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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi guys, a customer's S2000 got its instrument cluster stolen and we installed a brand new one but they come reading all zeroes.

    We bought a carprog and I was able to read the eeprom, but I have no clue on how to write the mileage the car has.

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Many thanks.

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    Offer remote instalation 09.2017 full patch fix 3.91 error
    Full install work online with HHT , Vediamo , EPC , Wis starfinder .

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    I have an INTENSO 400gb hard drive which is NTFS
    How can i go about installing ista-p/d onto it? Do i have to install windows onto it 1st etc? I already have inpa/dis/ncs etc on my laptop cant have it on there anyway due to insufficient space

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    Need latest MED40.CBF. Thanks.
    Vediamo 05.00.05

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    I'm looking for harman kardon service manual, type play + go II

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    Hello someone who can help me, I have a peugeot 106 sport 1.4 I have changed the engine for the 1.6 motor type NFZ, but the motor ecu I have left the motor 1.4 ref 9643134280, the problem that has the car is that Starts but it does not go well the car fails a lot, I can do something with the ecu that I have of the engine 1.4 or I have to put the ecu of the engine 1.6 if I have to put the ecu of the engine 1.6 can someone tell me the reference for I can buy it.
    I attached the photo of the engine ECU 1.4

    Rectifies a little the problem, the car starts and the car what happens to you does not get the performance that has to give the engine 1.6 can someone tell me if I can do that ECU tuning and how do I have to dump I have to modify it to give it More power to the engine,The photo that I have attached is the ecu that I have to modify
    ecu 1.4 psa.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 165.88 KB

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  • 08/22/17--14:08: EDC16CP35 BMW 535D Immo Off
  • Hi!

    Is this possible?? i am going to but that engine to Bmw E30, so will need total immo off.

    Please help me.

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    I found that my stock is not 100% stock some bits are different and I wondering if it's not removed DTC to hide some problem with the car.

    I attached stock and modifiedStock (my car) file
    D9516 My file: 00, Other Stock File: 41
    D9610 My file: 00, Other Stock File: 41

    DTC Start Address D94B0 ?

    Can you tell me what those bits are affecting ?
    What dtc they are disabling (if they) ?

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    Hey guys! I have been on the hunt for maxxforce Winols Damos or A2L files, dose anyone here have them? or know where to look for them?

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    Does anyone have a good Program Data flash dump for Land Rover KVM unit FK72-19H440-BF (9S12XEQ384 Mask 1M12S) they can share?

    Many thanks in advance


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  • 08/22/17--16:02: please i nedd code RNS-510
  • Hello, I need help getting the radio code RNS 510
    5K0 035 190B
    FD 1113
    HW 005
    SW 0236


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    I need help please PIN CODE
    VIN VF7UDRHB8BJ721414

    ecu motor eep95640 delfi dcm3.5 ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 08/22/17--16:32: DAS must do coding backups?
  • Hi everyone,

    I just got myself a 2007 W221 and have a mb star c4.
    I am wondering what are the must do things with the system, just in case in the future I will need to recode some other module for replacement.

    My apologies but I am not so fluent in all the terminologies used in this mb diagnosis things.

    Looking forward to suggestions


    Enviado do meu WAS-LX1A atrav├ęs de Tapatalk

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  • 08/22/17--16:38: Ford Ecu SID206 FULL BDM
  • hELLO

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    Anyone knownwhich software can reset the coubters for DPF on these?

    I have tried Ecumultiscan, Genuine Delphi, Snapon, Autel...

    Trying to do a DPF delete but need the Light will not go off even after a drive.

    Did a DPF delete, drove around again, but nothing.

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    Hello all,
    I have installed 2017a ET on my Windows 7, 64 bit OS work laptop and I'm having issues getting ET to recognize the License, it keeps telling me the software is not licensed.

    I've followed all instructions, replaced the appropriate comet and flash files with the modified ones, created the folder and copied into it the appropriate license.dat file, and made the environment variables. I've redownloaded all files multiple times with all firewalls, and security turned off. I've updated the .net framework to the latest version (4.7), and made some adjustments to the registry to permit comet.exe. Its kicking my arse and nothing I do has made a difference, at the end ET still tells me the program is not licensed. Looking for some help. What am I missing?

    Coincidentally, the keygen program is not working at all either. It accepts the password, but does nothing after that.

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  • 08/22/17--18:09: Audi A3 2.0tdi dpf off
  • Hello,

    Can someone please turn on dpf on this file and if possible dtc p0546 sensor 1 for exhaust temp. Can it work normally without egt sensor?

    audi 03G906018DH-ori.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Hello mates

    Now I am having a question for a serious matter for us

    Let's say a Hyundai ecu was stolen and our client buy a used ecu with unknown vin

    For the programming process we need the vin to make pin and put the new used ecu in neutral mode in order to start the car

    How we can do that if we have no vin for the new used ecu ? No vin no pin

    Is the pin or vin inside the tricore Eeprom or flash ? For example meg17.9.12

    Share us the experience and solution for many on mmhauto

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

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  • 08/22/17--19:04: Hyundai Smart Key System SMK
  • Hello guys
    I need help please with this module
    How make virgin or reset
    Thank you all members

    [Image: 012923d68ee14f47b993c5edfc1f2d95.jpg]

    Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk

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    Hi mates, i hope that you are fine.

    [Image: IMG_20170814_155956.jpg]

    I have a problem with a Raymond forklift, the truck has an anormal movement in the traction motor, this issue appear sometimes when i turn on the key, and other times when the truck is in traction movement. In the next video can you see the behavior.


    The other thing is that the truck shows the fault 4f, or 38 in the curtis, this fault talk about the welded contactor that was closed when should be open, but the contactor is good, i read that this fault is shows when the capacitor bank is charged and appear a voltage, i read the voltage in the + and - terminals, and when the controller is in fault appear 15 volts aproximatly and one second previus to the fault alarm, i read 22-23 volts without the contactor closed, i disconnected all motor wires and positive, negative power wires but the issue continues, i was thinking that maybe a signal wire in the curtis connector can was causing this fault, but sometimes the truck go to normal operation. This anormal movment and 4f code appear freqently, is very hard operate the machine is this condition.

    This machine had some techs trying to solve this issue, the customer said me that the motor encoder, contactor was changed and they maked some tests in the motor. I tested the machine looking shorts, bad battery and harness problems, but i didn't find anything. I made some testings with the encoder but in all test i cant replicate the issue with encoder movement, i was thinking that the encoder is good.

    I am thinking that the curtis is my problem, but i'm not secure because a lot of signals for the curtis goes from to the VM controller, i'm thinking that is a posibility that the VM sends wrong signals and cause the curtis fault, i need will be secure that the Curtis is the problem for get it, i dont have other machine where i can probe it.

    [Image: 7.jpg]

    I'm thinking in dismount out the curtis controller and make the connections for test alone this controller and confirm is this is the fault reason, do you know if this is possible and necessary make this test? If i make this test i'm thinking that i need the curtis programmer for change the potentiometer configuration.

    My friends i appreciate your suggestions and experience with this controllers.


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