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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/17/17--13:07: VAG MED9.1 expert needed
  • Hi

    I have mk5 golf track car with Motec CDL3 dash

    I have 2 ECUS for it
    one works with my dash one doesn't

    I get its todo with the SW version not hardware as if I BDM working software onto non working ecu it works but I want to use the non working SW version

    Does anyone know how to enable OBD2 data on early med9.1 software

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  • 07/17/17--13:12: MB w212 Delphi DTC off
  • Hiiii!
    W212 Delphi 2.2
    I need to erase a DTC now.. P042815
    Please HELP!

    w212 delphi.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 1.22 MB

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  • 07/17/17--13:27: please pin code radio
  • plesae code renault philips 22dc277/62 tuner list 8200256141tc198

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    Free VAG EDC15 tuning 2 days only.

    launch control
    hardcut limiter
    egr off

    Post file here.

    Dont Forget to THANK and +1 Rep

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    hi guys
    i need help where i can find this sensor in audi a3 2015
    becuase i search in car i don't find
    in cover belt :DEJ015837
    Address 01: Engine (J623-DEJA) Labels: None
    Part No SW: 04L 906 021 FT HW: 04L 907 309 S
    Component: R4 2,0L EDC H23 1906
    Revision: 85H23---
    Coding: 021D0112832410083000
    Shop #: WSC 06314 790 00021
    ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM20TDI01104L906021FT 002005
    ROD: EV_ECM20TDI01104L906021FT_002.rod
    VCID: 7CF701E2F7DF8EA295-8028

    4238 - Engine Coolant Temp Sensor on Radiator Outlet (G83)
    P2185 00 [039] - Signal too High
    Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

    this by autocom
    P218500: SENSOR CIRCUIT 2 engine coolant temperature
    any help please thanks

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  • 07/17/17--13:48: ori for a6
  • does anyone have an ori for this audi a6 AFN please


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  • 07/17/17--14:35: VAG DTC OFF EDC16 ONLY

    Post dtc and file below.

    dont forget to thanks and rep

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  • 07/17/17--14:37: VAG ME7 DTC OFF Service

    Post dtc and file below.

    dont forget to thanks and rep

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    Post details and file below.

    dont forget to thanks and rep

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    Hello to all,

    i try change odometer by OBD at fiat grande punto with carprog clone ,i have 8.09 version,9.31 and 10.05 but no conection with dash ... i try at 2 grande punto no only 1 and no conection.... can anyone help me where is the problem?


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  • 07/17/17--14:46: NTG version
  • So... I checked the version of my NTG and got the following strange version

    FL Ver. :BLD-NR-172 10.06

    Does anyone know what this means? Which NTG version is this?

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 39.23 KB

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    hello everybody i need an EGR OFF AND DPF OFF for this Tiguan ! ECU EDC17C46 TC1767

    ALL ECD17 TC ORI_IntFl.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 989.16 KB

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    Guys, I am out on deep deep water here.

    I have an Bmw E34 where it has been installed a M54B30 engine from a E46 330i.

    This engine want rev past 5500rpm, and I strongly belive it is because it does not have a ESP module installed and working.
    What I want, is to delete the ESP functions in the sw of the ecu.

    I have made the readout with kess master. I have found the XDF for tuner pro on the www, and managed to open it. Found there is a folder for esp in the sstructure.
    This is the first time I open a file in tuner pro, and I just started using winols some months ago, so I am as newbie as it gets.

    Can anyone tell me what I am looking at here, and why should I make what changes to rectify my issue.


    Snag MS43.JPG
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 85.38 KB

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  • 07/17/17--15:05: ids v86 which manager
  • Hi all, I need to download the firmware manager which is suitable for ids v86, I need to downgrade my vcm2 to factory, any help appreciated

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  • 07/17/17--15:31: ecu flash file 8N0906018L
  • Hi,
    Looking for original flash file for Audi tt 2000
    hw 0261206611
    soft 8N0906018L
    if somebody can help me thank you in advance

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    CAT adapter III runs embedded Linux ...
    Here is some firmware info. Kolo
    I'm going to extract CDL script from CAT adapter III.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 1.62 KB

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  • 07/17/17--16:24: Hyundai Genesis 2.0T
  • Hello
    Please need help!
    Anybody here have experiance with injectorsize scaling on this Car
    Hyundai Genesis 2.0 T Sim2k-141?

    Maybe Damos or Mappack are welcome.

    Thank u all in advance


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    Here's the low down. My customer sent away his injectors to have them worked on a company who was not qualified to work on ACERT Injectors. They sent back 12 injectors with mechanical "repairs" performed and nothing about trim files mentioned, and no disks or files. Now My cylinder temps are all over the place, fuel delivery is not even close to the stock CAT trimmed injector. (based on the Serial number of each injector) one particularly high temped injector was swapped for another and the temps went with it without switching trim files. I am not even confident that the mechanical work was performed correctly. It would seem that my customer has been completely ripped off. I need someone who can build an injector trim file for these injectors and check them out with an oscilloscope etc. I gotta get this guys D10T up and running asap and hopefully without buying all new CAT Rebuilt injectors.

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  • 07/17/17--17:42: New to Vediamo
  • New here (registered a while back but have been traveling)
    I have an 08 S550 I bought with issues to play with. I am learning Das and Vediamo as I go and have run into an issue I am not sure about. Actually , I have two , but one at a time...The trunk has the auto close and open feature. I can see values changing in das and the lights all work, but the pump does not run. I can make it run in developer data and the latch works fine. I changed the control unit as the old one was severely damaged (cooked). The codes say VIN does not match car , so I thought I would use vediamo to change. Vediamo only launches about every other time , sometimes hangs, but when it does it communicates with the car (using C4 and LAN cord). OBD2 seems to work and I am using the HFS.cbf file.My TLC says Temic HFS Vers w221_diagID0001 in das so i picked variant 0001 in vediamo. As soon as I try to access I get a Caesar 01025:PDAUP: 0x0101 PUU_ERR_EVT_TX_Error... do I need to use a different file ? different baud rate? This is my very first try at vediamo, so sorry if this is ignorant

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    my usa prog destroyed mine and now the gauges don't work
    thanks alot

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