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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/01/17--10:28: China to release ktag 7.020
  • Just noticed this


    China releasing ktag 7.020 soon

    These are same people who sell the china 5017

    and body bought and tested china 5017 yet?

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  • 06/01/17--10:50: volvo s80 tune needed
  • hi need good tune for s80 2,4d 136 kw

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  • 06/01/17--10:51: iveco daily milage
  • hi all
    i would need around 63000 miles as there is 165471 miles
    chip 95160 dash MM

    thanks in advance

    iveco dash 95160 165ml.rar
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  • 06/01/17--10:55: Mercedes key programing
  • Hi all!

    Thinking to buy tools for MB key programing ,EIS repair.
    Maybe someone can tell what tools i need. For begining thinking not for very expensive.
    I see AK500 . Interesting how it works.


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    Hi, I found this while browsing on another forum and thought of sharing it with you guys. it helped me as a mechanic, I hope this will help someone as well. Cheers!!Fing32Fing32

    If you have knowledge,
    let others light their candles in it.
    -Margaret Fuller

    What I am going to share with you about J1939 data link diagnostics is from life experience not text book. Let me explain: Modern day trucks have multiple data links used by all the electronic modules. The most common data link used is the high speed J1939. Trucks will come into the shops all the time with inactive codes for data links, such as ABS J1939 time outs, communication errors, and Engine ECU’s data link failures. Most of the time these codes will get erased and minimal or no troubleshooting will be done. I will show you how to find the potential problem in the J1939 data link.

    This troubleshooting method will work for all truck makes but I will use a Freightliner Columbia in my example. The J1939 data link has two 120 ohm resistors in parallel in the data link. When the data link is in good condition the total resistance will be approximately 60 ohms on pins C and D of the 9 pin data link connector. When checking the J1939 on pins C and D make sure the ignition is off and no modules are communicating when you check the resistance.
    What I see all the time are inactive codes in the ABS for J1939 time outs on Freightliner Columbia. The trucks that were checked had measurements that were about 65 to 68 ohms on pins C and D of the 9 pin data link connector. In most data link troubleshooting text books this is an acceptable measurement and falls within the 60 ohms + or - 10 ohms. My experience tells me there is a problem in the J1939 data link.

    Before I get into actual troubleshooting you will need to understand how to calculate the resistance in the J1939 harness. Here is the simplest formula and you will need a calculator.
    Resistor 1 (R1) and Resistor 2 (R2)

    120x120 = 14400
    120+120 = 240
    14400/240 = 60 ohms

    Here are the steps for checking each resistor so you know what you should be measuring at pins C and D for the J1939. Note: these were actual measurement on a truck that had a problem.
    1. Remove resistor 1 out of the harness and measure it, let’s say it measures 118 ohms
    2. Remove resistor 2 out of the harness and measure it, let’s say it measures 119 ohms
    3. Plug these resistances into your formula to know what the actual measurement at pins C and D should be.

    118x119 = 14042
    118+119 = 237
    14042/237 = 59.24 ohms

    As you can see we should measure approximately 59 ohms on this data link you can add a small amount for the resistance in the wires but should still be very close to 59 ohms. In everyone of these Columbia’s the resistor near the ABS module on the right hand frame had some green corrosion in the 3 way connector that holds the resistor. Seems the o-rings that should seal out the moisture do a better job sealing in the moisture that got inside of it. After cleaning up the corrosion in the connector the resistance measurement on pins C and D of the J1939 connector dropped from 68 ohms to 59 ohms.

    I have used this diagnostic method on many trucks: Volvo, ProStar and Freightliner. I would practice this on a good truck and you will see that using a calculator to calculate the resistance should match what your multi-meter shows you. You will repair many data link problems if you learn this method.

    Note: There are some trucks that the J1939 data link resistance can’t be measured unless the batteries are disconnected. IHC ProStar recommends it but I have checked the data link without disconnecting the batteries. Freightliner M2 and C2 chassis you must disconnect the batteries to check the J1939. These trucks and/or school busses have bulk head and chassis module that communicate all the time even with the ignition off and the data link can’t be checked as long as module are transferring data on the J1939.

    Locations of the 2 resistors on some different trucks:
    Freightliner Columbia: R1 left hand frame rail, front cab mount and R2 right hand frame rail near frame mount ABS module
    Freightliner Century Class: R1 left hand frame rail, front cab mount and R2 left hand B pillar
    Volvo with Cummins Power: R1 near engine ECM connector and R2 cab fuse panel
    Volvo with Volvo Power: R1 built into engine ECM and R2 cab fuse panel
    IHC ProStar: R1 left hand frame rail strapped to airlines near transmission and R2 strapped on top of transmission towards the rear

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    Hello, i recently replaced the DSC unit from my car, changed vin with tool32 and coded with ncsexpert, all seems working fine except that i have yellow handbrake light on (i already checked brake fluid)

    instad report shows 5e34 longitudinal-acceleration sensor fault

    where is this sensor? or maybe i did something wrong?


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    Hi, I'm looking for ori flasch 500159.
    Auto is VW Passat 2.0 TDI CR 2009y. EDC17CP20.

    thank you

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    Hello mates,

    Please need pinout for Chevrolet aveo cluster to read MC9S12HZ256
    MASK- 3L16Y


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    Hi to all,please can someone help me whith this modus.car starts but power steering not work and i have def002
    8200 433 516
    Thanks in advance!

    modus orig 24c16.rar
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    Need ori for kia 2.5 crdi
    kia edc15c2 028101128310 02831037366921b2

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  • 06/01/17--12:15: immo off bmw ms41
  • hi friend is have here 2 bmw ms41 one fro my friend and 1 from my bmw e36 328i cabrio we can my make immo off on this 2 ecus

    the very nice we can tune my file from my car bmw 328i very very thanks

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  • 06/01/17--12:17: dtc 1616 opel corsa
  • Hello friends mhhauto members can help me I have a dtc p1616 for an opel Corsa 20001 turns on and then goes off ,, thanks for helping me

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  • 06/01/17--12:30: skoda 2.0 tuning
  • Hello. Will a skoda octavia MY 2007 2.0tdi BMM engine with dsg 6 speed gearbox (i believe dq200) hold ~400-420nm torque and about 200bhp? dpf is off, egr not yet; that would be the first problem. second problem is, what value do torque limiters have in the gearbox ecu/soft?

    Can this type of tuning be done using info from vcds logs ?

    Good info will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hello friends foreros I am going to open electromechanical workshop soon, can advise me brands elevators, compressor? Balancer, ginning tires, pistol impact .... what OS does lifts bosch the ravaglioli? Compressor josval? Screw? Spin Ginning and balancing bosch?

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    Hi to all


    wrong flash uploaded by obd

    Car wont start

    eeprom and flash readed on bech in attach

    Any help, please?

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  • 06/01/17--12:40: Honda CBR 900 dash
  • Hi. I need help with mileage in Honda CBR 900. Dash 93c56.

    Now is 8020 km.
    I need 45000 km

    crb 900.rar
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  • 06/01/17--13:01: Kess 5.017
  • PM me, please. Need info & no crap tools.

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    I need to replace the CEM in Volvo xc70 2002.
    I can't find any module with the same numbers.
    I found only one piece with the same hw number but with different other numbers.
    If I buy it, it will be working?Maybe Anybody has got an experience with replacing cem with different numbers?

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  • 06/01/17--13:15: Jaguar xj 2015 ic component
  • Does anyone know what this compone t is?

    Lr5 on pic.


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