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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/26/17--10:49: denso maps
  • Hello. Can anyone help me with some information on denso diesel ecus(mazda, opel, etc)? how are maps defined? what factors do they use? are they 8,16 bit, signed, unsigned?

    if anyone has some documentation or an ols file, would be perfect. I can exchange with good dpf solutions or tuning, some dpf are made with swiftec ori, some are manual solution done after damos, etc.

    Thank you very much.

    I do not need for a particular car, i want for study purposes. but i would like to have some valid info, not crap.

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    I don't deal with Mercedes much. On a w203 c class 2.2 are the front Sam's coded to car?

    I suspect a faulty one, I have 4 blown relays,

    My part numbers are:

    002 545 9401
    5dk 007973-30

    Hw 4900
    Sw 3000

    I can find one on ebay same part numbers but Sw and hw bottom numbers different

    Please help

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    I don't deal with Mercedes much. On a w203 c class 2.2 are the front Sam's coded to car?

    I suspect a faulty one, I have 4 blown relays,

    My part numbers are:

    002 545 9401
    5dk 007973-30

    Hw 4900
    Sw 3000

    I can find one on ebay same part numbers but Sw and hw bottom numbers different

    Please help

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    Hi members!

    i have a Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 d 150hp C100 model, i read with KESS ecu EDC16C39.
    files are attached, i searching a damos for WinOls, but not find, maybe somebody can help me, also if you can little hp give for my car, this are is fantastic

    Thank you

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 42.46 KB

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    I have problem with nissan, I cant diagnose it by launch, autocom.
    If I set temperature 16 deegres is very hot. If I set temperature to low- very cold.
    How reset climatronic. Have you got workshop manual?

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    Hi, I have golf V 1.6, and vag com show me these problem, I can not delet it..

    16958-internal control module memory checks sum error
    P0601-001-upper limit exceeded

    Can I read the file fgtech v51 ?

    here is a photo

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    Hello guys, can someone share a wiring schematic for a 2008 Freighliner Cascadia vin 9LAA4184?
    I got an intermittent NO CRANK issue. Confirmed it is NOT the starter or a ground to the starter.
    Clutch Switch works, according to instrument information on DDDl.
    Start wire is NOT getting signal. (cannot find starter relay location Headbang)

    thanks a lot guys!

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  • 06/26/17--11:34: ford figo
  • anyone try a ford figo 2017 and can share whats insideHandshake

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  • 06/26/17--11:36: NTG 5 video in motion
  • How can i open video in motion?
    Someone has a solution?

    best regards

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    I can not install DTS Monaco.
    I have a fresh Windows 7. The installation runs up to the image (Please wait). Then nothing happens.
    Does anyone know the problem.


    Bild 1-2.png
    File Type: .png
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  • 06/26/17--11:40: A5 2.7 tdi Egr+Flap off
  • Hello everyone, someone could confirm if this file is ok and I still have problems with the flap, I removed all flap maps and also the switch they continue to work, and I have another problem and that when I disconnect the connector from the same car within days the following error occurs P1028 and P319E, and this two dtc does not find in the file so I do not know how to eliminate these errors manually.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 164.32 KB

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    New version 2017.5 ready to sell that include:

    • DPF-FLAP Remuver v2017.5
    • EGR-DTC Remuver v2017.5
    • LAMBDA Remuver v2017.3

    This programs they are very easy to use,even for a beginner,you just need to select the right car and ECU.
    If you have selected the ECU of your Car then the program will make the solution DPF or EGR OFF automatically.

    This 2 software working in 3 steps:
    • 1 - Select the car model
    • 2 - Load the file to fix
    • 3 - Save the final FIXED file.
    All operations they are done by software automatically. Users just need to read - write the files with the well known equipment's to ECU.

    LANGUAGES SUPORTED: Multilanguage.
    No Internet needed, No count, No any limit, No-Limit files!

    ***Exclusive Package FULL PACK*** >(3 program 9 module)( NEW VERSION V2017.5.1 )
    1. - Ascequipments (Diesel Particulate Filter) DPF / FAP Removal Solutions
    Ascequipments Flap (Klapky) Removal Solutions
    Ascequipments Adblue Removal Solutions ( NEW )

    2. - Ascequipments EGR Removal Solutions
    Ascequipments HotStart Removal Solutions
    Ascequipments DTC (diagnostic trouble code in) Removal Solutions

    3. - Ascequipments Lambda Removal Solutions
    Ascequipments Oxygen o2 sensor Removal Solutions
    Ascequipments NOx sensor Removal Solutions ( NEW )

    You can use the flowing binary readers to READ ECU's:

    Galletto(1), MPPS(2), KESS Master(3), Byteshoter Master(4), CMD(5) and all binary readers / writers,the files 100% working with this 3 programs.
    Professional DPF - EGR - Lambda programs they supported 100% binary format files.
    Bosch, Siemens, Denso, Visteon, Delphi, Marelli, Transtron ECU's are supported!!
    Supported to WinXP to Win8.1, Win10 (32 + 64 Bits)

    ONLY 1 License is FREE!!

    For detail info ask PM after thanks and rep

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  • 06/26/17--11:58: Nissan Qashqai KOD
  • HELLO !

    BOSCH PART : 7 612 830 052
    NISSAN PART : 25915BH20C
    VIN : SJNFCAJ10U2331648

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 57.93 KB

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    Eeprom recovery from d-flash
    Post d-flash
    Thx and rep = pass

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  • 06/26/17--12:04: bmw vp44
  • i want to know what transistor i need for vp44(bmw) and a scheme how to solder the pins on the board please.thank you

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    Can somebody help me with ori file?

    POLO 1.9SDI
    038906012AM SG4203


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    I am looking to upgrade one Detroit 60, ddec 5, 14L up to 700-800 HP. You know the package, marine cam, 007 injectors and etc., etc.

    Who can do it?

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    Hi! I need to do inmo off this ecu, it is necessary to do it in flash or just eeprom??

    eeprom 93c56, flash 29f400

    thanks in advance..

    93c56 + 29f400 SID801.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 113.43 KB

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    Hey guys! I'm driving a E81 118i from 10-2010. The car is fitted with CiC from factory but no combox.

    I want to retrofit a combox in my car so I can stream bluetooth audio and make calls from my phone and use BMW Apps via tethering. Is the kit from the screenshot good for me (attachment)?

    The combox I wan't to buy is: 84109251748

    I have been reading and searching for a long time and I think that I will have to use a converter to connect the combox to this kit, because the kit is for TCU/MULF2, right? Will Voice Recognition work with this kit? And is it easy to install USB/Auxillary later on?

    I want to get the official way by using OEM parts.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 86.47 KB

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  • 06/26/17--12:56: Stage 1 tune for w906 210cdi
  • Hello guys,

    I look at this file and it seems like the hole ecu is calibratet for about 600-700Nm and only 3 torque limiter (2F840,87B80,BD508) reduce the power.

    I wont to get about 320NM and 130hp.

    I read about problem with tourque monotoring after false tune is this right?

    SW:6519037528 Delphi ECU

    Sprinter W906 210cdi viktor.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.44 MB

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