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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hi mate i need hyundai gds for heavy duty truck please me help Blush

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  • 01/19/14--12:20: sid801 dpf off
  • Can anyone dpf off a sid803 citroen C4 2004 2.0HDi i have a new ecu has the old one was bricked via ecus safe and a power issue ill clone immo

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  • 01/19/14--12:27: immo off edc15p
  • please immo off
    passat tdi 1.9
    ecu bosch 038 906 019 GS
    EDC 15 P+
    eprom 24c04

    passat tdi24c04.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 389 bytes

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    for Activation HELP and not Blacklisted Serial or new MIRCROCHIP PIC 12F629


    MDO Keygen III-2013 (29-)

    BASE instalation
    Versions for DVD III-2013


    III-2013 Service Pack 2 (29.21)

    pass mhhauto.com

    MDO Keygen III-2013 (29-).rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 403.91 KB

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    help me PIN for HONDA CRV - 1999 year to VIN or PIN Generator for Honda

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    [Image: 46dad089279ef1139f59f1230028324b.png]
    see attachment

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 27 bytes

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    please i need know the mileage.

    the car is renault laguna 3 1.9 dci year 2003-2004

    the dashbord is magnetti marelli with micro mc908az60 (2j74y)

    i want know is the file is correct and the file is ok

    attchment file

    very thanks

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 580 bytes

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  • 01/19/14--14:42: Volvo F16 wiring schematic
  • Hi
    I need to find an electrical schematic for a Volvo F16 truck. Anyone have it or point me in the right direction

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  • 01/19/14--15:00: pincode fulldecode
  • http://www.fulldecode.com

    page that calculates some models pincode

    Bsi Siemens
    Uce P206 Bosch
    Renault clio yahoo autentique platina con control
    Renault clio yahoo autentique platina con control
    Citroen bsi c4 con 95128
    Citroen bsi xsara
    bsi peugeot citroen siemens con 95160 v2
    Fiat ducato2, Citroen jumper,Peugeot boxer con 93c
    WV Group 1.8 xx ME7.5 Bosch , me 7.5.1, me 7.5.2
    Fiat palio code 2 93c66 8 bits
    Chevrolet astra 93c46
    Suzuki fan tms730 (hexa)
    Chevrolet UN Micro hc908AZ32
    Chevrolet corsa 2
    Chevrolet antena EB corsa 68hc05b8--Opel Siemens H
    Chevrolet antena EE hc05
    Chevrolet Antena Ls tms730
    S10 2.8 Bosh 281-011-983 Valeo 95160
    Chevrolet S10 blazer 24c04 (hex)
    Vw polo tms 370x32 inmo Siemens
    Vw fox 93c56 16 bit
    Vw passat 2.0 nafta mchc6805b6 TP 05 ID 33
    Vw saveiro delphi 93C56B 16 bits
    Vw pointer B 93c56
    Vw pointer A 93c56
    vw pointer 24c04
    vw voyage bosch Me 7.5/10/20/30
    Vw gol 1.6 Magnetti marelli 1aw4mv 95080
    Vw 1.9 tdi valeo inmo 3 Seat id 44 24c04
    Peugeot-Citroen cph texton 95040
    Peugeot 106-Citroen saxo 93c57
    INMO megamos delphi GOL – SAVEIRO – FOX – SURAN –
    VW Gol Trend, Voyage,suran Bosch ME 7.5.(10/20/30
    Peugeot 207 -Citroen c4 me 7.49 95320
    Peugeot 307 bsi Johnson 95128 linea nueva
    Citroen bsi xsara picaso 03
    Peugeot 306 (for key transponder) Bosch MP5.2 93C4
    Opel Siemens TMS370 Immo2
    BSI 207-C2 jhonson control 25128
    Chevrolet Sonic 2012 Bcu 25C160
    Fiat Code2 (95160)
    Chevrolet AGILE
    Chevrolet CRUZE (25C160)
    Tablero Fiat 24C16
    Fiat Inmo Caja Negra (MC68HC08AZ32)
    Fiat Inmo Caja Gris (MC68HC08AZ32)
    Palio-Siena (BodyComputer 9S12)
    Chevrolet S10 nueva ECM 95640
    Chevrolet S10 nueva BCM 24C16
    Inmo off VW Crosfox Bosch 7.5.x 95080

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  • 01/19/14--16:25: EDC15VM+ immo off question
  • Hello
    Please I need immo off in edc15vm + Audi A6 2.5 TDI.
    I have immo universal decoding 3.2. edc15VM+ is there but 2x.
    24c04 and 29F400. Comunicazione line access
    Connettore di Sinistra
    Pin 4 =-12V
    Pin 5 =-12V
    Pin 2 = +12 V
    Pin 37 = +12 V
    Pin 16 = K line

    What does this mean?

    I need to reprogram both eproms?


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    Hello everyone

    dose any one have parts catalog for Sunny , Cifa concrete pump

    pleas share

    thanks in advance

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    E6AC 4BFB 9868 8485 6EB0 2963 cat lic needed desparately much much appreciated

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    Hello, i have a problem, maybe anyone knows this so i need help. I installed without problems the 11,2013 Version. I made a new start after installation finished and fixed the sdstarup with the fix of this forum. But when the system Start everything goes very slow and i can not use the pc and software. I am still waiting that the system start complete, but it looks like that something blocks it. Can you please help me with this. I made 2 new installations now and as i told before, Setup perfect, but after start everything goes soooooo slow and i can not work on the pc. i used the after.bat after setup was finished, and restarted the pc. but when starting the pc it hangs on by starting up.

    thanks a lot for your help.


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  • 01/20/14--09:25: Disys 9.56
  • Disys 9.56 can use to connect Mtu's engine controllers,
    specially for adec ecu7.

    This softeware can read sensors value and error code,
    this software can read maps of engine and you will be able to remat or tune your engine.

    pm me for details and price

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  • 01/20/14--10:11: Nissan BCM Immo Pincode
  • My software for Nissan & Infiniti: PIN code by BCM / IMMU. Free for all.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 15 times
    Size: 51 bytes

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    I go 06 Saab 9.3 air bag on. No old SRS module tying the other from junk but no lack. Need virgin dump to ADD to the car .
    SRS 1277237 .When I do old it say '' this module can not be modified .
    Pleas guys try to fine 2 minutes for help.
    thanks a lot

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  • 01/20/14--10:20: Immo Off 0261206826
  • Hi
    I need immo off to Golf IV 1.4
    bosch 0261206826

    thank you

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 354 bytes

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    Hey guys,

    i got a problem with a c3 from 2005, i recently changed the bsi, now everything is working except the remote, i tried everything, but the remote doesnt seem to work.

    i manually changed all the settings in bsi, but there is one thing i dont know. If you enter bsi and go to manually update, Central locking, there is an option type of hf remote 0c1a, this you can change i did try all options there but none work. The remote doesnt work. I tried with many different remotes and also with 3 brand new ones. The key can start the car but not unlock or Lock with the buttons. The button inside the car on dash works, if i actuate all works. I did the reboot procedure that requires battery disconnected with window Open and ... No result, fob learning i do the following, ignition on, then press and hold Lock for 5 secs within 10 secs after key on. After ignition off and wait 30 secs. Before i do this I wait till bsi goes to sleep. ( one minute waiting then start this procedure.
    i also did try 3 different bsi.
    please advice, all help is appriciated.

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    Hey! BeerBeer

    Cheer2 Here you have links for Delphi 2013.3, patch, hwid generator and ACTIVATOR! Cheer2

    BEFORE downloading links make sure you press 79 REPUTATION79 and 79 THANKS79 buttons. (That is the only price! Big GrinKolo)

    Cheers, mates! Drive049

    PASS: mhhauto.com

    delphi 2013.3 download.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 36 times
    Size: 102 bytes

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  • 01/20/14--11:20: [Request] OP COM Software
  • hi all I have op com clone and wonder if anyone has the software and knows how to install it thanks in advance

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