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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/19/17--08:08: Scania EU6 EMS S8 AdBlue off
  • Anybody can deaktivate AdBlue on Continental EMS S8 ECU ???

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  • 08/19/17--08:15: Passat 74kW PD remap
  • hi, Have here passat 2003 AVB 74kW with 96kW injectors. ECU is already remapped for this injectors and have little power mod. Can anyone make more safe power? I haven´t ori file, only this that i´ve read from car.

    or someone can take a look on file and write if is mod ok or not. Thank you

    038906019KC_light chip_96kw injectors.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/19/17--08:26: S204 2012 C250 real problem
  • Hello friends,
    I am facing a real problem with a S204 250 CGI. The problem is that when driving the car, with 1/2 throttle, it does like a cylinder misfiring or like a damaged torque converter. When in full throttle the car is 100% normal, doesn't do anything. Changed many many parts in this car: 4 spark plugs, 4 coils, fuel injectors, ×2 torque converter, CGI fuel pump, principal fuel pump, alternator, battery, transmission, front SAM, CAN databus, transmission fluid, engine ECU update, VGS update, front SAM update, rear SAM update. No fault codes in quick test related to this problem. Actual values in engine are very well. No misfire, just when you hit the throttle a little bit the car starts to push forward and backward the same way a bad torque converter does.
    The car has been 2 months in my garage so you know what i feel...
    I thank you everybody for your support and appreciate your help.

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    Hi can any one calculate pin code for new beetle 2002 24c02 file
    Bosch 0 261 206 417

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 234 bytes

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  • 08/19/17--08:34: MB EDC16, 0281012350
  • Hi,

    I need full BDM backup (Flash and MPC) for MB EDC16, 0281012350
    Software version is: 1037376891, optionally upg version: 1037389923.

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    Hey all,

    I'm receiving this error when attempting to program a truck:

    Application error.
    Contact help desk.

    Error code: VCA10010

    What's the problem?

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  • 08/19/17--09:16: Mazda 3 airbag clear crash
  • Hello ,
    Can anyone clear crash from airbag unit of Mazda 3 .
    The airbag unit number : BFD1 5K30 BOSCH .
    Thank you !

    0285010960 org venci (1).rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 2.2 KB

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    hi I need replace hours in john deere 6300, memory is 93c46 original hours is 6800 I need 9920, thanks

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 179 bytes

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    i need full bdm dump original ssangyong kyron EURO4 DCM3.2
    PART N° A6645408432

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    Please need any help here

    Have a Narvada 2007 D40 wth Denso D3

    I make with different tools DPF off but i think problem is in EEPROM DTC to clean. But Light DPF in Dash is on

    So please help me to clean EEPROM or a good dump for DPF off

    in advance org Flash and DPF off flash
    and EEPROM read with KESS

    Thnx for help in Advance NerdMail

    Nivarna Denzo 2,5 tdi.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 1.43 MB

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    Hi everybody,

    I'd be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction during my quest to activate Distronic on my 2005 W220 (WDB2200251A4507xx).

    So, long story short - distronic had always been an option that I wanted on my car, especially after I stumbled upon David Prokity's youtube video a couple of years ago. I checked and double checked all the reqired parts on EPC. Full parts list below:

    Radar Sensor Control Unit: A026 545 23 32
    Radar Unit wiring harness A220 540 59 30
    Wiring Plug Protection Cover A000 545 26 46
    Interior Gear Shift Switch: A220 821 87 58 7C45
    Interior Gear Shift Wood Trim:
    Interior Gear Shift Switch Wiring Harness: A220 540 37 32
    Radiator Grille: A220 880 06 83

    The next step was to perform the hardware retrofit. So I did. No issues to report. Anyway, after this momentous victory, I decided to give it a shot and attempt to activate distronic using SDS Xentry in offline developer mode before I go and ask the dealer to perform online coding to the system (one thing to note is I don't currently have access to Vediamo or DTS Monaco). Well, perharps not unexpectedly - that didn't work. Even though SDS recognized the existence of the Distronic control module right away, it had to be coded properly. Despite having successfully coded ESP, CGW and Instrument Cluster, a "slideshow" of ESP, SPS and BAS erors was constantly running on the instrument cluster display. I guess that was because I couldn't gain access to the ECU's adaptations, as a blank screen accompanied by some generic communication error code was all that was returned every single time I tried (I believe it was the famous "Communication Error 8.600.0"). So in the end I restored the default values in all the aforementioned control modules and called it a day.

    The next thing I did was pay a visit to my local dealership and ask them to update the vehicle's data card (add distronic SA code 219) and perform online SCN coding. They failed. As far as I can tell, all they did was initialize the distronic control module via Xentry (as if they were replacing a defective radar unit) as well as perform variant coding on IC, ESP and CGW. They definitely did nothing to code the ECU, which is exactly what I hired them to do. What they told me was unbelieveable - "distronic's operational, but there's a problem - ESP doesn't work anymore." I couldn't believe my ears - these were 2 statements which directly contradicted each other. How could distronic possibly function without ESP? I told them it was impossible and asked them to restore the default control module configuration, without distronic. Surely, 10 minutes later the car was ready and I was briefed on what the problem actually was. Basically they claimed that my ESP control module didn't support distronic and I needed a new one - for like 2000 Euros. I immediately thought to myself that was some weapons grade bullshit and walked away. Later that day I had a look on EPC and found no evidence for the existence of special ESP control modules with distronic support.
    All in all, the dealer with all its fancy equipment had managed to achieve exactly the same result as I had done using offline developer mode SDS.

    Xentry report from the dealership after DTR activation failure in the image below:

    http://i67.tinypic.com/2ahbndd.jpg - Final Report

    On balance, I guess my question to you is - would distronic activation using vediamo be possible or do you think it is going to be another failure?

    I'd like to thank you in advance and apologize for the sheer lenght of this message, but it was quite difficult to describe my situation.

    Kind regards,


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  • 08/19/17--10:06: Volvo s60 Virgin Please!
  • Can anyone help me with this Volvo. I need virgin file for:

    30646978 A

    Car is Volvo s60 2.4 year 2005.
    Many thanks in advance!

    5p08c3 volvo s60.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 467 bytes

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    Somebody have the patch for this version of Caas WebTicOffline 1.3.0 Spanish Release 05/2011 - 3 DVD, if it have, is so kind to share here ? And... if somebody have a menner to activate the USB interface in CDS 1.8.1 - 01/2012 I will thank wery much.

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. I have tho original 3 DVD and original one DVD with CDS and Metadiag 2007 and 2 original Claas USB interface.

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  • 08/19/17--10:50: Lupo 1.4TDI
  • can anyone achieve more power (more aggressive) out of this please?

    guys also asking if can make black smoke? (stupid i know)

    rhys lupo shark tuned.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 147.1 KB

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    Hello ...
    I want help from an expert with hope.
    My diagnostic machine is no longer able to update it and I'm trying to decide to buy a new one.
    I am between EZ500 and X431 PRO MINI.
    What does xtool do in odometer and immo, but I do not know if it's good in diagnosis.
    The question is: will it be as good as diagum x431 for mini?
    Thanks for everything.

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    hello please help with egr off citroen c3 1.4hdi sid 806, thanks in advance

    1.4hdi c3.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 0 times
    Size: 170.67 KB

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    Trying to find out what all the pin connections are on the 1390cc CGGB 85PS ECU and BCM units to make a wiring loom for engine transplant.

    ECU: 03C906024CN

    BCM: 6R0937087H


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  • 08/19/17--11:23: Bomag 213 -3
  • So gents need a little help here...

    Have a Bomag 213-3 packer/roller. It has a cummins, what I believe to be a 5.9L
    12-valve engine in it.

    It has a amber warn lamp on on the armrest gauge pod and has an intermittent issue of shutting down like it runs out of fuel, except it fires up right away when key is cycled off and back on without a hiccup or anything which to me is not a fuel issue. The injector pump and primary fuel pumps have been previously replaced.

    It has a 9pin Deutz connector on the engine but I've had no success with Insite software or others in connecting to this beast. I'm leaning towards an ECM replacement but before diagnosis by guess happens is there a specific software like InPower or a manual out there to guide me in picking this thing apart?

    Is anyone familiar in dealing with this equipment as around here there is no support... Thx in advanceFing32

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    I am trying to install Renault Can Clip and I have this problem: When I run the program I have this error: "registration is valid". I have try both V165 and V168. The problem is the same! Also, I have tested V165 and V168 on Windows 10 64bit and Windows 7 64bit and the problem is the same... Any idea?

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    Can somebody install Vediamo via TeamViewer

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