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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Need code

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  • 03/05/14--09:05: est 2013b help plz
  • can anyone please give me a hand to get this activated

    thanks muchly folks

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    Anybody knows which micro-controllers installed in ECM?
    Please specify by CM# and micro-controller models
    Let make some database Pc Thanks,guys!
    Example :
    CM2150E - MPC5566MZP80
    ISM 3681405-RX - MC68332AMFC20
    CM2150C - MPC5554

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    Fuse bits for Renault immo emulator for Atmega processor AT90S2313 / ATtiny2313

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    please heelp me.
    I need clear dump for :
    Dacia Sandero 2013 Continental
    12H00221 S0470 C074
    985103207R - - -
    Mcu:ST SPC560P50L3

    data flasch crasch.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 5.14 KB

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    I need to change the configuration of BODY.
    As for the manual air conditioning.
    How do I do this?

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  • 03/05/14--10:08: DPA5 Full Firmware
  • Hi
    i have genuine Dpa5 Quad Can but after one wrong update i have locked mcu Lpc2294.
    Now i have replace mcu from Dpa board but dont have all 17 page of flash file
    Please if someone can help me with full firmware or only flash page 0 to 3 will be perfect !dont matter if are Dpa Dual Can,Quad Can or CNH EST hw
    I have build two different tutorial with settings and some info how to read this kind of mcu Lpc229X :
    1.For those who have used Flash Magic software
    2.For those who have used Jlink software

    I need only flash file from adress 00h to 7FFFh or you can set in sw how many pages or addresses want to read it
    For more instruction please read one of these two tutorial ,can find pinout and more!

    Many thx !


    ps.please if someone can build any project for Ulink or can help me with any kind of info just send one PM !

    FlashMagic tutorial.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 23 bytes

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    i need virgin eprom dump of A 646 153 20 79 0 281 011 158

    i think is edc16 95320
    EDC16C2 (CDI3): MERCEDES A6461532079 Bosch 0281011158


    Mercedes E220 2.2CDI 0281011158 368503 eeprom.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 953 bytes

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    Here i share with you all some nice John Deere training courses, this courses are used by the authorized repairmans so ... enjoy them. They are basic trainings and every one that like this branch should take a look and refresh their knowledge.
    Today - Electrics
    Password : mhhauto.com
    Don`t forget to thank Beer

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 9 times
    Size: 33 bytes

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    hello, or has someone could Datasheet SC516236MDW this processor?

    If yes, please Smile

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    Hello guys bow
    Please somebody help me with vacuum schematic for a Mazda BT-50,2007,2.5D WL-C 105KW.
    If someone can tell me too which is the vacuum value need for EGR would be great Handshake
    Thanks in advance Beer

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  • 03/06/14--04:04: Wurth Wow 5.00.4
  • New Software Update WOW! August 2013 to version 5.00.4????
    New Diagnostics Update 5.00.6 and 4.15.1 now available???

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  • 03/06/14--04:23: CARPROG J-tag suggestion?
  • Hello

    I have some pretty unuseful carprog which came with software version 4.01, 5.31 and 5.46.

    I have no clue whats inside but I know it aint 5.46 fo sure. It's a china clone that got stuck after update and I want to fix it?

    What is the exact J-tag thing I should buy to get my device fixed? I'd also like the Jtag I buy to support various models of chips for the new smartphones, Nokia, Sony, Samsung and HTC. If anyone can drop me a link in inbox I'd be very grateful.

    Since I'm asking for advice for JTAG that can fix my device I'd also like for it to work with mobiles.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards, Dejan.

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  • 03/06/14--05:18: Activator Autocom 2013.3
  • Can't insert to the subject of the file from a large size, so post a link for the Activator Autocom 2013.3

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    Have read various views on this and wondered what people's opinion on here was, I have tried it on a few vehicle and have not noticed any Ill effects (so far)

    Apologies if this subject has already been covered on here and I've not found it

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  • 03/06/14--06:13: Caterpillar Factory Password
  • Greetings all, please can you help with Caterpillar factory passwords for 2010A? Many thanks and much appreciated.

    The following information will be passed into the Factory Passwords System:
    •Service Tool Serial Number: ET524288-6-TZ
    •Engine Serial Number: SDP10265-P1
    •ECM Serial Number: 27316110QY-V1
    •Total Tattletale: 1977
    •Reason: 3
    •Diagnostic Clock: 3072 hours

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    [attachment=39548]Thanks +Reputation for password.

    There are a few parameters you need to turn off with CAT ET. And a few parameter you need to shut off with Paccar ESA.

    2 files original and modified. The Delete .fls is the smaller file.

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    can someone please explain complete procedure how to remove tachograph from this van

    on old sprinter, there was a byte modification in dashboard and all worked ok
    but i dont know for new w906
    can it be done with developer, and should i make some modifications except tachograph removal from vehicle?

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  • 03/06/14--06:58: audi a8 start authorisation
  • hi ,has anybody tried to replace a start authorisation module on a 2004/5 Audi a8 using a secondhand unit and if so what equipment was used. thank you.Nerd

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    Hi to all,

    i need 100% correct flash dumps (GW: 29f400,ST269,24c64 + BGA flash chips 4xRC28F128J3C or 2xRC28F256J3C + Nand flash 2x K9F5608) from BMW CCC units with follow hardware: HW 4.4, HW 6.0, HW 6.1 and HW 9.8.

    Picture of PCB you can see here:

    I have dump sets for HW 11.6, HW 12.4 and HW 12.5 for exchange!!

    Who is interested for exchange dumps and collaboration with me, please contact me via pm.



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