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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Dear All,
    Please Provide Me Trim File For Given Below Numbers.
    Thanks In Advance.

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  • 07/23/17--07:28: Diagbox problem
  • Hi all,

    I have just bought a PP2000 and Diagbox 7.02 (plus updates).

    I installed Diagbox and updated to 7.02 and installed the PP2000 drivers. The interface light flashes three times and then stays on, I can connect to the car and retrieve the VIN number, but when I run a full diagnostic I get "No Dialogue" for every ECU. Clicking into each ECU in the report returns "ECU failed to respond"

    Any ideas what the problem is?

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  • 07/23/17--07:36: protocol of kess
  • Good afternoon, buy two nxp for kess 5.015 and ktag 7.020, solder the ktag and all goes well.
    After soldering the kess I put the sd and connect it to the pc to test it, but I get a "Protocol not found"
    I think it's from SD is there any way to fix it?

    I put the SD of ktag in kess in case I confused myself of SD and now I do not get any protocol in the ktag

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  • 07/23/17--07:55: DAF XF106 SCR
  • guys,

    anyone used swiftec solution for scr delete on euro 6 daf? will this affect dpf correct working?

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    Need exact EU V4.0 maps, share pls if anyone has it

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  • 07/23/17--08:02: Becker truckline CD65 BE6054
  • Hello, i need the radio code, help me please...

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    I need to mark pins the LCM module Volvo 21043961-06. I'm only interested in control and power pins and ground.

    Thanks and Regards

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  • 07/23/17--08:25: selling handy baby
  • Transponder Identify:
    11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/45/46/47/48/49/4A/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72/82/83/8C/8E/most smart keys and detail information about the key

    Transponder Clone:
    (1)4D/4C/46/11/12/13/33 transponder clone
    (2)Delphi ID48 / before VW IMMO 3.5th ID48 /Honda ID48/Volvo ID48 etc.
    (3)Toyota 4D72G dst80/ Ford 4D83 dst80/ID42/BMW motorcycle 4D70 dst80/ Chevorlet Lova 4D70 dst80 transponder clone (online)
    (4)Hyundai/KIA 4D70 dst80 transponder clone
    (5)VW IMMO 4th ID48 transponder clone(with JMD Assistant)
    (6)Audi 4th generation ID48 clone (with JMD Assistant,A1/A3/TT/Q3 )
    (7) Audi 5th generation (754c/754J) clone, after clone, remote works too(with JMD Assistant)
    (8) Audi A6 ID8e clone, after clone, remote works too(with JMD Assistant)

    Transponder Edit:
    4D/46/48/47/4D dst/8A ect.

    Transponder Generate:
    ID4D type: JMD blank60/60/Epica60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/71/72G/GM 4D70
    4C transponder
    ID48 type: Seat TP22/ VAG TP23/ Skoda TP24/ Audi TP25/ Seat TA22/ VAG TA23/ Skoda TA24/ Audi TA25/Fiat ID48/ Jetta ID48
    ID46 type: JMD blank46/ Great Wall(STEC)/ Zotye(STEC) / Ha/ma(STEC)/Maple(STEC)/Geely(SETC) /Cherry(STEC)/Zhonghua230/ Zhonghua530/ VW46(2007-2008)/ X-Trail(2008-2009)/
    Renault(Maste.II)/ Renault(Trafic II) / Opel(Vivaro) /Opel(Movano)/ Renault(Espace IV) Renault(Laguna II)/ Renault(Velsatis) /Renault(Twingo)/ Citroen/Fiat/Lancia/
    Peugeot(206/307)/Mitsubishi/Cruze/Siemens/Changhe/Suzuki/GM/Beidouxing/Great wall H6(diesel version)
    T5 type: 11/12/13/33
    ID47 type: Honda

    (1) Mazda/Ford (China)
    (2) Ford
    (3) Mazda

    (1) D46
    (2) ID4D

    Signal Test:
    (1) Frequency Test(remote, ASK/FSK)
    (2) ECU signal test(check the coil works or not)
    (3) Detect the key type in all lost(support 4D/46/48 ect.)
    (4) Data stream detect inD46 type

    Data Base about car locksmith:
    (1) Asia cars
    (2) America cars
    (3) Europe cars
    in updating……..

    Key maker(dump to key):
    (1) Asia cars
    (2) America cars
    (3) Europe cars
    In updating…………………..

    (1) Nissan / Hyundai/Honda/Cherry/Renault…..
    (2) Get the Pin code of ID46 smart key of Hyundai/Kia after decode
    in updating……….

    Update online:
    (1) Handy baby
    (2) JMD Assistant

    handy baby.jpg
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    i have ecu renualt laguna laguna 1.8

    S103717115 R

    I tested with TMS374 ECU Decoder, but without result. When I turn on the led it flashes 2 times and it turns off, then I press the button the LED is on 50 seconds and it turns off.

    i conect
    pin 1 12volts,
    pin 2, 3 and 18 gnd
    pin 22 eprom 28f512 sinal tms

    TMS374 ECU Decoder_3502054_D.jpg
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    This is a new free tool to clear immo for Sirius 32/34 ECUs.
    Tested on Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, should run on Vista (not tested), does not run on XP ,
    latest version of MS framework recommended. In case you cannot unrar the attachment, use latest
    version of WinRar.

    Thanks+Reputation = Password
    For pass contact me on PM and be patient
    Do not ask for or post my password in this thread
    Do not re-post in other forums without my permission


    Real Sirius 32-34 Immo Cleaner.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 07/23/17--08:54: delphi ds150e
  • hi sir,
    delphi ds150e last release
    which ?_ But with crack ?

    there are or 2015.r3 with crack

    or 2017 release ?

    I want to buy delphi ds150e ? china ?aliexpress on.

    Is there any other suggestion ?

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  • 07/23/17--09:07: boxer2011 airbag clear
  • Hello;
    i need crash clear for airbag boxer 2011 TRW 1367537080 with eeprom 25LC32AE
    thank you in advance

    25LC320 airbag boxer.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    he built-in update software allows user to update VVDI Prog firmware timely.
    High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect.
    Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed
    Reserve ports: for future update.
    The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well.
    Can supply power via USB cable, the software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed.

    Buy VVDI-Prog programmer, get free BMW ISN read function and NEC, MPC, Infineon etc chip continously update service

    VVDI Prog V4.5.9 (2017-06-28)
    * This version DON't need update firmware
    * Fix some bugs
    + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.9 version in Doc folder
    * Update polish language
    + Update V850 D-Flash format conversion tool
    * Fix STM8 series options error
    * Fix MED17.1 option error
    * Fix V850E-DG3 diagram error
    * Fix ME17.9.11.1 diagram error
    * Fix BAOJUN630 diagram error
    + Add MPC5606B, MPC5607B, MPC5602D, MPC5606E, MPC5601P, MPC5602S, MPC5604S options
    in <2-MCU>->
    + Add SPC560B50B2, SPC560B64L3, SPC560C40L1, SPC560C50L1, SPC56AP54L3, SPC56AP54L5,
    SPC56AP60L3, SPC56AP60L5 options in <2-MCU>->
    + Add MT60(TC1766) option in <3-ECU>->
    + Add V3 diagram in <3-ECU>->->
    + Add KESSY(2008--) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>->
    (Need to use with VVDI2,support Touareg, Bentley, A8, Cayenne, Phaeton with kessy module (IMMO4 system) after 2008)
    + Add XC60-REVIEW-MIRROR option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>->
    + Add SENOVA-D70 option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add EXCELLEGT option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add AVEO option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add FIESTA option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add K5(2017) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add FREELANDER(2004) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add MG3(2016) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
    + Add EXCELLEGT-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
    + Add ALSVIN-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
    + Add CITY-SRS(MPC5604P) option in <7-ARIBAG>->
    + Add 2008-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
    + Add SRS-VW20LE(SPC560P50L3) option in <7-ARIBAG>->
    + Add A4L-LWR-MODULE(2010), A6L-C6-AMP, A8L-AMB-MODULE(2011), ESL-HC08GR16-V2 options in <8-OTHER>->
    + Add 528-SEAT-MODULE option in <8-OTHER>->

    PM for price

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    Original Xhorse V4.2.1 VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche Full Version

    1. This VVDI2 Full Package Contains PSA Function, AUDI Generation 5, BMW OBD Fucntion and BMW CAS4+ Functions Already, No Need Other Authorization
    2. VVDI2 Full Package Covers All the Functions of VVDI, VVDI 5th IMMO Adapter, BMW Multi Tool & CAS Plus for BMW Multi Tool
    3. Support VW, Audi, BMW AND Porsche
    4. Update Online Free Lifetime
    5. Latest Version: V4.2.1

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  • 07/23/17--10:43: Techtool 2.5 Product History
  • Hi everybody. Does anyone know if there is a fix for missing Product History tab in Techtool 2.5.75. Thanks in advance,

    File Type: .png
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  • 07/23/17--10:44: Transit 2.4 EGR?
  • Patient: Ford Transit Mk7 2.4 rwd. 115bhp. There is a problem at the black smoke.

    I checked th dtc's and there isn't dtc. Used autocom cdp. Maf values looks quite normal and injector correction values are almost zero. But egr..
    At the full throttle egr control is 0% but egr position value is 13000. Should it be 0? It changes betwee 13000-60000 aboit. But it never goes under 13000.

    Is egr stucked and never goes closed? Or whats the problem?

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    Hi guys,i have got my 2014 FORD RANGER chassis No. MNBUMF050DE199654, for some reasons i want to change the valve body, is it possible to replace it with a used one? Any volunteer with some ideas, please help

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    Swap m54b30 ms43 to bmw e30. show errors:
    130 can signal asc - timeout
    214 vehicle speed signal
    131 can signal instrument cluster - timeout
    132 can signal instrument cluster - timeout.
    The engine only gets 5500rpm.
    Can I remove errors and asc to get full engine speed?

    Read kess v2


    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 44.25 KB

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    hallo who can send to me OBD Terminator software with any version I need for Ford & Mazda IDS ....Very thanks

    same this links but is dead

    OBD Terminator Software V1.9 Download:


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  • 07/23/17--11:00: code radio nissan qashqai1
  • Hello you can help me find radio code nissan qashqai1 vin SJNFCAJ10Z2653942

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