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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/12/17--06:04: iHDS v1.003.015
  • iHDS_1.003.015

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  • 08/12/17--06:05: v50 sid803a dpf off
  • volvo v50 sid803a hw 31269095AA sw W5Y4ME
    dpf off need

    sw w5y4me volvo v50 2.rar
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    Hi guy..anyone is using vxdiag nano ids..maybe i no vxdiag can reprogram module??.what i no vxdiag can do module installation..but i never try to reprogram module...anyone no about this nano pls share

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  • 08/12/17--06:14: Diagprog4 failure i40
  • Hello my DP4 switched off yesterday while programming a hyundai i40 2015. Does anyone have a flash file of dash? It's automatic gear

    It's same as other hyundai or kia

    I dont understand why diagprog 4 didn't make an automatic save it's not the first time this device make me in the s**t !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 08/12/17--06:23: X431 Pro mini Vs X431 Pro3
  • Hi Gents,

    I'm almost ready to purchase a launch X431 diagnostics tool and currently I'm hesitating between the PRO3 and Pro mini.

    Does anyone have experience with both products, if so what are the main differences between the two?

    Many thanks.


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  • 08/12/17--06:31: Detroit 60 Series egr fault
  • I have a friend with a truck that showed a egr fault the other day. The fault was Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation 1 Differential Pressure-Out of Calibration p411 13 on a 14L ddec V. I have very little experience with Detroit. The sensor had been replaced and the code is still coming up. Can I get some help on getting rid of this fault until I can get it around wifi and have it deleted. Or tell me what to do. Thanks.
    Also Is there instructions to get the cal file out with cal tool so I can send it to someone when I get in a bind. Ive had several trucks reprogrammed but didnt pay attention how they pulled it out. I didnt realize until now I would need to know. ThanksHeadbang

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  • 08/12/17--06:37: BMW E60 CCC reboots
  • hello friends,

    i have search enought in google but i donĀ“t find any useable information about the CCC failures,in most cases are the BGA chips defective,but which one?


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    I try do to some checksums on mod R32 files with ME7.x Correction, but what i see is that Audi A3 R32 file's work with this, but a file from the same engine in Golf 5 R32 dont work ? See att.. 022 906 032DP works, 022 906 032KG dont work.

    ME7Check dont work with both, only ME7.5

    Someone knows why ?

    WinOls 2.24 dont have chks correction for this ecu's

    Or another good checksum tool for this R32 ME7.1.1 ?


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    For sale china clone SDConnect reworked and upgraded to DoIP with this SD Connect DoIP kit.

    What has been done:

    Keyboard replaced
    Side metal covers replaced
    Top plastic cover replaced
    Battery case with sensor and battery lock replaced
    Full set of screws replaced

    LCD board replaced
    SDCard replaced
    Connectors board replaced
    LAN connector replaced
    DoIP piggyback board added

    Processor board
    MPC processor replaced
    C161 processor replaced
    PIC replaced
    Full set of RAM(6 chips) replaced
    Full set of ROM(4 chips) replaced
    PHY LAN controller replaced
    PCMCIA slot replaced
    20pin aux connector added
    SD slot added
    Some minor improvements, resoldering, cleaning etc.

    Relay board
    Can chokes added
    All capacitors replaced
    Main power regulators and inductors replaced
    Some minor improvments, resoldering, cleaning etc.

    All parts for replacement are genuine Actia.
    SDConnect comes with brandnew OBD DoIP cable.
    Serial number unique and not blacklisted.
    Unit is tested with selftest and in real work in Mercedes workshop with all kind of connections.
    I will give you warranty for this unit as it has been build by me))

    Price 1500 euro

    ReworkedChinaSDConnectDoIPUpgraded 011.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
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    BOSCH EDC17CP20 XROM TC1796 VAG (P165)
    03L906022NR / 1037561047 / 9978.
    I will bay backup, read with KTAG (50euro-Paypal,WU,BTC)
    Thanks,& BR

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    hi guy this is first time i using vcds .. may i no how to calculate coding code ??

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    Need cks correction on Denso Nissan X-Trail ecu from 2007 read with k-tag after dpf off...


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    I need to make navigation map update on BMW F10 2013. year. I see that it can be proceed by usb, but there ask activation code.( I see it on youtube.).

    Does someone experience how can i do it?

    Best regards

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    Hi, I have question about opel cdti's edc16 - some cars have "sport button" and better gas pedal response - how is it done? dual map in ecu?
    can it be chiptuned for more power with dual map (sport button)? 1.9CDTI 150HP

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    hello everyone

    does anyone faced this issue with tesla model s
    screen goes to black and won't start again
    i have asked tesla and they told me that the screen disabled from their side

    any help to solve this issue with any cost no problem just i want the screen to run back

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  • 08/12/17--07:44: VW Turan DPF EGR OFF
  • Hello all Members,

    I Tried to make DPF and EGR OFF to VW Turan but not success, i tried many solution (Volta, ECUSafe, ADS 2017) and all failed, I have no DTC but the lampe DPF is turned on on Dash,

    Please i need Good solution ( Not for Free ) Handshake

    ECU info :

    -R4 2.0L PPD 1.2 G
    - 03G906018EH
    -Car Year 2007

    Many Thanks

    turan ppd1.rar
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  • 08/12/17--07:52: Renault Clip
  • Ive had renault clip v159 installed on my laptop for a while but I had to remove it due to a driver issue. anyhow. I used the uninstal application built into the program.

    The uninstal went fine and ive tried to reinstall the program. Ive followed the instructions but when I copy the original RSRwin.exe to the desktop and paste the cracked version into the applications folder it will not open. It does nothing at all. If I try run clip it tells me the software installation is corrupt. However if I paste the original copy from the desktop back to the applications folder and double click it it tells me registration is complete or words to that effect. If I click the clip icon on desktop runs and starts fine. Ive not got a renault to test it on at the minute.

    Im consfused why it wont open the cracked version and the orignal works. Is this something to do with saving the original registration file and using it on this installation?

    Is this software likely to work - Currently the software starts fine and it tells me no sensor is connected as I dont have a renault to try it on at present.

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    Hello! i have bmw x3 f25 here.

    the owner have retrofit led for fog lights.

    problem the car detect led and shut off the fog licht with error.

    how i can disable the cold/warm detection?

    on the e series it was very easy

    all i found to my problem in the BMW coding database is:
    example from FRM module
    AUSG_23_FRA_VR_IS_LED from nicht_akti to aktiv

    to get LED Bulb Error Fixes: Warm Check - Front Turn Light Right

    ithink wehn i fond something like this with NSW it could work for me.

    NSW/fog lights

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    Hi guys who have this Chinese Xprog 5.70 Software .. Thank you in advance: Fing32:

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    I have find this website ,he can decode all Renault Car Code Online easy
    follow this instruction

    I have translated the website for helping newbie

    To decode a renault car radio you must follow the following instructions:

    1- Remove your car radio to get the PRE-CODE

    2- Your PRE-CODE is on a label glued to the back XXXX)

    3 - Retrieve your number and end with a letter followed by 3 digits (eg R432)

    4 -Enter your PRE-CODE (the PRE-CODE is the last 3 digits + the letter Ex: Q321 -A652 -T876 ect ....)

    5 - Click on the "Unblock" button

    6 - Choose your "car model" (Clio, Megane, scenic, Kwid, fluence, captur)

    7 - Re-enter the PRE-CODE and then

    8 - Enter your Email to receive the code by Email (backup)

    9 - Click on "Calculate radio code"

    10 - The Renault auto-radio release process takes 5 to 30 seconds

    11 - Click on "Display your code now"

    12 - Your Renault car radio code is: "your code"

    I have translated the website for helping newbie


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