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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    bmw ms42 stage 2 software needed please?

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    Hi guys, got a 2005 C3 1.4 petrol, transponder chip was lost, from what I gather (last two days on Google...) I need four digit code that can be read from BSI (95160), but also read that it can be generated from VIN - which is VF7FCKFVB27353348 - any chance for that; or option 2: BSI rip out and read EEPROM? If so, anything about to extract it? ICC is only available with dongle I guess? Lastly, I've got Silca SBB clone to program virgin transponder, am I right here, or do I need a Zed Bull to program this? Don't think you can Immo off it permanently? Thanks.

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  • 06/07/17--15:53: Mack ASET Service Manual
  • Hello mhh friends;

    We are working on a 2006 Mack Vision with a AC-355-380 ASET. I was wondering if anyone has the service manual? Or any place I can look.

    Thank you.
    Mike from Chicago

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  • 06/07/17--16:31: Audi 3.0 V6 tdi 2005
  • Hello to all i can help where is Linearization of the map sensor the car has a 051B I changed the turbo and would like to switch to the 051C .

    (Audi) 3.rar
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    Hi i have a 2002 MB G500

    I need a replacement ecu adapted and gauge cluster mileage updated through ezs.

    Both components are coming from different vehicles. Both components are missing from current vehicle.

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    Hi all

    I have a GL450 2014, bought it flood damaged, had salt damage so needed to replace virtually all the electronics as well and the engine and gearbox.

    I bought a heavily crashed donor GL450, swapped the engine (works fine) then set about chaning all the other electronics. I decided to use just about all the electronics from the donor can and just let xentry assume the rebuilt one was the donor one (in other words it woyuld use the donor car VIN), this saved me replacing the theft relevant parts, transmission ECU, ingition, motor electroncis ECU etc, but left me with a small headache

    The donor car had some options that the flood one does not, Night view assist, rear air conditioning and the point of this thread option 468 Active driving stability. This consists of extra oil pump on engine running some oil to suspension and extra electronics including damping valves on each strut.

    My donor does not have this so rather than add all the oil pipework and swap the struts, I'd like to disable this option (468 adaptive damping system) in the relevant ECU's if possible, then reprogram the airmatic ECU so it does not look for the damping valve on each strut and throw up an error. (I do have the ability to perform online SCN coding, but no experience in changing options on the daimler server and don't really want to mess with that unless I have to)

    can do this in vediamo if someone can point me in the right direction

    all advice gratefully appreciated.

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    Howdy I wonder if someone have a good wiring diagram for this Peterbilt truck that it's eating my lunch my problem is that I don't have communication in between the ICU from j1939 to the engine and abs module also truck runs and everything I already replaced the ICU and I still have the same problem I don't have coolant temperature no oil pressure no RPM and I still got the same codes about the communication problem I ohm the j1939 and I have 60 ohm which is right I'm sure I have a broken wire or something like that I just don't know where those freaking wires go all over on the back of the Closter I do appreciate if someone got some kind of information related to this problem or just the diagram thanks

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    Dear Mr. Megashared,

    As a member who always support us with the best files, maybe you could share Case Construction Latin America pack.

    In 2015 you've posted:

    Case Construction North America [08.2014] Multilanguage and
    Case CE Europe [08.2014] Multilanguage

    Thanks a lot.
    Best reguards.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a Nissan Micra K12 - 2004 (bubbly shape) in the shop. I am not very familiar with Nissan at all. It has Intelligent wireless Key.

    The Battery Died and then the car was throwing an Immo Code and would not start.

    I have limited tools for Nissan.

    I tried to reprogramme original key with SKP-900 but to no avail. I did accidentally delete the original key so now the remote central locking doesnt work either...

    When trying to programme a key with SKP, it wants a 4 digit pin which I cant get.

    I also tried with FVDI which gives;
    BCM code 0500B,
    OLD PIN 5931
    NEW PIN 1722

    I still cant get it to work.

    I have Original Tango, so took out BCM box Johnsons Controls and read 95080 but Tango wants PCF7946 but original Key is TIRIS 4D.

    Can someone please help as I need to get the car running again.

    I have attached the BCM 95080 if someone can get me the PIN CODE?

    Also I have the number from the Glovebox Sticker...


    Thank you!

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  • 06/07/17--18:33: Need Help In Calgary Alberta
  • Hi all,
    have a big job in Calgary.

    I dont have time to fly from Ontario to Alberta to do it and my right hand man is away for 2 weeks.

    kess will be shipped out to you .

    pm me or text me for details, you will get looked after whoever helps.

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    Hi all. Does anybody have any experience with moffet truck mountable forklifts? I have one that will start but as soon as you release the key from the start position it dies out. Thinking it is the key switch. Has anybody got the wiring diagram for the key switch? Would like to bypass it and make sure this is the fault. Thanks

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    contact PM[/b][/font]

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    Ford Fiesta 2014 with 9S12XEQ384 Mask 1M125

    Original Miles 203,338 miles

    Required: 22,500 Miles

    Can anyone please help?

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    Looking for Shops in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Vancouver Looking for tuning.
    Fast turnaround for files so engine isnt down.

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  • 06/07/17--19:32: vw grob
  • hi folks i have a vw tuareg and i got fault on the level control system its name control module faulty please help best reg:

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  • 06/07/17--19:32: XCOM 2.30
  • I Offer Xcom 2.30 installation
    Not kg, install only
    price PM

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    This post is only to make you aware that ODIS connection to central database via FAW Volkswagen Automative (FAWVOLKS-CN) is down, the block was created on 6th May @ 6:00am Ingolstadt time.

    All SSL certificates that are authenticating to servers on IP 202.38.16x.x will receive a 'ERR_CONNECTION_RESET' by VW firewall.

    ODIS users will get this error message:
    ODS9212E Infrastructure. VW online connection. Dealer portal: Login not possible. No access to the dealer portal.

    Authorised dealers that authenticate via CPN are not impacted.

    This post is only to make you aware, as far as I'm aware there is no solution at this stage. If you have your ODIS online working please let us know how.

    ODIS Error ODS9212E.png
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    Retrofit Porsche old style multifunction steering wheel with new sports design style steering wheel with paddle shifters and Horn etc.

    [Image: mf-steering-wheel.jpg]

    experience: Adapter Convert original LIN BUS protocol using STM8AF automotive MCU,provide the original steering wheel button operation experience, and support the steering wheel heating function, backlight synchronization and other original features.
    [Image: mf-steering-wheel-2.jpg]
    Support the latest 971 Panamera steering wheel;

    Easy installation: No need to modify the original wire harness and
    steering column control module,
    Plug& Play;

    Support Model:
    Panamera (2010-2016) Cayenne (2011-2015)
    Carrera-911 (2009-2016) Cayman (2009-2016)
    Boxster (2009-2016)
    [Image: mf-steering-wheel-3.jpg] retrofit real example:
    970 Panamera retrofit 971 steering wheel with PDK paddles sifters,connect Steering wheel to CLSM with LIN bus adapter.Heating,button back lighting sync with car, multifunction button etc….works well.

    The Steering adapter works with 997 and later model porsche.
    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-1.jpg]
    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-2.jpg]
    Analyze the LIN bus data

    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-3.jpg]
    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-4.jpg]
    New 971 Panamera steering wheel use the new connector
    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-5.jpg]
    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-6.jpg]
    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-7.jpg]

    971 steering wheel “PDK paddle” and “Horn” connect to the steering module convert signal to LIN bus ,not direct connect to CLSM like previous porsche models.Need replace the connector and wire harness

    [Image: retrofit-panamera-steering-wheel-8.jpg]

    Video guide:

    If you are insterested in the steering wheel master kit, send pm pls

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    Hi All,

    Looking for help finding a navigation DVD image for my 2005 SL500 (R233) for North America.

    Thank you in advance

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    I need a rescue on this keyless 2012 Toyota Camry. It keeps starting by itself.

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