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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hi guys, i need to renew renault trafic 2.0 M9R ecu EDC17C42, in ori ecu damaged ROM, i post dumps old and new ecu, maybe somebody can sync new ecu havind dump of the old ecu, or virgin new ecu

    trafic edc17c42 old ecu.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 07/01/17--14:31: Cummins USD price List 2017
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    hi can someone help I have a fault in steering angle sensor I have replaced it but still same fault someone said the eeprom needs to be reset have uploaded dump any help please

    s24cs02a toyota angle sensor.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 269 bytes

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  • 07/01/17--14:42: EGR off BMW EDC16C31
  • Hi, can someone disable EGR in this file? Tried searching for hysteresis maps but with no luck. Thank you.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 182.76 KB

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  • 07/01/17--15:19: Ford IDS V105
  • Hi, i am looking for Link Ford IDS V105

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  • 07/01/17--16:21: Linde Pathfinder 2016_05_10
  • Pathfinder 2016_05_10
    Thank + reply for password
    [Image: IIvt5w]

    LMH 2016 05 10.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 170 bytes

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  • 07/01/17--16:29: Truck doctor V2_01_05
  • Truck doctor V2_01_05
    Thank + Replay cho password

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 167 bytes

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  • 07/01/17--16:44: Detroit DDDL 6.45
  • Hi all ,
    Looking for license for Detroit 6.45 computer ID DM8GYT20
    Cheers ,thanks in advance .

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    I have a friend that has 2014 Volvo with D13 engine, he has active code SA16 and DTC just three lines (SA 16 DTC - - - )

    Truck has 5 mph derate
    its 10 speed manual, (disconnects speed sensor, accelerator pedal is dead)

    He spent 12k last month in repairs, and now stuck on the side of the road...anyone here know what might be wrong? why is it not showing DTC?


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  • 07/01/17--17:31: Please delete post
  • Please delete post

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    my vehicle isnt running and im still sorting out my setup so it was going through batteries at an annoying pace. i am using rechargeable batteries, but it was still annoying to constantly change them.

    i found the power supply spec for the unit:
    [Image: d6ef053f645fd7145a0aba460d3fcf3c.jpg]

    and i found a switching power supply laying around my house that has these specs:
    [Image: b8a0791bcfa38751aa44213d633b67d6.jpg]

    a few other odds and ends, a bit of soldering and i now have this:[Image: 7e3cbf84b94b6afdd096df68c4cdb5a6.jpg]

    and proof that indeed it works, no batteries:
    [Image: ccb3fbeee9216f59cf69c6358fc329f3.jpg]

    if anyone is interested, i can provide slightly more detailed info.

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  • 07/01/17--17:52: ECU PID / cummins , CAT/
  • Here is some ECU PID patents

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 11 times
    Size: 37 bytes

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  • 07/01/17--17:53: Autoenginuity
  • Is there anyone who has Activator for Original Autoenginuity?

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    Have a old international 4700 with the hydromax brake system in the shop.

    Was brought in for king pins and a front end rebuild but noticed that electric motor for the hydroboost wasn't running koeo

    The pressure differential switch and pressure(?) Switch where both disconnected and the wiring cut.

    I wired in the switches per the schematic and put one side of the pressure switch connector to ground per the diagram.

    Now the electric motor runs koeo and koer with the brake pressure light staying on.

    How does the electric motor cut out when the engines running and there's pressure to the hydroboost?

    Is the brake pressure switch on the hydroboost supposed to go open with pressure from the p/s system? I swapped the switch out with a known good one and replaced the pressure differential switch because I thought it was stuck closed.

    Hydroboost works fine

    There's a spring and plunger behind the brake pressure switch that contacts it to close the switch. Is there a repair kit for this or do I have to replace the hydroboost?

    Sorry I hope that made sense I'm celebrating Canada day now and I've been drinking but this thing is really bothering me. Can't believe I got my ass kicked by a old simple truck like this.

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    How do you convert fm frequency from Japan to US in Vediamo?

    I went into IC172 cbf but don't know which setting.

    Can anyone assist?


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  • 07/01/17--20:36: PCCI injection /patents/
  • Here we go ....

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 61 bytes

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    Hi everyone ,

    Does Someone know, what is the missing component ?

    Capacitor ? What nominals it has?

    Car is a MY 2005 MB W220 .

    EZS EIS : 2155450808

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 13 times
    Size: 455.72 KB

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  • 07/01/17--21:32: GM NAO TIS2000 8.2008 update
  • GM NAO TIS2000 8.2008 update SETUP needed please

    live links as well


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  • 07/01/17--22:07: clone edc17 VAG
  • Hi

    offer services clone EDC17 VAG for free

    need the both flsh eeprom broken ecu and used ecu


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