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  • 08/20/17--05:34: Jaguar xf tuning
  • Hi all,

    I am looking to start tuning my Jaguar XF now I have read you can do this via sdd in engineering mode renaming the xfs file to upgrade the 275 bhp xfs version. That would be cool if anyone has info on that.....or just the xfs file I can compare tomy xf file which leads me to the next question. The ECU is EDC17 as I understand it and will need removal for reflashing for anything other than sdd factory mods. Can anyone advise of whats the hardware required for flashing its been a while since I was last in the game and flashing my e60 with an mpps over odb.



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  • 08/20/17--05:38: rate this tune ww golf4
  • golf 4. 2002 . 1.9tdi 74 kw pd engine edc15

    please rate this tune!! thanks!!

    golf 74 kw.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/20/17--05:50: Claas Celtis 456 tractor
  • Hello,

    I need service manual or schematic diagram of Claas Celtis 456 tractor or or schematic diagram of pinout of dashboard and service interface or... help me here... ( link in attachment txt ).

    I need to make a simulator for this dashboard because tuesday I need to repair a dashboard and I need to probe and setting the parameter of this dashboard. I have all Claas diagnostic interface that I need, I have Claas Metadiag functional, I have WebTic Offline but... is inactive.

    Thank you in advance, Dan

    File Type: .txt
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    I need a full Bdm read Fiat Ducato 2.3 Jtd Manual 2008r
    HW: 0281014210
    SW: 1037391914
    FIAT : 51824287

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  • 08/20/17--06:00: OFF DTC IBIZA ASZ 131 PD
  • hello need off dtc
    p1441 for egr valve thx for help

    Seat ibiza 1.9TDI ASZ 130HP 038906019NF 0281011825 369971.zip
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  • 08/20/17--06:00: 2014 HONDA CIVIC 95640
  • please i need help, airbag module 77960-TRO-A222-M1 (95640)
    i need good clear file..
    carprog, airbagreset not working

    95640 Crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/20/17--06:00: audi Q5 2015 dash
  • Audi Q5 2015
    i think that this dash is cryptu

    i need 30000km

    95320 audi Q5 79836.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 943 bytes

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    Hello, can anyone help me to understand how it's possible to know which one damos file is right for a different ecu? For example :

    Ori file:
    Seat Leon Cupra 2.0TFSI 1P0907115C 0261S02337 386637

    The info i've found to looking for are:
    and 0020 should be the version number.

    On the damos pack files there are all 1P****** series but not the 115C.
    There are a D915A damos but there's written D915A_41W200, and other but not the mine (what is this number?should be 43J053?)

    There are a lot of other type of ecu...which one is crossed to looking for a damos? How is possible to know which one ? For example 1K******* 8N******* or 8P******* ...
    The first 2 characters should be the model series of car right? 1P for Leon Gen2, 8P for Audi 2.0TFSI and 1K for Golf Mk5 ..right ?

    Thank you Smile

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    As I know it is available in USA and EU.
    If anyone use this service, how much does it cost, and what is the way to get it?

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  • 08/20/17--06:59: alfa 147 immo off
  • Hi i need to do immo off on a alfa 147 . This i have done in the past with no problem but now this one the dude killed his chip in the key so my question is will the car immo off with a key that have no chip in it i dnt want to travel up and down or let the customer move the car if the immo off will not work without a chiped key

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    I need diagram of magnetti marelli M4MP2 ,Help me please

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    I need crash clear.

    mb crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    I need to read the flash from SID 803 ECU
    I already try to read it with Ktag and FGtech to BDM but without success !
    Please help with any solution
    Thanks in advance

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    I searching for manual like in the pic for galletto v 54

    thank you

    File Type: .gif
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  • 08/20/17--07:52: Citroen C4 2,0 HDI P0088
  • Hello
    I have a problem with one C4 2,0 HDI 136 HP 2005 year:
    When i accelerate after 3000 rpm the car gives error P0088 !
    Please help with any solution!?
    Thanks in advance

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    I have Audi A4 2004 tdi edc15 ecu i need flap off and P3102 dtc off .thanks

    E0907401M-AG 0006.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/20/17--08:03: what is EDIABAS software
  • what is EDIABAS software. how can i download the last version
    thank you

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    As you can see from title... I want speak about L12 - Phoenix ECU, DE10 - Stanadyne injection pump control, TIER 2 engines... used in John Deere, Claas, Timberjack & more...

    Here you have a picture with L12 Phoenix ECU... Exist more than 40 reference code, REXXXXXX... Here you have one of them.

    [Image: re532628_zpshrmvlbr0.jpg]

    I need John Deere, Claas, and another specialists opinions, specialists that know very well this ECU, this injection pump and John Deere engines & co

    In the paste ( about... 8 years ago ) I made a simulator for this ECU used in Claas & Renault tractors. Here you have picture...

    [Image: sim_zps4x1umzzl.jpg]

    [Image: metadiag_zpsx1qwdj6l.jpg]

    This simulator help me to repare / program / probe over 300 L12 ECU but... this simulator is made for L12 Phoenix ECU used in Claas / Renault tractors with John Deere engines. Along this 8 years of work with this simulator I see that if I want to test a L12 ECU used in John Deere tractors or John Deere / Timberjack forestry harvester or forwarder or in another device... the simulator don't work well, don't see various sensors or don't see well the sensors or another rare manifestation. In this time I don't have time and access to JD Service Advisor, I don't have JD interface... etc. But...

    In present it come to me more and more L12 ECU from John Deere tractors, from Timberjack / John Deere forestry machine and my simulator don't work well. I install John Deere Service Advisor, I buy an original EDL interface and I start to make a new simulator that I want to cover all models from L12 Phoenix ECU that is used to control the DE10 Stanadyne injection pump.

    In my research I discover 4 variantes to mount this ecu ( 4 electrical schematics that is not iguals ) here you have this 4 schematic diagrams...

    1 - this variant is used in various Claas / Renault tractors 12Volts

    [Image: L12-2-Claas_zpsxfgdwu9s.jpg]

    2 - this variant is used in John Deere tractors 12Volts

    [Image: L12-3-JohnDeere-12V_zps1tlxcylp.png]

    3 - this variant is used in Timberjack / John Deere forestry harvester and forwarders 24Volts

    [Image: L12-Timberjack-24V_zpsjlm8nspc.png]

    4 - this variant is used in a compressor that use John Deere Tier 2 engine 24Volts

    [Image: L12-1-Compresor-24V_zpson4ukzoa.png]

    The hardware mode that is used L12 Phoenix ECU in this 4 variants is slightly different... there is small difference in the sensors region, in the mode that is made acceleration ( I know... acceleration on CAN bus... analog or digital potentiometer etc.) but if you see in the in the 3 and 2 image... one have accelerator pot and another a oil pressure sensor in same pins. And the difference continue....

    My first question... do you know more different hardware variants ( more different schematic diagram ) in that this L12 Phoenix ECU is used ?!
    Second question... dou you have and want to share PLD files for this L12 Phoenix ECU ?!
    Another question... Somebody can download an share original PLD files for this L12 Phoenix ECU ?!

    Thank you for watching and... why not... contribute at this post.

    Best regards, Dan

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  • 08/20/17--08:45: Immo rebuild MED17.5
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to adapt used ECU to a Golf 6 GTI (MED17.5). I don't have old ECU or old ECU flash/EEPROM data.

    The used ECU I have is from other car and its flash has IMMO OFF and Stage 1 maps inside. My intention is to get it working with IMMO ON and STOCK maps in the car.

    What I've done is getting an original flash file from Swiftec database (with IMMO working and stock maps) and read current EEPROM data in the ECU, then I've read the cluster data with FVDI, and used this info to change VIN, PIN, MAC... values in ECU files and write the resulting flash and EEPROM files with KTAG.

    Immo is working now but ECU is refused with DTC: "P1570 - Engine Control Module (ECM) disabled"

    I think it can by due to bad checksum or similar, but I don't know much about this MED17.5 ECUs, so I think can be doing something bad or skipping steps. Can someone check my files and try to help me?

    If you need any other file or more info, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance.

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 1.57 MB

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  • 08/20/17--09:21: Rate this tune
  • Hi friends!

    Please check this tune! I paid this file.
    Did the modification succeed?
    How many horsepower can be now?
    How much power can it bring out?
    The car is alfa 156 2.4jtd 175hp.


    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 46.47 KB

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