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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 07/18/17--13:35: WIS/ASRA Modules
  • Hello
    How do I set up the full MSS Module in WIS?

    If I start WIS and go to MSS there are only 2 Possibilitys to generate the service Document. More than 4 Buttons are missing.
    Im not able to insert the service code, the currant milage, the service code and so on.
    Can anybody help me please

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  • 07/18/17--13:40: Xcom2.27
  • Hello anyone can help? Try to modify but at the time of programming send me error message. Not so with the control of the gearbox that if I could modify but that was not what I wanted to do thanks.

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    Hello World

    I have lost my key of my car

    Wich tool can I use to reprogram the key for this type of Ecu Simps 2.1


    thanks a lot

    best regards

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  • 07/18/17--14:03: VW Golf IV immo
  • Hallo

    I have one ecu from golf 4 1998 ecu (siemens 5wp4441) 06A 906 019 BQ,eprom 93c56.
    I need immo off i read eeprom 93c56.
    Can somebody helpt to me immo off.

    06A 906 019 BQ, 93C56.rar
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    Hi anyone can help me with this VIN to PIN please. It is an old citroen berlingo.


    Best regard

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  • 07/18/17--14:04: Need Kobelco Service Manuals
  • Hello all.

    I need Kobelco Service Manuals

    If anybody has it could you please for share it.


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    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to find hot start map on this 4.0 TDI Audi A8. I know it should be somewhere around end of the file but it seems a little bit more tricky than 2.0 tdi.
    Car runs fine on cold engine but on warm it cranks long. Replacing starter help for some time but now I want to try with software.

    Can you take a look on this stock file ? and apply Hot Start Fix or indicate me where I can find it ?

    Thank you in advance

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  • 07/18/17--14:25: DDEC5 Autoshift settings
  • I have a customer of mine who had the dealer flash the ECM to the VIn#. I guess this truck had a manual trans in its lifetime, which it now is an Autoshift gen 1.

    I changed settings in ECM to Auto/J1939, and VSS to J1939 What am I missing?

    This truck was sitting for awhile and they just now got it running, so no telling what other problems it had before. I just want to make sure my settings are correct

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    I am unable to connect to the vehicle with DAS, and it appears that DAS is not recognizing my C4 Mux.

    However, in SD Toolkit, the C4 is showing as connected and responds to the beep test when I press the Test Connection button in Toolkit.

    Why is it that I am able to see the Mux and connect to it in toolkit, but DAS does not connect?

    I am running Xentry 09/2014 on a Dell D630.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    can someone make a nice tune fore seat altea 2.0 tdi edc16 and hotstart fix


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  • 07/18/17--14:33: CUMMINS ISL9 EGR DPF DELETE
  • Can someone do an EGR/DPF delete for me that will work? Had Ken Mech do it for me and truck keeps going into derate and cutting off rpm at 1600. Not getting any codes. Egr, and all other sensors disconected including egr temp and dpf temp and delta p.
    Thanks in advance

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  • 07/18/17--14:40: vag siemens ppd 1.2G dpf off
  • Hello. Please help me Dpf off pasat B6.
    Thanks advance...

    File Type: .rar
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  • 07/18/17--15:11: Audi a3 1.8t AUM
  • Hi everyone,

    My friend has an Audi a3 1.8t 2001 with the engine code AUM. When I try to communicate with the ECU with Autocom/Delphi vci and software it says that there is no communication with the vehicle but if you scan ABS and all other systems it works fine to communicate with them. Another friend has Bosch Esitronic 2.0 and with that vci and software it works great to communicate with the ecu of the car. What could cause that the autocom/delphi which seems to work perfectly fine on other cars to not be able to communicate with the ecu? Has anyone else encountered this with the clone vci and software?

    I'm also wondering about a trouble code that's 0303 fuel gauge sensor - shorted to ground, what is usually causing this more specific? The fuel gauge on the dash doesn't move at all unless you test the gauge with autocom. The low fuel light is also illuminated on the dash. Is there any typical problems with this?

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    Need dump to FRM3R PL2 E89 E9x AHL
    6135 9249085 - 01
    SW 143000 / HW 07

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  • 07/18/17--15:21: Audia A4 '96 IMMO pin code
  • Hi!

    I wanna teach keys to this car: 1996 year 2,5l gasoline Audi a4
    I founded a 93c46c eprom in the white immobox.
    Can somebody tell me what is the immo pin code?

    Thank You!

    File Type: .zip
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  • 07/18/17--15:22: Cat ET 2015a activation id?
  • I bought a laptop last year from eBay and cat ET has worked ever since. Now it says that I need to renew my license.
    Can someone give me an activation of and any bigger info I need?

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  • 07/18/17--15:34: Airbag error P0002
  • Hi, in my car i have a lot o messages from CB say side airbagĀ“s is faulty... and when i scan from error... give a P0002 error...
    this error is in airbag calculator....
    My question is, if is possible remove that DTC from ecu file???

    Ps: Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI (2003 year) EDC15 ecu

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  • 07/18/17--15:36: BM Sprinter ecm info
  • Hello friend of mmhauto, need help identifying the following BOSCH ecm to read with ktag, i found something close but dont now if i could follow it to read ecm. found Bosch EDC17 for mercedes GPT vehicles, plug in 691:EDC17 CP46, IROm TC1797. will post pic of ecm thanks for help.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Hi guys,

    I need to remove the Immo from Above and know how to do it.

    I have a few Reading Tools including Enigma, Orange5 and Willem gq4x.

    The Ecu has a TMS374 and a TMS28F512.

    Does anyone have a Pinout for Either or how to Read? My Orange5 doesnt seem to have a DLCC32 adaptor for the TMS28F512 even though I have the full Immo Package.

    Is there a pinout for the TMS374 for Orange5?

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