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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/07/17--10:06: code for UPA
  • hi is it possible to make code for upa i have cloon tool china after instal it ask me
    naam :: topcat

    HW :: DC58-5F1D-E0E2-6A5C-A17D-6A92

    ofcorse with thanks en rep no problem but working solution

    RG T

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    can somebody send mt BDM file for this ECU Golf mk5 2.0TDI 140hp stock BMM

    SW 1037394134

    Upg. SW 03G906021JG 9967

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 9 times
    Size: 109.48 KB

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  • 06/07/17--10:19: EDC16C39 Zafira B DTC OFF
  • Hi please Help with DTC OFF P2452
    Opel Zafira 1.9 CDTI 150HP EDC16C39

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 440.27 KB

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  • 06/07/17--10:21: More power from C7 Cat
  • Have a customer that has a c7 in a peterbilt 5 ton that I rebuilt due to a valve train failure from the last shop that touched it. One of the conditions of me providing warranty was that I flash the truck back to the factory 330hp file because the truck had some bastardised amateur tune in it that was causing driveability issues.

    Now the owner of the truck wants more power.

    Truck has a allison c7 and runs around 1700rpm on the highway with 4:10 gears.

    What would you guys recommend?

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  • 06/07/17--10:27: Ford Focus 2.0TDCI egr
  • please egr -off
    Ford Focus 2.0TDCI 136 KM 2004 manual Siemens SID 803

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 36.95 KB

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    Hi. I need the original flash file for the Toyota Hilux 2.8 D4D. Here are the file details:

    SW 89663-F0E90-
    Upg. SW 3F0E9000
    Spare part 89661-0KX10
    Engine 1GDFTV

    Thanks in advance.

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    can somebody send mt BDM file for this ECU Golf mk5 2.0TDI 140hp stock BMM

    SW 1037394134

    Upg. SW 03G906021JG 9967

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 109.48 KB

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  • 06/07/17--10:41: 2008 ford F350
  • i got a F350 with a 6.4 powerstroke. it was coming up with p0302 and i went threw all the test and ending sending the injector in to be tested and it fail and they also said the wiring harness for had been melted a little for that injector, so i changed the injector and this harness for the drivers bank and it still want to keep coming up with p0302 and now p0266. ive also done a compression test on the drivers bank and everything has checked out good. anybody have anything else that i would be able to try or some sort of idea that i could do?

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    Can anyone please tell me how this work,
    Delphi DieselMax & TurboCharger,
    Do I need to install additionnal software, like add in to Delphi or
    is it build in software in delphi, I have activated the Delphi DieselMax & TurboCharger in the delphi software.
    How do I run the Delphi DieselMax & TurboCharger????
    I have the Delphi cars DS150E (New VCI) 2015 Release 1 (

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    I wondered if it is possible to change SD Connect C4 Display Language from English to German? I am not talking about XENTRY or DAS software language, I talk about the language that is shown on the SD Connects own little screen. I googled a lot but couldn't find anything that indicates how? Or I am not searching for the right things because my english is not the best Big Grin Would be cool if anyone could help out a brother Muscle


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  • 06/07/17--10:50: SCN coding
  • Hello to everyone.As the title says,i am interested in SCN programming and learning all about it and learn to use it.I have many people in my area that ask me if it is possible to do SCN coding,especially on those 7G trans.Many people offer to do SCN coding here but charge 20$ per session,which is a fair price if he is an expert on it but i am interested in buying my own account for online coding.I've heard that only Authorised by Mercedes-Benz garages can get an online account but i was wondering if it is possible for all other garages to get access.As i said before i am newbie and still learning. Big Grin Everything i heard so far are rumours,if i am mistaken feel free to correct me where i am wrong.So,is it possible to buy an account for SCN or not?And if yes to whom should i talk to???

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    Hi guys,

    can anyone do a pin from vin for me or this possible?

    chassis no 1 : W0L0ZCF6961102909


    chassis no 2 : W0L0ZCF6961100018

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • 06/07/17--10:58: Fiat Punto 2010
  • Hello guys,
    I have Fiat punto 2010 with problems in power windows, i change Body (BSI) to test and is in this module.
    Inside have a 93c86, i swat to second-hand Body but car dont start. Maybe immo is in MCU to, anynoe know how to read MCU, it is posible,?

    Body number is: 00518699250
    Ecu number is : IAW 5SF3.M1

    Any help i will apreciated

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  • 06/07/17--11:17: fiat 500 iaw5sf8 virgin
  • hi guys,looking to have st10 296 file for mm iaw5sf8 virginised,if anybody could help,will give thanks and rep,can pay for service,file must work as vehicle is some distance from me,,many thanks in advance,


    oqenfiat 500 ecu original.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 234.31 KB

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  • 06/07/17--11:21: dde faults
  • Hello, maybe someone know, who can cause this faults:
    4477 dde inteligent battery sensor comunication - this sensor disconected because if connect get battery drain;
    4203 dde glow control unit - glow plugs ok, glow plugs unit new
    45f8 message(torq, acc 0x87 faulty receiver dde, transmiter acc
    dde thermal oil level sensor, signal
    44e2 dde generator

    i check wiring from ecu to generator and glow plugs unit and wires are ok, fuse also ok near by ecu and in near by battery, what can cause this faults? faulty dde or what.. thanks..Fing20
    BMW E60, 530d, AT, 2003

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    I have Peugeot 807 2.2 94kw rv 2004, wine VF3EB4HWB13115294

    The vehicle has the problem that it is not possible to configure the car radio, and sometimes it happens that the xenon itself starts when the ignition is switched on, the wipers start at certain intervals, the vehicle can not be locked, the ignition can not be started, and the hazard warning lights are triggered when the ignition is switched on.
    The vehicle changed the BSI unit a year ago. Once the owner started to angry the car radio, so it was exchanged and not write down the wine. Whenever it is written and pressed to configure, it will write the configuration not executed.
    Sometimes the radio works and suddenly clicks on the BSI and turns off the display and the entire radio.
    When connected to a BSI, it has the same defects as the VAN bus.
    Does anyone have a schema for this vehicle? Can not find out what is to be configured in the vehicle? Is there anything wrong configured in a BSI drive? How does Peugeot display ECO MODE?


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    please who can make Free to dpf & egr off via manule.thanks

    HW B4YMBE63FRB8100
    HW VER. 6g91-12b684-BA
    Ford Galaxy 2007 2.0 103kw
    sw 10123538aa
    sw ver. 7g91-12k532-ua
    spare part 7g91-12a650-aaa

    ford siemensSID206

    ford galaxy 103.2.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 74.51 KB

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    Hi , after asking this question last week I was informed that it was possible to do with hardware / firmware 2.13 / 6.070? I'm getting diagram but I'm still being told that f10 not supported? Is this just for check sum?

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    Post/PM VIN and I'll grab it for you Wink

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    Original new T200 interface
    • Please ask for aviable Laptop model!
    • OBD2 cable
    • 12 pin round plug cable (older MAN trucks )
    • Plastic case
    • MAN CATS III + laptop [v15.03 - 2016]
    • ManWis (2013)
    • ManTis (2016)
    • Network cable
    Smart Card
    • Man Technical Services
    • Man ELTIS

    Price = 2200 Euro + Shipping
    Ask for payment details in PM!

    [Image: 1.jpg]
    [Image: 2.jpg]
    [Image: 3.jpg]
    [Image: 4.jpg]
    [Image: 5.jpg]
    [Image: 6.jpg]

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