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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    HW: AV61-12B684-GA
    SW: BV61-12A650-AXJ
    VIN nr.:
    SW ver.: AV61-12A650-GD
    SW upg.:
    Installation: Conti-FRD870

    I need Orj File.

    Pls Help

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  • 02/22/14--10:43: Autocom 2013.3 activation
  • Hello

    Please for activation Autocom 2013.3.

    CDP+ CARS ID:a-710-479
    SERIAL: 3555

    Thanks in advance

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    FIAT ePer DVD v81 - Release (01.2014)

    [Image: FIAT%201.png]

    [Image: FIAT%202.png]

    FIAT ePer DVD v81 (2014).txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 20 times
    Size: 92 bytes

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    Good evening Dear colleagues! I installed version 01.2014 Das.Xentry! I want to know if anyone has tested on this version FDOK CALCULATOR because to me it does not work! When I enter values ​​in DAS, error message appears as: values ​​are incorrect. I tried both versions of the forum. If someone can test and come up with a reply maybe along with other colleagues can solve the problem! Thank you!Beer

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    BMW RHEINGOLD 2-IN-1 ISIDr2 ISTA/D 3.41.3 and ISTA/P 2.52 with EXPERT MODE
    VMware ONLY!! Multiple Languages!! BEST SUPPORT!!

    RECIEVE FREE ISTA/D 3.41.x and ISTA/P 2.52.x UPDATES!!

    [Image: 8urj.png]

    Languages Available:
    American English, British English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Netherlands, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai

    This is the LATEST version of BMW ISIDr2 ISTA/D Rheingold 3.41.3 and ISTA/P 2.52. This is a 2-in-1 build which means ISTA/D and ISTA/P are combined together in one image. Rheingold 3.41 is faster, many bug fixes, improved interface, and several UI improvements such as fast short tests and eliminated ignition cycle after fault code clearing. This is completely offline... no internet connections and no accounts required. Also has printing capabilities which saves to a PDF format to the Native HDD so it can be later printed or saved for backup.

    This version of ISTA/D now includes an embedded interface emulator which serves as an ICOM Emulator which allows connection to your vehicle by using an INPA K+DCAN, ENET, OMNITEC, and possibility for OPS instead of an ICOM. This only available in ISTA/D as ISTA/P for programming will require an ICOM.


    All languages I currently have, have been activated all on 1 image. No need for separate images for different languages. Contact me for details or see screen shot for available languages!!

    [Image: wwgi.jpg]

    Genuine ICOM's require registration which will be performed during activation.

    With each purchase you will the above mentioned software which includes installed default languages, UK English and German. 1 PC activation, this is required to activate ISTA and to be able to use it on that set PC. Meaning the activation will work only on that one PC the activation file was generated for. Each additional PC will require a new activation at an additional cost (PM me for details). This is in place to prevent resale or file sharing of our hard work and efforts put into this build and future builds as well as marketing and support.

    Please all I ask is if you do not agree with this method or having to pay for this software, please keep your comments or remarks to yourself and keep moving allowing others who do a chance to gain from this. Thanks.

    Recommended PC Spec's:
    Windows 64bit
    Intel i3 or higher (or equivalent)
    Minimum of 6GB RAM (8GB or Higher recommended)
    250GB free HDD space (best performance on SSD or 7,200RPM HDD's)

    Good Quality China made ICOM's contact me for package pricing!!
    (1 year warranty and FAST SHIPPING)
    PM me for shipping and/or payment details.


    [Image: xm57.jpg]
    [Image: m9my.png]
    [Image: zp8f.png]
    [Image: a8is.jpg]
    [Image: dfm9.png]
    [Image: l9ny.png]

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    Hello everyone ,

    I'd like to flash my PSA Lexia with the last FW Version 4.3.0 (V1.0.3 13.4.13).

    I can't login in auto-professional.co.uk and download from the thread
    "Update Your Lexia-PSA Interface To /C Via USB " , download "PSA Solution Via USB.txt" and FW.

    Look also on http://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic2627645.html

    Help will be appreciate

    Thanks Wink

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    Hi to all members.

    I would appreciate some help, advice and guidance regarding the following:

    (Please remember that programming would be mainly for my brothers 2005 Fiat Multipla 1900 JTD and my 2007 Touareg v10 TDI)

    Which tools would you recommend for dumping and writing and why.
    Which software for modifying the maps would you recommend and why.
    Data logging tools recommendation (I think it might help when testing the effects of the modified file).

    I want to do this not for racing but for my own satisfaction knowing that my car is operating at its best and not necessarily at its max.

    I would like to mention that I’m familiar with modding (software wise) my PS3, Xbox 360 and I regularly flash a new rom to my android phone, so the concept of flashing and the possibility of bricking is not strange to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Side note:
    I have a lot of questions but that would be for later.
    Stuff like......
    I know each map and vehicle will differ but I would like to know what is considered the save limit regarding things like Boost map, Torque map, Start of Injection ext.
    Which maps must not be modified on there own.
    Where in the map is the DPF disable......ext....ext.

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  • 02/22/14--14:51: Delphi DS150E Diagnostic
  • Hi

    This is my first post so be gentle Smile

    Could anybody tell me if this Delphi DS150E Diagnostic tool is any good,I would be using it with my laptop

    Also has anyone used that website?

    If I've done it correctly there should be the site address in the text file


    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 129 bytes

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  • 02/22/14--15:05: 98 Eclipse RS Ecm recal
  • I am doing a conversion (big conversion) on a shell i bought and seems i can not just buy an ecm for a 420a engine but send it out to be flashed. Does anyone here have information about the correct program so i can do it myself?

    I am good with programming but im not sure what software i need to perform the tweaks.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 02/22/14--15:20: Mercedes Benz EPC 9 -2013
  • Mercedes Benz EPC 9 -2013

    I'm asking for EPC 9-2013 not the update files

    EPC 9 - 2013 DVDs

    thankx in advance

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    Hi, please I need help to clear this airbag from one suzuki vitara 2007
    Ecu 38910-70E40
    Thanks in advance

    38910-70E40 original crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 384 bytes

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  • 02/23/14--08:21: ICC IMMOCODE calculator
  • Hi
    please help me to find this program
    ICC IMMOCODE calculator
    this program can give Pin code (immobilizer code) from VIN number.

    Thank for all

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    Designed for technicians new to the field of preventive maintenance for trucks and trailers, this valuable resource offers readers a clear, solid understanding of the otherwise complex equipment involved in truck servicing. MDT: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection provides the knowledge needed to identify potential problems during regular service, before they turn into major repair issues or a roadside breakdown. The book breaks down need-to-know content areas into chapters that make sense: from general shop safety and hand tools to truck/trailer reefer service and coupling systems and everything in between. Each chapter includes procedures for inspecting and maintaining that specific area. Using a generic preventive maintenance checklist as a guideline throughout, this go-to guide has everything the beginning technician needs to perform effective servicing.
    pp406 /18 Mbytes/ Drive
    enjoy it Beer

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 33 times
    Size: 74 bytes

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  • 02/23/14--08:26: MAKTEST Software & Updates
  • Hello guys!
    Does anyone have a recent (or not) software or updates for Maktest stands? Maybe, someone has an access for their support platform and could share it with us? I would appreciate. Thanks in advance Smile

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    2001-2006 Toyota Tacoma Factory Service Manuals

    Service Manual Provides Info on:

    -REAR AXLE & FINAL DRIVE (if applicable)
    -FRONT AXLE & FINAL DRIVE (if applicable)
    PLUS MORE................

    To Use:
    -Download File
    -Unrar File
    -Open Folder
    -'Click' on Manual.exe
    -Choose the manual you want to view


    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 42 bytes

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  • 02/23/14--10:38: AT ECU A6 clone
  • Hello . I have audi a6 2002 with bad ECU transmission, ecu in the watherSadsmile . I bought another ecu but the number is not the same. How to clone this ecu ? i desolder 29f400bb and change but where is the eeprom? is inside this mcu? Look picture.
    4B0 927 156 EN OLD
    3B0 927 156 S NEW

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 9 times
    Size: 243.27 KB

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  • 02/23/14--11:00: OFF SID807 evo PSA
  • Hi,

    I need immo off for SID 807 EVO on PSA ecu.
    Thank you

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    Where is the radio fuse. I need to do mileage correction, but if I do not turn off the radio fuse, I'll lose the radio code. It happened to me recently on golf 6 2010 year.

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  • 02/23/14--11:42: best programmer eeprom flash
  • Help me I want to buy a programmer eeprom flash 29f200 29f400 29f800 and all eeprom 24.. 25.. 93.. 95...

    all eeprom What do you think the willem gq4x it is good or bad

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    I have Seat Ibiza 1.2 12V 51KW 2009 petrol.
    ECU: AG 03E 906 023 M
    SIMOS 9.1 HW: H04
    IC: 93C86
    On dash board "safe" is shown and i can't start the engine.
    Can u send me immo off please.
    Thanks in advance

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