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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hope someone finds it useful. Came out tonight.

    June 2017 Shop Foreman Technical Topics.pdf
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  • 06/29/17--20:53: med17.1 MED17.1 immo off q5
  • Good morning, someone can help me with the immo off of an Audi Q5 with ECU med 17.1. The original got burned
    Many thanks.

    q5 link.txt
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    Hi mates

    Is here anybody who can repair my Hantek 6074BE oscilloscope ?? It does not connect to the laptop. I tried to read internal flash with TTL adapter, but i don´t know the correct pins and i did not find another flash. Please help, i am ready to pay !



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  • 06/29/17--21:07: Cmd flash
  • Cmd flash slave, perfect working condition slaved to one of the top companies in the UK, quick turn around time on file service and prices are very reasonable, file service can be had on a monthly credit basis but you would have to agree this with the tuner, not myself but pay as you go file service is obviously available to anyone. will pass on all details regarding tuner and file prices etc upon request, can also change to another master if needed. Only reason for sale is I have finally purchased a master unit and just looking to recover some money hence low price of only £600.
    This is obd only unit and has just under 5 months left on subscription.
    PayPal only for mine and buyers protection.
    Would possibly be interested in part exchange for useful mapping software, genuine or eu mpps(no china clones), diagnostic equipment etc.
    Will add pics later this evening when I am home.

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    hi, i have one problem with mercedes truck, with temic pld2 ecu.
    After remap, acelerator dont work and wngine run at 600RPM, i alredy restore backup but i have same problem.
    im using Geniune Kess V2

    i attach eeprom and ori map

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  • 06/29/17--22:28: RCD-310 pin code (Bosch)
  • Hello, everyone.

    Can someone help me with my radio's pin code? (at least with the first two digits)
    Radio model is Bosch rcd-310 based on eeprom type 95128.
    I do not know which information is really necessary, so I'll post everything.

    Vin auto : XW8ZZZ61ZDG026776
    Vin radio : VWZ1Z2M4148786

    I've found an algorythm of getting first two digits, but I have few questions about it:

    1. Currently my radio is cutted out of my car. How can I switch it on without dealing any damage to it? Just by giving 12v and that's all or it's not enough?
    I mean for getting those modified bytes b50 and b54...

    2. If I'll just take someone's dump and upload that to my radio... will it work properly or I have to use only my original dump anyway?

    3. My EEPROM dump's size is about 64 Kb (in the attachments), but all dumps I've seen have size about 16 Kb. Did I made some "dumping mistake"? Why my dump have 4-times bigger size?

    4. There is an procedure to write modified dump into eeprom to get bytes b50 and b54. So should it be keep modified in eeprom or I have to load an original dump back after all procedures?

    Thanks in advance. I'm sorry for my broken English - it is not my native language.

    P.S. I do not know why, but I can't upload my .bin file from eeprom with original extension so I changed that to .txt

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  • 06/29/17--22:37: Renault megane 1994
  • Renault megane 1994
    How to make an immo off on this calculator siemens S111730108C HOM7700860308 S101725111 BVM of a renault laguna 1994 ess.
    I can not read mcu: MC68HCP11E1VFN I do not have welding station.
    Pin wrench infrared P7876F65C2
    thank you

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  • 06/29/17--22:42: opel ncdr1100
  • Does somebody have solution how to find code for radio and how to marry with display?
    siemens ncdr1100 have 2 AM29LV160DB and one 29LV200BB
    every help is welcome


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    Hi there,

    does anybody know where to find the descriptions for the service Intervall of a car?
    Is this explained/writen in WIS?
    And if yes, where? Could somebody give me a hint?

    Thanks in advance

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    2017 Latest release Kess V5.017 newly add 140+ ECU types, fully open to all protocols such as EDC17 / k-line / DSG / DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 Gearbox / ST10. Kess V2 Firmware 5.017 fully activated for Car Bike Truck Tractor ECU Programming via OBD2 port directly. No tokens limit for all vehicles at all.

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    Do you have the last flash drive 047906033K? I have the latest version of SJ36 software and I need 4501.

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  • 06/29/17--23:14: Terex-Fuchs Service manual
  • Terex-Fuchs Service manual

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    Hi guys!

    I have problem with my A6 C7 from USA.
    I change list of language in EEprom with VCP (i got original ) and update main unit of 3G+ with newest software K942.

    After that everythings fine, beside SIM card, becouse is still searching for signal.

    Maybe someone know whats the problem?
    Different version of software or just settings in green menu?

    Thank you very much for help in advance!Drive

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  • 06/30/17--00:06: Launch CReader 9081software
  • Hey Guys

    I got the latest copy of the Launch CReader 9081 software.

    Data is 2.2017

    press thanks and rep = pw

    New Text Document.rar
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  • 06/30/17--00:29: Audi A7 3.tdi fan problem
  • we have little problem with A7 CDUC engine fans. If i start the car and turn it off again, then fans start working. about 10 miutes and then they turn off.
    If i try to do tests. I turn on fan 1 then 2 fans start working. If i turn on fan 2 then nothing happens.

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    I have problem in my car (f30 2013 335xi). The instrument cluster display wrong amount of fuel in tank. When the fuel tank is full the fuel gauge shows only half of the tank.

    Also some errors appeared.
    102001 Air mass, plausibility: Air mass to high
    191c02 Fuel tank ventilation system, 2nd inlet point: Malfunction
    193208 Plausibility check failed between consumed and remaining fuel quantity.

    Today, after 200km from last fuel refill to full.

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 06/30/17--00:39: Error 10140 PTT1.12
  • Hello,
    can anybody help me? When I tried to do parameter programming for example parameter FMA, MG or DR, I got error 10140 Wrong answer from control unit. But I could change parameter HKA and some others.

    This PTT1.12 worked last time with all parameters, but now there is something...


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    need mazda premacy 1999 2005 diesel workshop manual, engine 2.0 diesel 74 kw

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    I hope someone can help me. I've got an VDO CDR 2005 (Opel Corsa C 2001), but don't have the code.

    Serial is:GM020511099463


    Dump opel orig.rar
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    We have a airbag module
    Car Mazda MX-5 year 2016
    N243 57K30 C
    N243 57K K2 B

    Insite eeprom 95128

    car had crash and need clean data.

    Car has also bonnet hinged airbag. When car have a crash the bonnet sprung up.

    Who can help with clean data.

    ori data met crash.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 2.82 KB

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