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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    It sucks, but when your laptop gets too hot in the sun in a closed up vehicle. all hell can break loose.

    lucky enough i had most of it backed up on another hard drive. but this was my favorite hacking machine.

    but they are replaceable. just take caution when you leave electronic equipment inside a closed up vehicle in the sun.

    this was my favorite truck i ever had. i spent a year looking for this machine. 1 owner, scratchless, spotless, and under 90k miles for a '10. awesome truck. just got the horsepower and tune spot on, all running smooth and shifting awesome...just fun to drive and be a kid with. but oh wwell FIRE IS FINAL, NO GOING BACK, IT IS JUST GONE.

    also a shout out to some real members that helped me get my software replaced. it took a little time to get it loaded on a new machine, but up and going again. thanks to all.
    LONG LIVE MHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pass is known by real members,

    Pics of burnt truck.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 239 bytes

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    Is it possible to disable start & stop feature completely on these cars or possible to change it the way that eco mode is not on by default? Need to change some coding or something in flash? Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • 07/31/17--12:41: MAZDA 0285012159 crash help.
  • Hi i need help clearing crash mazda bosch 0285012159

    0285012159.DA6A 57K K2 C crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 3.04 KB

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    Is it possible to read siemens simos 7.1 on table, can't find ktag connections.

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  • 07/31/17--13:01: EDC16U1 odometer, vin change
  • Hello,

    when adapting new ecu to car how can I change
    odometer and
    vin number?

    I have read eeprom with ktag but I can't find any info on net which are odo values and how change vin, and at the end, do checksum. I download edc16 eeprom calc but it only reads pin and can do immo off. I use several hex editors but do not know what and how to change?


    c-serial epp.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 809 bytes

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    in device manager set COM2
    F:\programme\xentry\bin\cal.ini - set parametr PLATFORM=D
    F:\programme\xentry\bin\caesar\asam3d.ini - set parametr Drivers=D
    C:\Program files\SDConnect Toolkit\bin\toolkit.ini - delete parametr skipcomport=all

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    Hi to everyone,

    please could you help me hoe to get alfa romeo cars inside x-431 apk. ? I have old adapter and 22.47 software. I tried 34.65, 34.61 and 34.60 Fiat software but already when I am inside romeo brand I can see only fiat cars?

    Thank You in advance

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    I'm trying to access DPF with UREA parameters and will need the proper version software. I have 7.03 engineering, can read and write MCM parameters, but PGR046 DPF are grayed. I also tried 8.06, but MCM parameters are not even available!
    Any ideas?

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  • 07/31/17--13:35: RS3 8P0 920 983 E dump need
  • Hi,
    I need a load to the AUDI RS3 meter
    8P0 920 983 E
    Micronas CDC3217G and 24C32


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  • 07/31/17--14:10: Cummins Delete File(s)
  • Deletes For

    • CM570 ECFG
    • CM871
    • CM875
    • CM876
    • CM2150 ( ISB )
    • CM2150 ( ISC )
    • CM2150 ( ISL )
    • CM2250 ( ISB )
    • CM2250 ( ISC )
    • CM2250 ( ISL )
    • CM2250 ( ISX )
    • CM2350 ( ISB )
    • CM2350 ( ISL )
    • CM2350 ( ISX )
    • ISX12
    • ECFG File(s) Matching
    • N14

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  • 07/31/17--14:14: vw radio ,need help
  • hi. please if some can generated my radio
    sn VWZ2Z2G4168553

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    hi i need to clear crash from fiat 500
    ecu: siemens
    eeprom: 95320

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 1.36 KB

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  • 07/31/17--14:28: Activation UltraProg 17.3.8
  • Ultraprog 17.3.8 Disponible !

    Contact in PM Smile

    Activation Free for the 10 first

    Information in this file !

    Airbag, EEProm, Microcontroller, Calculators, Immo......

    [Image: 476407ultraprog.jpg]

    ultraprog list.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 103.09 KB

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    hi guys
    i need help about faults codes vw golf 5 my problem when i turn on climate the fan can't turn
    i do diagnossis in climate
    0 fault
    but when i do in engine gives 3 faults i think i have problem in flap motor (V157) i want to know if this motor has relation with fan and climate
    3 Fault Codes Found
    19557 - Tube shutter motor. (V157) Break / short to ground
    P3101 - 000 - -

    17075 - Activation of radiator fan 1 Short circuit to ground
    P0691 - 000 - -

    19558 - Intake manifold flap motor (V157) No signal
    P3102 - 000 - -

    any help please

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  • 07/31/17--14:45: corsa combo immobile off
  • hi help needed. can anyone take immo off cross combo van or supply me with immo code

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    Isuzu IDSS II 2017 Engineering Release, extended version.
    Price PM

    IDSS II.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 320.58 KB

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  • 07/31/17--14:50: CD400 Tacho Programmer
  • Does anyone have experience with the CD400 from china or is there any reputable seller on here that can offer this at a good price?

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  • 07/31/17--15:19: Mercedes sprinter B2ac code
  • Sprinter 906 2011 could anyone tell me if an eobd code B2ac cause a fail to code injector error ?

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  • 07/31/17--15:33: Need help
  • Need THANKS.

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    Hello to everyone who reads this thread 049 .
    Could not find same thread ,if have same on this forum sorry for this Sad
    I want to collect a large list of your experience(positive/negative) with your KESS/KTAG (clone eu/reworked/china) .

    1. car info (manufacturer,year,model,engine,hp)
    2. what used for r/w (kess(2.25 sample) or ktag,which clone,mark the seller if you bought here)
    3.ECU ( sample Bosch EDC16C31 / EDC16C35 (DDE7)
    4.which tuner files you using ( jacob from germany for example)
    5.time r/w(read 10 minutes write 20) and how hard it was if using ktag (ecu open,location , some secret tips if you have for help others in their beginnings)

    I hope the theme will be useful for everyone!!

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