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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Got a 2010 Sprinter here that was not starting.
    Kept blowing fuse 16 on the under dash fuse box. While looking for a short i unplugged the fuse box and put it back.
    Now complete engine CAN BUS is down.
    Can not communicate to anything on the engine can bus any more.

    I tripple checked all wiring and everything looks good, I didn't leave anything unplugged.

    Cluster turns on but no comm with it. Is the can gateway in the cluster on this truck?

    Any ideas would be helpfull

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  • 07/06/17--20:30: Q7 ac "freon" leak location.
  • After posting to an old thread, i dod not get an answer. I will try asking it here.

    My car is a 2007 q7 3.0tdi v6. My econ button will not engage the a/c.
    When i diagnosed the hvac, it said on the pressure sensor (lower limit exceeded).I have checked, and theres no power coming to the a/c compressor.
    Do i have a leak? And if so, where are the common places i need to check?

    Thank you! Sad

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    Hi, i hate my cadillac doing delay on the startup, i am notsure what need to be done on the tune but i am thinking to buy used ecu and clone it from the car ecu, then give it to tuner to get better throttle startup at the red light, i wonder if anybody here can give me some advice if i send car to dealer with original ecu put back for the service and they gonna notice via different mileage from module to module etc? I just dont want to void my 3 year remaining warranty but i dont like the way the car setup. I noticed all the big suv car they have same problem on the startup, engine sound is growing but car doesn want to go right away like small car.
    Pelase give me some advice to get better tune without void warranty.
    Thank you so much...

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  • 07/06/17--21:18: toyota rav4 2001 immo of
  • Hello to all members, can you help me i have a toyota rav4 2001 emprom 25080 i need immo of or virgin file thank you help

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  • 07/06/17--21:50: Audi A4 MED17.5 immo off
  • Hi, good morning,
    I need to see if I can remove the SAFE from the dashboard
    MED17.5 Audi A4 1.8t, automatic transmission, year 2009

    thank you very much

    A4 1.8t immo off.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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    Hello guys.
    I need Adblue off this ECU... EDC17CV54
    Switch solution doesn't work.

    Anyone can help?

    I put ori and switch meteod file...

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 979.42 KB

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    1.4 AXU Gasoline

    hey mates,

    normally i dont ask questions like these, but ive got an strange issue on a polo 9n, all side windows are NOT MOVING except drivers one, so first i thought it could be the BCM/COMFORT ecu, as not one of the Sub Ecus in the doors are reachable over the Comfortsystem 46. and theres no fault stored as well!! (i tried to exchange it, this wasnt the fault) then i disassembled the doorboards in front and checked if the motor from the passengers side is moving on the drivers side, AND YES IT IS MOVING and hes as usual reacting just on the button for passengers side.

    then i did a bit checking the wiring loom, measure etc. and as soon as i built the polo doorboards back on, i accendently hitted the window button on the passengers side and the window was moving. lets say it more concrete all of the windows were then moving for about 10min on their own buttons, but NOT on the main panel from the drivers side. even more funny, the IGN was NOT ON at this moment, i tried it with IGN as well and it was still the same and from one moment to the next it stopped working, so just the drivers side window is reacting on its button

    could it be that the main window ecu on the driversside has an fault an locks the others as well + if this one is not reachable on the bus, that all the other subsystems are not diagnostic able as well (like on a token ring)

    many thanks in adv. for any hint

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    It seems that there is no data in Channel 05 according to my Vagcom, it says: Error: Channel 05 NOT AVAILABLE.

    So I'm now not able to save my adjustments.. I'm able to enter information and save it in the first 4 channels (like the instruction says) but simply cannot access/read/adjust channel 05. 533533

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    Hello! I Need more power in this car:

    39 11 24 51 00

    2.9 crdi 16v delphy DDCR

    terracan 2.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 11.92 KB

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  • 07/06/17--23:24: I need DTC off
  • I need dtc off for an Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI.
    P1188 and p1470 does not deleted. I changed the components but the same. The wiring is ok.
    Ecu is EDC 15C6.

    flash edc15c6.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 168.21 KB

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  • 07/06/17--23:36: Porsche boxter 987
  • I want to make new key fob for porsche 987 boxter.
    Which device can do it?

    First I must program chip for it then adapting remote control.
    How can I do it?

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  • 07/07/17--00:05: E211 show message battery
  • hello all mate i have problem with mercedes E211 show message on instrument
    battery protection convenience function temprarilyunavailable
    i chang new alternator but not success ánd have fault code 9050 and 9051 consumer shutoff stage 1 and 2.all have experience help me .thank

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  • 07/07/17--00:19: ODIS Engineering 6.7.5
  • ODIS Engineering 6.7.5

    thanks and reputation button

    ODIS Engineering 6.7.5 ALL complete with Keygen etc (no password):

    ODIS Engineering 6.7.5 Patch:

    Download ODIS Engineering - ODIS-E 6.7.5 - PostSetup ISO


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    I need Clear Crash Data
    Nissan X-Trail
    98820 4BF0A
    Read CPT


    98820 4BF0A crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 125.08 KB

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    Hi i tested several solutions and no way to make off, dpf remover,volta,swiftec... other manual solution... and no way to resolve this.

    On dashboard shows dpf filter clogged and dpf light, and car is doing lot of smoke, i tried to reset with launch and make dpf replacement but same.

    Im upset friends, dont know what to do

    my readbysomeone is because other tuner touched this before me, and the 1037395323 file is one file that i searched over internet (it supposed to be ori)

    Read by obd with kessv2 ori car is 1.6 mjet

    fiat bravo 1.6 jtd edc16c39.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 83.43 KB

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    I have das 1.2011 offline + 9.2014 offline + 7.2016
    merc cl600 2003
    my trans and engine are tuned

    anyone knows how to get in ETC Special Fonction without giving money to DieTRih.. ?


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  • 07/07/17--00:51: BMW Key Programmer for sell
  • L3 BMW OBD key programmer for sell

    Mini / BMW key/transponder programming device via OBD II

    L3-2004-2011 CAS 3+ till version ista 44


    E60/ E61 /E63 /E64/ E65/ E70/ E71/ E87/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93 .

    Just plug the device in OBD and program new transponder or key in few second
    Contact : steven@newsparkling.com.sg

    bmw tool-1.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 17.21 KB

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    Hello to all Members...

    Here it is the NEW-LATEST FULL Multilanguage Renault CAN-CLiP Version V169.

    Free 4 all...

    Renault CLiP Version 169 FULL Multilanguage.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 114 bytes

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    I SPENT OVER 10000€ FOR THIS TOOL. Price is 3500€

    Active license:

    AN002-Cluster CAN
    AN003-Cluster PIN-CAN
    AN004-Immo Panel
    AN006-Cluster K-Line
    AN008-Flasch Counters
    AN011-TV Configuration
    AN021A-EDC16 Calibration
    AN015-Flsch Memory ECU
    AN021-ME7 Conf Data
    AN028-Cluster CAN UDS
    AN032-Security code by CAN
    AN033-ECU Conf Data (EDC15,ME7.x.x
    AN034-Cluster-PIN Calibration-K-Line
    AN044-Instrument Cluster Engine Control Module Recalibration

    BN002-Memory manager
    BN003-CAS1 CAS2 read update
    BN004-CAS3 read update
    BN006-CAS3 keys by OBD
    BN007- EBridge Tool

    FN007-Transponder Maker
    FN013 - Instrument cluster data manager for Fiat/Lancia/Alfa Romeo
    FN015 - Engine control unit configuration manager

    FR005-Instument Cluster Module Recalibration

    MN002-Cluster Calibration by OBD (K-Line), Assist Plus
    MN007-CGW (Central Gateway)Read Update ConfData
    MN010-Cluster Calibration for S-Class W221,CL W216 and Sprinter,Vito,Viano (after2006)
    MN011-Can Dash Cluster Calibration- W211,W219,W164,W251,203
    MN015-Cluster Calibration Mercedes

    ON004-Cluster Calibration
    ON004 Radio
    ON007-Tech2Win Driver
    ON009-Calibration-IPC,ECU;Airbag_Clear Crash,Read Radio Code

    PN002-EDC15-Read Update Configuration Data, Calibration
    PN004-BSI Calibration
    PM005-Cluster and BSI Calibration
    PN007-Cluster and BSI Calibration, Read Update Configuration Data
    PN011-BSI,Instrument Cluster Data Manager

    RR004-Laguna 3 Cluster Calibration

    TagKey Tool
    KT001-Tag KEY Tool programmer 55105509
    KT005-VAG TP22,TP23,TP24.Tp25 production

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 65.23 KB

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    vw passat 1.9 tdi Ajm 85kw MT HW0281010218 SW1037352904

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