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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/13/17--01:08: MBE MAGIC ERASER + SETUP FEE
  • hi all
    i want to buy this item MBE MAGIC ERASER + SETUP FEE for about 550$ to be able to
    ..re-programming used 7G 7G ETC unit
    i need input and info from People who are more familiar with this tool?is it a good tool? useful?

    in advanced

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  • 08/13/17--01:20: Dts Monaco
  • Hello boys.

    Please little help.
    Searching DTS Monaco 100 % working version with database. 8.12 and video install and working guide. Not free. Good little price smile1
    I have Sd Connect C4 with new win7 partition and other pc Xdos 2017_05.
    I am testing install 8.3 version and damaged SD toolkit. Install 2.1.3 and not working.
    What the best solution?

    Thanks all.

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    It unlocks several internation programs such as servicemaxx ,habs, dlb , and master diagnostics, please hit thnx and rep and pm for unlock code, paste machine code on this thread and ill post code to unlock it to your pc

    Here it is

    File Type: .txt
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    I keep getting BMWs in with fuel system monitor not completed and no fault codes stored or current. The fuel monitor is supposed to run all the time. I usually update the ECU and drive couple days in order to set it, but sometimes that doesn't work. I'm wondering if anyone has found an actual issue that they fixed? I believe that it's due to low fuel pressure from the high pressure pump? Maybe the cam follower is worn to an extent where it doesn't give codes but also doesn't supply enough pressure to set the monitor? i want to cut the time spent on this stupid issue. Thanks.

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  • 08/13/17--02:33: denso diesel pdfs i found
  • just some denso diesel pdfs i found

    File Type: .txt
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  • 08/13/17--02:36: diamler online
  • ive got online access to online diamler Freightliner , all service manuals, parts lookup, EZ Wiring and Service Pro , the login stays the same and the pass gets set to on the first of the month to the samething along with updated date, (blahblahblah0817), its also really good to update all your programs with before you licence them , downloading teoubleshooting is great too, just looking to trade for something

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  • 08/13/17--02:51: Bosch Esi
  • hi, which version you recommend for 570?
    win 7?

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    can someone please confirm me if i understand the immo system right.

    On VW:

    Inside Key is Transponder this transponder send code to the coil the coil transfer the immo code to the dashboard, the dashboard compare if code is right, when right, immo lamp go off and car start and when immo code wrong dashboard Immo light blinks and car start for one second.

    On Renault:

    Transponder send the code to the coil the coil transfer the code to the UCH, when code not right, the lamp blink fast and car not start. If code ok, lamp go off and car start.

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    I am in the process of remapping my bike(996cc 2001 year) with IAW59M ecu.
    I have found some maps. Can anybody check if them are right?

    38028 20x32 fuel - f(RPM/TPS) horizontal cylinder
    38528 20x32 delta fuel - f(RPM/TPS) vertical cylinder
    3c2ec 20x32 spark
    39D70 - axis X - TPS
    39D98 - axis Y - RPM

    38A28 13x16 - fuel trim f (atm pressure, air temp)
    39610 20x16 - fuel trim f (ECT)
    38BC8 20x16 - fuel trim f (ECT)
    39DD8 - axis 16x1 - Battery voltage
    39DF8 - axis 13x1 - Atm pressure
    39E12 - axis 13x1 - Atm pressure
    39E2C - axis 16x1 - Air temp
    39E4C - axis 16x1 - ECT (Engine Coolant Temp)

    Electric cooling fan starts now at 104 ºC.
    I´d like to change from 104 to 100 ºC.

    Is it stored in 29080 address?


    Original file attached. Read by MPPS.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 53.36 KB

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    i have been looking for ages but cant find the map sensor linearization map. i need to change the map sensor from 200pka to 250. does anyone know where to find them? or even if there are some damos for these msa12 ecus somewhere. many thanks

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 38.78 KB

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    Hi all

    Whats latest Pp2000 and lexia available separate? I don't like diag box and have them installed on separate laptops. Thanks

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    HONDA HDS work with Tactrix openport 2.0 does this interface work with this program?

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    hi all got a 2009 corsa d ex bt van that needs speed limiter removal doing ive tried 1 tuner thats failed anyone ever done these and if so how thanks

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  • 08/13/17--04:07: Hyundai carens alarm disable
  • Hi friend i search for solution to hyundai carens 2006 my remote control not work so i cant start the car i just bridge the relay of starter and it start normal but after 2 days the alarm again work wiith the horn and it wont cranck please if it has any solution to desable that alarm system please help

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    Hello there guys, can som1 help me to bypass or completely off immo for this car? All keys lost situation. Adding immo box x24c01 dump. Tell me what you need more.
    [Image: 16921b7674e73cbc3d352c10196c27f3.jpg][Image: 53ba855b37bbb098f992a440e128712e.jpg]

    Mitsubishi immo box x24C01.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 149 bytes

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    Hello all, i need help to repair ori eeprom for this car..the car dont start anymore.The immo blink.The ori ecu was broken and i try to clone it.If it not possible to repair it i need virgin file for this ecu.
    Any help please1087

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 466 bytes

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    Hello. Can anybody help, how can I do egr off? Is crd2 right ecu? Thanks.

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    FVDI reads PIN successfully for Golf MK5 2007
    But after preparing the key, entering the number of new keys and clicking "Learn" button, I get error message "login not accepted from device"

    I tried also the pin with leading zero. No change.

    Why ? 533
    Is there maybe some security timeout ?

    See images below.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 129.58 KB

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    Got a issue that i need to fix now if possible. Can i do immo off and where is immo? Ecu?

    Can someone pls till me how to do?

    Thx !

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    i need eeprom from ECU 0261207565

    Do someone has this ecu ???

    dont find anymore eeprom ...


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