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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Is this file original?
    Hyundai Tucson 20crdi 140HP
    1037378380_EDC16C39_FGTECH reading.

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    X431 Diagun 3 keep on saying power low. even battery is charged full or new battery . any one can help? tq

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  • 08/23/17--08:34: Immo and alarm Rover 25 MG
  • hi everyone..

    i have made Immo off on rover 25 MG year 2005

    If i make a bridge on strarter relay car start no problem but with alarm on.

    my question is?

    is this box the immobox?

    pin 72 is cuted from ecu.

    but Pin 23 on this pic box is not the same colors. in not black and red....

    i have doubts..

    please Help to disable this alarm.


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    Newer Ford/GM Automotive Tire Pressure Monitor sales!!

    EL-50449 is a newer hand-hold Automotive Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor for Ford. EL-50449 TPMS profession at Ford brand car in the replacement tire pressure sensor or tire pressure alarm or exchange tires, need to carry out tire pressure reset operation.

    [Image: EL-50449-Tire-Pressure-Monitor-Sensor.jpg]

    Ford Tire Pressure Monitor Precautions:
    (1) The new battery power lead to less than the standard launch power, after
    use, please charge about 2 hours;
    (2) Is the position of the antenna to the tires of the antenna, between the
    tires and the wheels near the gas core,not wore the gas core.

    More message or Intersting this new item welcome email or PM to me, thanks
    Lipssealed PS: EL-50448 TPMS for GM wholesale price for all friends.

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  • 08/23/17--08:38: Immo off BMW EDC17CP02 help
  • Hello, can somebody make immo off BMW EDC17CP02?
    I made full backup with kess on bench(kess_old) then i somehow corrupt eeprom with ktag and i couldnt write backup with kess anymore. I got those secondhand eeprom and flash files and write it to ECU(ktag) - and read it with ktag(separately) and full with kess. If you compare kess_backup 'old' and 'new' you see almost no difference; but still cannot write original file to ECU - kess sais 'file incompatible with ecu'. Please make immo off from new files - all attached.

    Thank you!

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  • 08/23/17--08:40: Airmatic complex puzzle
  • I changed all 4 Airmatic struts when they failed (2004 s430 ~100k miles). All ok for a week but the the Visit Workshop warning came on and the rear struts are always high. For weeks now as I try to figure this out.

    Diagnosed with Xentry/DAS which reports the rear level sensor B22/3 voltages are out of range even though the part/cable was not disturbed. I change the sensor unit for a new (Chinese) one which is (probably) faulty. So that issue is unresolved and I can't recalibrate "level" due to the errant sensor.

    But while using DAS I ran diagnostics on the compressor and control valve unit. All functions passed. However the command to lower the rear does not respond properly, only one squirt of air is observed with no lowering after repeated attempts. I would like to lower the rear and see if the B22/3 value responds. Its a mystery to me why the pneumatic tests pass DAS but fail to allow lowering the rear. Front struts respond properly.

    Any geniuses out there?

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    Could you friends help me dpf egr off with dtc p0470 p047c ,

    Best Regards

    fluence 5855979.rar
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    Hello colleagues have problems with egr in this car dtc P1403 can someone help me out egr thanks and regards

    Mercedes class A 170cdi year 2000
    Ecu: edc15

    mercedes class a 170 cdi edc15.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    I have such errors in master ...
    DF012 power supply nr2 sensor
    DF1012 compatibility inf. multiplexing. For reg r speed

    I think the latter is due to the first one and the short circuit on some sensor ....
    Maybe someone has access to info renault or something dot this error and schematic ....

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  • 08/23/17--09:05: FVDI firmware upgrade
  • Hi to all,

    I'm going to deal with all fvdi firmware upgrades.
    Then, look for me for updates.

    All MHH members will get the 10% discount !!!

    Regards, G

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  • 08/23/17--09:15: C2 bsi need pin
  • Hello

    Need decode pin from citroen C2 bsi 95128.


    C2 bsi 95128.rar
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  • 08/23/17--09:44: Correct dashboard mile
  • Hi, I need correct dashboard, 84000km, Citroen C3 eeprom 93c56, pleas help me

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 305 bytes

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  • 08/23/17--09:48: Need Mercury G3 Software
  • Really in a pinch if anyone has it, really really appreciated

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    Really interested in the advance courses, i even watched a live video over on Guild of EFI tuners group on facebook and they cover everything really professionally.

    Only thing is too expensive for me, and i really can't really afford them at the moment.

    Maybe we can do a group buy if there is enough interest??

    I can even do it, no idea if the videos are watermarked though, although my internet upload speed sucks so only torrent is the viable way of sharing easily and quickly for me.

    *Note to mods: Please move the thread if it is posted in the wrong section.

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  • 08/23/17--09:51: How I can read SIM2K-341
  • Hi, I have a Kia Sorento 2011 gas.
    The ECU is Continental SIM2K-341.
    Number: 39133-2G171 / 5WY4J35C

    I need read the processor, but I dont to know if read with Ktag or BDM or Fgtech.
    Please, help me.


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    I'm having difficulty with this Touran, basic problem solved in other tread, but now i can't get power steering and traction control working. Adaptation is not succeeded.

    I'm suspecting this code below, Immo was taken out, could it to this?

    There is that 7 digit coding on J623

    Now it is for this 0000001 and i believe that there is missing minimum ABS?

    Reason i can't update it that there is that security access and i don't know code for it.

    2 Faults Found:
    18020 - Engine Control Module Incorrectly Coded
    P1612 - 008 -
    Freeze Frame:
    RPM: 736 /min
    Bin. Bits: 00000100
    Voltage: 14.08 V
    Temperature: 94.5°C


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    SKNDIAG Volvo Diagnostic Tool

    -Working Diagnostic Truck Without Techtool
    -You Can get Ecu All parameter with vaule and change easy without control
    -Read DTC and Clean...

    Test Video

    What is The SKNDIAG Volvo Diagnostic Tool?

    Connecting Truck and working on same Techtool

    What is the Diffrence Techtool?
    *Techtool have more Control Change parameter etc.
    *SKNDIAG Volvo Diagnostic Tool Woring on Truck on ECM
    You Connect Truck Select ECM (EMS etc) and work on ecm

    Which Support Adaptor?

    Suportting Same Techtool Connection Adaptor
    Nexiq,Vocom, DPA,Jpro etc..

    Which Truck Support?
    Now Supportting after OBD2013 truck Verison3 and Verison 4

    Tool Will support Before OBD2013 Verison2 Truck?

    Yes now developing Tools. Next time it will support All truck..

    Which Brand Support Tool?

    SKNDIAG Volvo Diagnostic Tool Support Volvo Truck, Volvo Ce, UD, Mack and other.

    We can do Ecu Flash Programing ?

    Yes working to prepare ecu flash programing. This verison Not Support Ecu Programing...

    Note: Starting Sell Next Week.

    For Price Pm me or
    Mail: savasmakla@outlook.com

    File Type: .png
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  • 08/23/17--09:58: w211 e270 cdi mpps
  • hello everyone!
    Is it normal on "write" with mmps v13.02 on w211 e270 cdi automatic gearbox to start the fans at full speed?
    only on write, on read the fans dont start.
    Thank you!

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  • 08/23/17--10:00: iveco edc 16 immo off
  • Hello,
    please i need immo off for this ecu too 0281011228 ,
    i read eeprom 95640 with BDM

    File Type: .rar
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    Hey guys,

    I'm working on a project that will allow ALL functionality of all versions of Volvo PTT.

    Basically, the idea is running a local web server on the machine you'll be running PTT on. It will host a virtual Central Store and so anything in PTT that needs the Central Store will now function properly, and best of all without any internet connection.

    Here's the deal: I'm about 75% completed on it but I need some testers. Please post as a reply, DO NOT PM me as I keep running out of space in my PM mailbox.

    Thanks guys!

    P.S. Testers will get a HWID-locked Virtualized Central store database for unlimited userID creations after testing is completed.

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