schemas - i do not knwo with one is correct.

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  • 05/25/17--04:06: caddy popcorn need
  • hi

    i need good delicious crunchy popcron.


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    i need vacuum system draw.
    Car: Peugeot 406 2.0 HDI 79KW 2002 year
    Engine code: PSARHS10DYH04002099


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  • 05/25/17--04:13: Nissan Pixo Suzuki Alto
  • Hello m8
    I need odometer correction in nissan pixo 2010 year.
    Org millage is 226259 i need 136200.
    i read with eeprom 93c66
    Please friends

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 251 bytes

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  • 05/25/17--04:21: Map tuned wrong
  • Hi, i've done stage 1 with Ecufiles.com where cost me 80 credits.
    From first time when i flashed new map i get Error Stabilization Control and car wont start. They told me to unlock my ECU first, well i did today where cost me £120, now my ECU is unlocked but error is still the same. The guy who has unlock my ecu said definitely is something wrong with checksum.

    Can someone have a quick look into those maps please, first one is genuine(unlocked25may) and second is changed by Ecufiles.com (Ecufiles.stage1)

    I`m using kess for writing.

    My car is Jetta 2012, 1.6 tdi CR, PCR 2.1 CAYC

    Thank you,

    [Image: 20170525_112345_1.jpg]
    anonymous image sites

    [Image: 20170525_111559_1.jpg]

    File Type: .rar
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    I made dpf off in hyundai 2.2 edc16c39 (manual solution) and all is ok except one DTC- P2002. As I have problem with understandind of DTC tables in this ECU could someone help me to disable this DTC?

    In attachment ori bdm file and my dpf off file.


    File Type: .zip
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    I am looking for an electric diagram (engine management) for Nissan Qashqai 2.0dci M9R engine (150hp) 2007 year.
    If anyone has it, please share!
    Best regards

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  • 05/25/17--04:59: 2017 Ford Everest dash
  • anybody worked on these new ford ranger / everest cluster before Rauch15

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 30.96 KB

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  • 05/25/17--05:00: Sirius 32 N immo off
  • Hello m8s!
    Please help me to remove correctly immo from this ecu.
    Car is Megane 2002 1.4 with AC
    I tryed with immounivdec but doesnt workSad
    please help.
    Regards Peter.

    sirius32N 8200059086 s110138000 ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 05/25/17--05:03: what about this ktag?
  • Hi people. What you say about this mainboard from ktag?
    [Image: SMuasvA.jpg]

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  • 05/25/17--05:12: FORD FIESTA 1.3 2002
  • Please help me with FORD FIESTA 1.3 without ABS FLASH+EEPROM 2002

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    Hello, i have a c4 picasso 2008 edc16c34 95160 i want to delete the service history. Can anybody help?

    Thank you in advanceWinkWinkWink

    edc16 c34 95160 eeprom ori damig for service history__PIN_QLF7.zip
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  • 05/25/17--05:43: You need to remove DTC
  • You need to remove the DTC.
    Thank you

    WinOLS (Ford Connect (2) as (Все элементы) - FR1D034000000).rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 32.35 KB

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  • 05/25/17--06:04: W163 remap ecu files
  • Hello mates, I need Ecu remap files for W163 please help thanks..

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  • 05/25/17--06:06: W163 remap ecu files
  • Hello mates, I need Ecu remap files for W163 please help thanks..

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    I have repair a w117 cla 220d 2015 after an crash and I can't start motor.
    Model series CLA (117) / 117.303 Motor OM651 7g dct automatic.

    Steering lock don't lock when I put off key or unlock when I put they key.
    In fact it's always unlocked, i can move steering whell everytime.
    Key can be turned on position 1 and 2, I have ignition, but nothing when I try to start engine, no click no sound from starter.

    -Front SAM every fuse should ok.
    -ALL airbags are new and ok.
    -Changed pyro fuse plus wire for a new one.
    -initialization after a crash signal done

    I have error in modules :
    N127 - Control unit 'Powertrain' (PTCU)
    N3/9 - Motor electronics 'CDID3' for combustion engine 'OM651' (CDI)

    I have put in attachment xentry test result after erasing all errors. BTW don't look at theses module errors :
    N71/1 - Control unit 'Headlamp' (SG-SW)
    N22/7 - Air conditioning (AAC)

    I have to change Radar for collision prevention assist, put gaz in air conditioning and change front left led module that were damaged during collision, I will fix after engine restart. Now i want to start motor and add coolant liquid.

    Also important information, I have solder some wire close from ecu becauses some wire were damaged during crash (3 wires)

    That errors can make the car not start ?
    What do you think about that error, can not find where to search exactly.
    Theses errors can be because a cold solder joint or 1 or some wire damaged somewhere ? Where I can search if you check that fault codes ?

    Last question theses wire can not enabled EZS/ELV sterring lock or it should totally a different problem ?

    Thank you for your ideas.

    HERE xentry faults results.

    XD_STPOE_20170524_1852_Passenger car117303_WDD117303XXXXXXXX_Final quick test with fault freeze frame data.pdf
    File Type: .pdf
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 346.65 KB

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  • 05/25/17--06:43: Which ECU in this car
  • hello friends,

    i cant find this car in kess software(2.23) : Focus III - Turbo Benzin Motoren 1.5L 110kW / 150PS 240Nm (2014 - 2017) R4 16V EcoBoost M8DA,M8DB

    which ECU has this car and is obd read possible?

    Can it be read/write over: Protocols->OBDII-> Ford Ecoboost MED17.2?

    Thanks for your help

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