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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/29/17--01:31: China products no update
  • hello all ,

    i suggest all chinese customers to take care when dealing with chines this period , specially vvdi ,fvdi or any high cost tools , because all major chines tools fails in update new functions and euro clone with high quality available so there sales affected ,who deals with them should take care .

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  • 06/29/17--01:39: audi concert
  • Hello friends i need help for the radio code for the Audi concert made bij Grundig Portugal

    the serialnumber is auz2z3c1407905

    thanks in advance

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    Hi guys, has anybody got a wiring diagram for the vibrate switch and circuit for a CAT CB114 serial C2Z00155 would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Kess V2 Virtual Reading Activate Patch For KESS 3.099 / 4.024 / 4.036 / 5.017 available. This patch was mainly for KESS V2 3.099 / 4.024 / 4.036 / and will allow you to read almost every list that now your kess v2 does not do. Like some martens mj6df / + or mj8df m8df3, med7 and med17 ...,can support car list to 325+. By using this files,you maybe can fix your KESS V4.036/3.099 fails to read a car from obd or some car list only support read,but cannot write problem.

    Anyone need this software,pls PM me.

    Note : you can also rely on luck and type the ECU serial on Google.

    [Image: 14950048820.png]

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    hello all ,

    i suggest all chinese customers to take care when dealing with chines this period , specially vvdi ,fvdi or any high cost tools , because all major chines tools fails in update new functions and euro clones with high quality available so their sales affected ,who deals with them should take care .

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  • 06/29/17--01:55: Upgrade IDS91
  • Hallo , ther's a way to update iDS91 to newest 104 or 106 without loosing 3 days trial time?
    i try to install several time under vmware, runned ids91 and ok, but after upgrade to newest version ask for license, and no trial time.

    also installing 104 or 106 from clean pc... ask for license.

    maybe i'm wrong somethings..
    any help?

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  • 06/29/17--01:56: BMW MSV90 NOX off
  • Hi,

    BMW 525xi with MSV90 ecu is a Nox off possible ?

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  • 06/29/17--02:15: Ford Focus EDC16C34 BDM
  • Hello. I need full BDM for this ECU :

    Ford focus 1.6D, MY 2009


    Thanks in advance.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Search ori DSG File

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    Anybody can make crackles for Toyota GT86 ???

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    Dear all friend !
    We have Supper pro 6100N can read NPX LPC2478FBD208 chip . who have new kess v2 5.017 NPX chip please give me borrow to get HEX file . after get it we will share in our forum . if can not borrow NPX 5.0.17 we hope someone can donate some small money to buy "Socket Adapter DX3040" and a kess sample 5.017 from china . 5$ or 10$ is ok no need more . if have 300$ i can pay left money
    My english not so good hopefully everybody can understand my topic
    Any opinion please PM me
    Thanks you653653

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    Hello there,

    I am looking to adapt used kessy on VW pheaton v10 but for some reason Avdi is not able to find power class for these two ecus. So when i use option to adapt kessy with obd ask me for Power class which is unknown to me. I am able to read both kessy and ecu immo data like Pin CS and Mac but power class not showing. So i was wondering if someone know the power class of v10 engine ecu for vw pheaton?

    Note: previous guy who messed around lost eeprom of original kessy in purpose which made things worse.

    I am attaching info for both ecu and kessy i am trying to install.


    Pheaton v10.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 1.94 MB

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  • 06/29/17--03:08: Caterpillar
  • Hello MHH users

    Can someone please send 3406E Cat Service manuals or know of someone who can help. Been looking for ages.

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    software 1037386715


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  • 06/29/17--03:23: Checksum VW IAW 4HV
  • Hi, can anyone correct checksum of Golf 6
    marelli 1.4 16V IAW 4HV ST10F296
    read galleto 54 boot mode Sweating
    need crc for mod file

    Thanks Pablo

    File Type: .zip
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  • 06/29/17--03:33: i need Mercedes EIS flash
  • hello
    i need flash for Mercedes EIS serial number 211 545 06 08
    thank you

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    Am having problem to disable egr, I close Hysterisis map but still geting fault (P0400 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected), can anybody take a look at file...thanks in advance...

    Opel Zarira 2007, engine Z19DTH

    WinOLS (Opel Zafira-B (Original) - egr off.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 37.69 KB

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    Anyone can help me with a wiring diagram for Galaxy 2013?


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    Hey guys my audi start giving strange sound and after sometimes it gets so hard to turn. I flash the fluid diy way and the problem was not solved, then I changed the streeing pump filled the oil after ten minutes the drive belt start to smoke and the fluid was so hot including the pump. When I lift the two tires the streeing works smooth. Does anybody have expiriance with such a thing?

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    Hello everybody,

    This is my first post on this forum and it involves a problem that has left me scratching my head and not knowing what to do next. I have searched long and hard for a solution without success, so I am hoping someone on this forum has come across the same issue before.

    The car is: 2008 BMW E61 520d, N47 engine, auto gearbox. Fuel in the tank registers between 1/4 and 1/2 full.

    I am using ISTA-D, ISTA-P and ICOM with MOST adapter. Also a Foxwell hand held scanner that covers diagnostics but cannot programme or code.

    The original problem started when the gearbox failed (broken Shaft) and all drive was lost. The car was recovered on a flat bed truck. The Park over-ride was engaged so it could freewheel on to the truck. Before the gearbox was removed the engine started and stopped with no other faults showing on the dash other than a gearbox icon on I-drive and dash with a comment saying something like "Drive failure it may be possible to drive moderately".

    Gearbox changed and coded to the car.

    I tried to start the car but the battery was flat, when car was scanned it showed as exhausted in ISTA-D, it was changed for a new one. Battery was retro fitted with ISTA-P (updating CAS) and registered as exchanged with ISTA-D (updating DDE/DME). The fault was cleared. Since installation, when diagnosing/testing, an external power supply has been used to prevent voltage drop. Both terminals 15 and 30 show battery power is >12.5v without external power source, >13.5v with external power source.

    On trying to start the car again - pressing the start button the car would turn over briefly for about 3-5 seconds and then stop. Each subsequent press of the start button produced the same limited start cycle, without the car firing.

    I scanned it with ISAT-D and the EKP came up, showing as 'not communicating properly'. Fault would not clear. Sourced a new EKP, fitted it, coded it and cleared the fault, only to get the same response the car. It turned over for about 3-5 seconds but did not fire. Subsequent scans - no faults showing whatsoever.

    I've checked all fuses visually and for continuity several times – all ok.

    Fuel is getting up to the injectors. Fuel pressure up to the rail is within spec. Strangely, unplugging the fuel injectors – NO fault code thrown!

    I have tried putting the original EKP back on – scanned the car and No fault code – fuel up to engine bay when tested and on pressing start button.

    Various searches of forums etc suggested the following courses of action that have been carried out, in addition to various service functions in ISTA-D:

    Fuel system bled via ISTA-D service function.

    Reset CAS and other units, via ‘call up ECU functions’ in ISTA-D. All modules show as working correctly.

    CAS/DDE synching – This car is fitted with EWS4 – adjustment is no longer possible. Instead there is a ‘reset starter lock’ facility in ISTA-D under ‘service functions and in ISTA-P under ‘additional measures post coding’. Both methods have been tried. Car still only turns over for 3-5 seconds without firing.

    Put new relays in (located via ISTA-D) for the DDE/DME (Under the bonnet in the ECU box) and the CAS (fuse board on right hand side of boot above battery).

    Connections to all modules pulled and visually inspected, all seem ok. Wiring has been visually checked and seems to be ok.

    A YouTube posting showed a similar starting problem that turned out to be bent pins at the connector for the gearbox. I checked the connector – no bent pins.

    Camshaft and Crankshaft sensors have been changed. NO fault codes thrown when original sensors unplugged, or with new sensors being unplugged. Unplugging other sensors such as MAF, boost temperature sensor, Boost pressure sensor, Rail pressure sensor, or rail pressure valve throws codes that would be expected.

    Keys have been re-synched to the car and have operated the doors, steering lock and starter motor throughout. The keys can be read, showing as enabled in the appropriate service function in ISTA-D.

    Summary: Car started and stopped prior to gearbox being changed, just had no drive. Since gearbox change it won’t start, only turns over for 3-5 seconds without firing – no fault codes when scanned with ISTA-D or handheld scanner. Unplugging the camshaft, crankshaft sensors, or the injectors does not throw a fault code. Fuel is up to the rail/injector links.

    E60 Control unit Status.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
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